15 Years of AOTC: Fun Parallels/Homages

I’ve written before about Bollywood’s influence on AOTC and maybe one day I’ll get around to “Blade Runner”‘s influence on the film, but I haven’t had much time today to write out a long piece.  Fortunately, Mike Klimo of Ring Theory fame has been on fire lately posting cool shots recalling other films or other points in the saga.  (Go follow him on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Seriously!)  Originally I’d embedded the pictures but of course none of them came up (curse you, WordPress). One of my favorites was that Lucas had Drew Struzan design the poster to mimic the poster for Dr. Zhivago; in another Zhivago reference in AOTC, the house by the lake was “Varykino.”

Check them out on Klimo’s Instagram.


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2 Responses to “15 Years of AOTC: Fun Parallels/Homages”

  1. Artiom Deyev Says:

    Mike Klimo is really good in showing these parallels. I also felt some influence from Blade Runner in AotC (maybe it was Coruscant futuristic yet film noir feel to it, maybe. The part of Obi-Wan’s investigation) – another reason why I love it so much.

  2. Kim Says:

    I love all the homages in AOTC, a few of my favorites are Padme after the picnic/”The Sound of Music”, Anakin on his quest for his mother/”The Searchers”, Dex’s Diner/”American Graffiti”. AOTC is pure awesomeness from beginning to end.

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