15 Years of AOTC: MTV Movie House Special 2002

Rapper Master P hosted a “Movie House” special on MTV back in May 2002 where he got to go to Skywalker Ranch and hassle people like Hayden Christensen, George Lucas, and Samuel L. Jackson with goofy questions.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the entire show on YouTube but I found Master P’s hard hitting and insightful interview with a remarkably patient Hayden:

I will say though the Movie House special was quantum leaps better than the embarrassing one with Connie Chung that aired on CNN.


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4 Responses to “15 Years of AOTC: MTV Movie House Special 2002”

  1. joe Says:

    what was embrassing about the one on cnn?

    • lazypadawan Says:

      It was BAD on every level. First in her pre-taped introduction, Chung called TPM a disappointment and Jar Jar racist. Then she went on to ask a bunch of insulting or irrelevant questions during the live telecast. I was cringing the whole time I watched it. Chung was supposedly banned from Skywalker Ranch after it aired. Frankly I’m not sure why a news network has any business promoting anyone’s movie but it was bad and unprofessional.

      • joe Says:

        i see glad i didn’t catch it unfortunately cnn continued the prequel bashing after the disney deal with an article saying that star wars needs to return to it’s roots (original trilogy) i read a bit of that there was also a article asking if disney can return it to it’s glory days disrepectful ironic since james earl jones is the voice for cnn

      • Marshall Says:

        This is why MAD TV always made fun of her.

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