Great Scenes of the Prequel Trilogy: Obi-Wan Discovers The Clone Army

AOTC is in part a noir detective story, which is a good portion of Obi-Wan’s thread through the film. He’s trying to find out who had been attempting to assassinate Senator Amidala and each clue leads him further down the rabbit hole of secrets and galactic conspiracy. Once he finds out the poisonous dart that killed Zam Wesell originated on Kamino and he locates the planet, he drops by the watery world for a visit.

There he encounters Lama Su, the prime minister of Kamino, and Taun We who proceed to tell him a Jedi named Syfo Dias, who had died a decade beforehand, ordered a clone army for the Republic. Obi-Wan has to absorb all of this shocking information and still act as though he knows what’s going on. He is then taken of a tour of the clone facility where we see scores of clone fetuses, clone kids (Daniel Logan), young adult clones, and finally clones in full armor getting ready for action.

Visually this scene is very striking. The dark grays of Kamino’s rainy exterior and the bright and clinical white of Kamino City’s interiors make for an eye-pleasing palate while conveying the grays of secrecy outside and the stark light of truth on the inside. The storm portends the disaster to come for the galaxy because of what is being created there. ILM’s work on the Kaminoans still looks incredible. I’m especially impressed with their skin texture, their unique and graceful gait, and the movement of fabric. I also dig the “spoons” they sit on. The clone facility reminds me of “THX-1138” on a much bigger budget and updated technology. It’s astonishing and creepy all at the same time.

As an aside, the utensils the clones eat their invisible food with (heh heh) came from IKEA. I only know this because I had the same utensil set but in green. Don’t go running to your nearest IKEA to look for it because it was discontinued years ago.

Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan is cheeky as he’s forced to b.s. his way through this conversation. I just love his “that’s why I’m here.” He has to maintain his poker face as he sees this insane operation going on, all done on the Jedi Council’s dime.

John Williams’s score adds to the ominous air of mystery, giving way to the militaristic music as armored clones march in formation and board huge ships.

To borrow from Lama Su, “magnificent.”

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6 Responses to “Great Scenes of the Prequel Trilogy: Obi-Wan Discovers The Clone Army”

  1. Pedro Felipe Says:

    Indeed, just watched Attack of The Clones on an OLED screen and I swear it looks better, what am I saying, infinetely better than any recent movie. It’s much more than ray tracing accuracy and polygon count that defines how good something looks, they’re is a great deal of artistry involved.

  2. jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

    Attack of the Clones = The Parallax View.

    Parallax is a paranoid conspiracy thriller starring Warren Beatty about a company who recruits, trains, and deploys political assassins for various third parties.

    The Kaminoans and bounty hunters both represent different aspects of the Parallax Corporation.

    Padme and her hapless handmaidens represent the political targets.

    Palpatine, Dooku, and Sifo-Dyas are the shadowy, hidden third parties who request the assassinations and commission the army.

    Obi-Wan is Warren Beatty’s character, an investigative journalist chasing the story of his life.

  3. Moose Says:

    When Jango says of the clones will “do their job well” I cannot help thinking about Order 66. I imagine that was George’s intention.

  4. lovelucas Says:

    I love how Taun We float-walks and her voice. Obi-Wan – the big bluffer. The irony is the Kaminoans have the look of people of peace and yet they’re manufacturing war. Moose: good catch. They certainly will do their jobs well. Jango’s guarantee was even sandbagging. Total wipe out was what was promised and delivered.

  5. davidbreslin101 Says:

    The icing on the cake is how calm, friendly and businesslike the two Kaminoans are. Obi-Wan’s stepped through the mirror into a world where it’s completely normal to order up a batch of 250,000 specially-designed soldiers, a pleasure doing business with you sir. As it plays out, he /stays/ in that world for several years….

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