Celebrate Pad-May

I’m a day late promoting this but Political Padmé Tumblr is running a month-long tribute to Padmé called “Pad-May.”  Here are the prompts for all 31 days:

1. Favorite TPM Moment
2. Favorite TPM Quote
3. Favorite TPM Costume
4. (May the Fourth) Force Sensitive Padmé
5. (Revenge of the Fifth) Dark Side Padmé
6. Favorite Promotional Photo
7. Favorite AotC Moment
8. Favorite AotC Quote
9. Favorite AotC Costume
10. Modern AU
11. Canon Divergence AU
12. Favorite BTS Photo
13. Favorite TCW Moment
14. Favorite TCW Quote
15. Favorite TCW Costume
16. OTP for Padmé
17. Favorite Padmé Friendship
18. Favorite Handmaiden
19. Favorite RotS Moment
20. Favorite RotS Quote
21. Favorite RotS Costume
22. Favorite Headcanon (yours or someone else’s)
23. Favorite Fanwork (yours or someone else’s)
24. Fancast (ex: young Padmé, old Padmé, racebend or genderbend Padmé)
25. Naboo
26. The Senate
27. Anakin
28. Luke
29. Leia
30. Legacy
31. Free Form (anything goes!)

So if you are Tumblr and feel like participating or checking out people’s posts, go here.



8 Responses to “Celebrate Pad-May”

  1. Shaman McLamie Says:

    I don’t have a Tumblr so I’ll just post it here, but my favorite Padme scene is definitely when she captures the Viceroy. Her plan is coming to fruition and she takes charge of the situation, now the one making treaty demands of the Viceroy. I just love how she takes charge of everything in the third act.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      It happens from the moment she realizes Coruscant isn’t going to help and the light bulb above her head turns on the second Jar Jar mentions a Gungan army. She is way awesome in that third act.

      • Pedro Felipe Says:

        Yes, this scene gives me chills every time. Absoletely love it, it’s so emotional, so well done… I can’t praise it enough and if I continued I’d probably write one of those giant comments so I am going to stop.

  2. lovelucas Says:

    and yet people still think Jar Jar is useless. Without him, Naboo was lost.

    • joe Says:

      and if anakin and padme never fell in love luke and leia would never have been born the galaxy would be doomed

  3. joe Says:

    i learned in a article on cinemablend regarding padme in rots originally she went to mustafar not only to learn if anakin went to the dark side but also to kill him i should probably re-read it maybe she only went there to kill him anyway she had a knife and was going to do it but couldn’t maybe this was in the behind the scenes book i don’t know do you think lucas should have gone in that direction or do you think the final scene in the film works better?

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Yes. I think it would have almost justified Anakin reacting against Padme (self-defense) and even reiterated that she had indeed turned on him. I don’t see Padme as the type who would do that anyway. And this was all in “The Making of Revenge Of The Sith.”

      • joe Says:

        i haven’t read the book in a long time but if that’s the case it sounds like the idiotic new story that’s actually old routine fortunately there’s news that isn’t old marvel comics is doing a mini-series on mace windu

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