A Few Interesting Reads

SyFy’s Stuff We Love series featured a scene from AOTC that forever changed the audience’s view of the Jedi, when Dooku tries to get a captured Obi-Wan on his side.  The only downside is the author’s assumption “most fans” didn’t like the movie.  Really, Carol?  Get with the program.  Otherwise not a bad piece.

Furious Fanboys says SWCO was a big moment for the prequels.

Finally, here are two more installments in Matril’s Star Words series:

Part V

Part VI



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4 Responses to “A Few Interesting Reads”

  1. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    To be fair, LP, Carol didn’t say “ALL fans” didn’t like the movies. Most would probably mean a small handful of people.

    • andywylde77 Says:

      Actually “most fans” would be closer to a majority. But none of it is relevant anyway since it is just that authors opinion on the matter. But the author like many others before her seem to fall into this trap of becoming self appointed spokespeople for the fandom and say stuff like she mentioned in the article.

      I noticed when it comes to SW and other franchises to is that people always have to add a disclaimer about their opinion.


      “I know I will get a lot of hate for this but I like the PT better than the OT!”

      “Most fans love the OT more than the PT.”

      “People who love the PT were mostly kids and saw them when they were really young so they have an emotional attachment to them.”

      These are just examples, but they are garbage statements. I personally feel that all this apologizing people do for liking/dislikng something needs to end. And the “fandom spokespeople” need to stop and throwing out baseless accusations and claims about things they have no idea about. I mean these people need to stand up for themselves and be sure of who they are. No one needs to explain or apologize to anyone about how they feel about what the like. Who cares if “you will get a lot of hate” just because you like some films?

      People need to start having some conviction about themselves and stop worrying about what others might think about them. And this isn’t directed at anyone specific. It is just my reaction to what the OP brought up about the authors comments. Because this type of stuff has been going on too long in the SW fan community and really needs to end.

      I don’t need to have single individuals tell me what most fans like and what most fans don’t like. Unless they have spoken with every solitary SW fan in the world, assumptions like the one the author spoke about is completely pointless.

      And you know what they say about assumptions…

  2. Martin Hay Says:

    Seeing that “most fans” remark, I felt compelled to post the following in the comments section:

    The very fact that after Hayden Christensen’s appearance at this year’s Star Wars celebration was announced his autograph tickets sold out faster than any other guest in the history of the convention stands in stark contrast to the suggestion that “most fans” didn’t enjoy the prequels. The truth is that more people enjoyed them than didn’t. Look anywhere you like – IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, amazon reviews – statistics consistently demonstrate that the haters are in the minority. Hell, even the supposedly most hated film of them all, Phantom Menace, has an audience approval of 59% on RT, a 6.5 on IMDB and a user score of 6 on Metacritic. This speaks for itself but you can break it down further. On Metacritic, TPM has 477 positive reviews to only 191 negative. AOTC has 397 positive to 171 negative. And ROTS has 1,057 positive to only 132 negative. So, altogether, the prequel trilogy has 1,931 positive reviews to only 494 negative, putting the haters firmly and unequivocally in the minority. The negative voices may be the loudest but, no matter how hard they try to convince themselves, they do not speak for the majority; never have, never will.

  3. Moose Says:

    After seeing TFA and feeling that something was missing, I started searching on the internet to see if anyone had noticed the same thing. I ended up finding some insightful articles, but most of those that did not hold Ep. VII in high regard thought even less of the Prequels. It was not until I landed on SWPAS that I realized that these national media types are not the final arbiters of what is true in the fandom (although they do not seem to know that). The most insightful and erudite analysis I have seen since I began my quest has been from LP and from you all’s comments. Not only do I now know what is missing from TFA, I also understand and appreciate the Prequels on a much deeper level. Thank you everyone for that.

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