General Grievous Coming Soon From Bandai

Star Wars The Prequel Trilogy (on Facebook) posted a couple of pictures of Bandai’s upcoming General Grievous 6-inch scale model figure.  It’s fully articulated:


Expect it out sometime this year.  I hope I’ll get to see it at SDCC this summer.

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6 Responses to “General Grievous Coming Soon From Bandai”

  1. Phen Says:

    you can never have too many Grevious figs

  2. Kingpun Says:

    Haven’t grabbed any of the Bandai figure models yet, but I would love for them to put out some ships we’ve never seen as models before. I’m tempted to get a model rocket of Amidala’s royal starship and modifying it into a display model. Bandai unfortunately just seems to be toeing the water with Prequel era stuff. Would a 1:48 scale yellow speeder from AotC be too much to ask!?!

  3. Shaman McLamie Says:

    I love General Grievous. I must get one of these to put on a shelf and collect dust.

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