15 Years Of AOTC: Commercials & “Friends” Parody

Here’s AOTC cut into a sitcom-style opening, namely “Friends”:

And here’s all 12 t.v. spots made for AOTC on one convenient video:



2 Responses to “15 Years Of AOTC: Commercials & “Friends” Parody”

  1. Heidi Green Says:

    Omg, what a hoot! lol, whoever made this captured it perfectly. Don’t watch friends, yet, somehow I feel i just did.

  2. jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

    Star Wars needs to return to it’s roots in family entertainment.

    Next spinoff should be a family sitcom starring the Naberrie family of Naboo called “Naberrily Ever After”.

    Adorable moppet Pooja Naberrie will be the breakout star. She’ll have cute and sassy catchphrases, such as….

    “I’m not a policeman, I’m a princess!”


    “Watchoo talkin’ ’bout Ryoo!”

    -Disney can have my ideas for free!

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