Open Thread: TLJ Trailer, Teaser Poster Drop & Other SWCO Shenanigans


LOL at everyone who thought they were going to black the screen for those watching at home.

I’ve watched it twice and while I caution that Disney has gone the “fake trailer” route lately (*cough*Luke’s meaningless narrative in the first TFA teaser, *cough*a fake TIE added to a Rogue One trailer), I have to say this looks better than TFA. The cinematography is beautiful and while it has some familiar trappings, it also looks like it’s own thing. Anyone catch the vehicles that look vaguely like pod racers? Or the Jedi symbol?

The teaser poster is all right; the Anakin/Vader shadow poster for TPM still reigns as the best teaser ever.



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  1. Eduardo Vargas Says:

    It was going fantastic until I heard the last line and it makes me boil in so much anger and disappointment I can’t even begin to describe how it makes me feel.

    Seriously?? “The only truth I know is that the Jedi should end???”

    This better be a “Luke is in despair” moment and not some stupid ass idea that the Jedi shouldn’t returned because they where too flawed- crap.

    There is nothing, NOTHING I hate more about the possibilities of the ST than this.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      The first time I heard it I was like WTF?? You can’t do that! (There’s a lot of speculation that Rey is a new kind of Force user.) But the second time I watched I thought, “Maybe it’s just Luke down in the dumps because Kylo wrecked his Jedi school.” You never know what the context is until you see the film. If it’s about dismantling everything Lucas set up, then I’m right there with you.

      • Eduardo Vargas Says:

        I’ll be honest Lazy- I really don’t like the Idea that the Jedi shouldn’t return at all- it’s just so not what I wanted from these movies.

        I want to see the Jedi Order return, though I really hope that Luke’s voice there is nothing more than a moment of despair and a “red herring” about where this is going.

        Lor San Tekka did say in the other movie that “without the Jedi there can be no balance to the Force” which is something that goes in line with what George has always talked about.

      • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

        Well, Eduardo and LP, let’s see what happens come 8 months from now. I mean I’m sure Rian has a plan to explain that whole scene when it comes out in the full movie in December.

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

      Well, if I may help make sure you don’t feel too disappointed, people on the Star Wars Show livestream are saying the meaning of “The Last Jedi” along with combining when Luke says “it’s time for the Jedi to end” makes be believe this two things together actually mean the fall of the old Jedi Order and everything with it since in the Prequels, they were so flawed and weren’t working so well due to being under influence of Palpatine. Which is true because, They were very arrogant in their own power, not just due to Palpetine but because that They had been gone from their beliefs for a long time, they thought they were supreme and no one could challenge them. With their arrogance and blindness they helped bring about their own downfall.

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

      So, maybe Luke wants the Jedi of old to end, so they can be rebuilt.

  2. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    Everything you said about the trailer made me agree with you too, Lazy Padawan. Love those new vehicles. Looks like they heard the “TFA is a rehash of ANH” seriously and hopefully we’ll see that in the movie. I also loved it. Great trailer. While I wish we could’ve at least gotten confirmation that Hayden Christensen will be in the movie as Force Ghost Anakin, I think hearing what I believe to be Frank Oz as Yoda in the trailer along with seeing a book that may give detail on the Balance of the Force on what looks like to be a coral piece of the Bendu from “Star Wars Rebels” makes me intrigued enough that I can wait for confirmation of Hayden in the next 2 trailers or in the movie.

  3. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    Also, Jeremy Contad of Furious Fan Boys made a comment on one shot in the trailer that I agree with:

  4. Kingpun Says:

    I’m not too worried about the Jedi ending. Lightsabers are good business. Guarantee that that’s just Luke’s initial low point.

  5. Jacobesico Says:

    TLJ trailler was nothing special. I felt nothing.

  6. LadyJediScientist (@LJediScientist) Says:

    I will say the trailer looks good. I’ve only watched with the sound off, so I can’t speak to any of lines. It looks good, but I’m not interested. I was so annoyed with poorly written the new characters were in TFA that I’ve only seen the film once. I just don’t want the same experience again. I might see it on DVD maybe, but I doubt I’ll see it at the theater. I’m thinking my reaction to the film will be similar to my experience with Doctor Strange: great trailer, but I didn’t miss anything by not seeing it at the theater.

    Right now, I’m obsessing over seeing Hayden shoot a t-shirt cannon. 🙂

  7. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    Also, u make a point in Disney going the fake trailer route, but, that shot with Jyn and the TIE Fighter in the second Rogue One was shot, but, it was a actually a test shot used for marketing in the movie only.

  8. John Summers Says:

    I’ve actually heard something very interesting that you might want to see explaining Luke’s line about the Jedi ending. It explains why Luke decided to go into exile on Ahch-To and why Ben Solo started on a dark path.

    While Luke was searching in remaining Jedi temples throughout the galaxy and any artifacts about Jedi teachings, he discovered something that haunted him greatly. Apparently what much of the Jedi have been teaching for thousands of years and over several generations is either completely false to the original doctrine of the Jedi or extremely far off and only contains pieces of the original truth.

    This discovery has caused Luke to question his entire life as a Jedi and why he has decided to venture all the way to the beginning and origin of the order on Ahco-To to find an answer that can hopefully save the galaxy. Luke apparently believes that if the true Jedi returned peace can be achieved.

    This revelation was too much for Ben Solo who embraced pieces of the ideology of the Sith order and turned to the dark side as a means of achieving this peace. In Ben’s now Kylo Ren’s mind and new philosophy, piece is only an option if forced upon the galaxy by one dominant ruling force in the First Order and himself.

    This revelation would explain the Jedi’s extremely flawed way of thinking during the time of the Republic, when they became almost robotic and unfeeling in many aspects.

  9. Hunk a Junk Says:

    I thought the trailer was good — interesting stuff — liked the imagery. But, as with TFA, any fans who complained about CG in the PT but give the ST a pass are hypocrites of the highest order. Same goes for the geekgasms over “shooting on film” when both Rogue One and TLJ were shot digitally.

  10. SWPN Says:

    The Jedi should end? What is this, are they pandering to the crowd that blames the Jedi for everything? Besides, it goes against the character of Luke. Whatever happened to “I’m a Jedi, like my father before me?”

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

      My guess is that once Luke witnessed Kylo Ren:Ben Solo murder all the potential future Jedi, he said “I can’t do this because now I see why my father turned to the dark side and the Jedi Order of old fell in the first place”. And, we’ll probably see that is the reason why he doesn’t want the Jedi to continue until Rey comes in. Also, if you look very closely in the trailer, we do appear to go back to that same shot from TFA where we see cloaked Luke with R2-D2, which means we may get more of what happened in a longer in-depth flashback sequence. I’m sure once we see TLJ, Rian Johnson’s motivation behind that scene will have been made clear.

      • SWPN Says:

        The Jedi Order of old fell because one of them failed to follow their ways and helped the Sith destroy them. The fact that he managed to save his father (who was deemed by almost everyone as someone beyond redemption) would inspire him to do the same again for his nephew. Not give up on it all. That goes against how his character was established in the OT.

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

      I strongly and respectfully disagree with u because I believe once Snoke came in, he could not save his nephew. Sorry, but, like Obi-Wan’s statement in Rebels to Maul, I respectfully disagree with you here. Also, let’s wait until December for the entirety of TLJ to see if this really goes against Luke’s character.

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

      But, SWPN, if u still don’t agree with me, I’d suggest you read this long explanation for why this person believes that line was said: Please read it carefully and think about what it says before continuing to argue with me.

  11. Branislav Marček Says:

    The line referencing the balance of the Force almost made me to look forward to the film. Then the last line ruined it.

  12. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    BTW, that new planet the new ships are on is a mining world called Crait.

  13. andywylde77 Says:

    I just seen the trailer, I got to say I thought it was pretty good. That is the trailer of course. I am skeptical though as to what the whole “Jedi should be no more” is all about? I hope that they really don’t go down the route of getting rid of the classic Jedi that we all know from the films and comics and other stuff. Because SW without Jedi in it would be ST. Not that there’s anything wrong with Trek, but Jedi/Sith/Force is what separates SW from all the other Sci-fi franchises.

    When the scene with Rey and the levitating pebbles reminded of something from an X-Men movie or something. Then Rey swinging her double edged saber on the edge of the cliff by herself was like a scene from a Karate Kid movie. TFA pulled a huge bait & switch so I am cautious this time around. RO gave me much needed faith for the future of the series as well.

    Now as far as TFA is concerned, I have actually warmed up to it now. I know, I know I was such a huge critic of it but those days are over. Not to say I don’t have my problems with it, but overall I enjoy it now.

    But when TFA was coming out and there was no Lucas involvement, that was a huge reason I had a rough time accepting anything new of SW. But I needed to get over the fact that Lucas isn’t involved anymore and I just need to deal with that going forward. It wasn’t easy, but I am trooper and can move on. My real issues with the upcoming movie is I just hope there is no rehashing like TFA and that they turn Rey’s abilities down a couple of notches.

    It was also good to see that they will have some space battle action! Something severely missing from TFA but was done perfectly in RO. If TLJ can be on par with the quality of RO, I would be a pretty happy camper.

    This is one of the first SW related posts I have written in a long time. I have stayed away from other SW sites because it was the same complaints over and over. I know, I was on of the complainers…Tee Hee. And the PT whining is still rampant on most other sites and I got tired of hearing all that bologna as well. This is one of the very rare sites(SWPAS) that keeps things in order. But I got to say not arguing about SW stuff on other sites for a while has done me pretty good. My anxiety levels have mellowed a lot during that time. I guess a good solid break was what I needed. So from here on out I am trying to bring more positive thoughts to the table. I just want to discuss the things I like about new SW content and leave the negative stuff behind. I will at least discuss the negative stuff in a positive manner, if that makes any sense?

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

      I think it does.

      • andywylde77 Says:

        “I have a bad feeling about this!” But in seriousness, I hope it isn’t. If it does happen then it is what it is. As someone once stated, ” You can’t stop change any more than you can stop the suns from setting.” I personally feel that the Jedi concept that existed from the beginning will still be standing by the end of episode 9. It may be different, but the core concept will remain…I hope

  14. Steven Farmer Says:

    I felt…nothing. Absolutely nothing. Which is weird, because I thoroughly enjoyed Rogue One, so you’d think that would maybe give me a bit more optimism. But really, TLJ does nothing for me. I think this whole ST era may well just be the most boring thing to ever happen to Star Wars.

  15. Logan Says:

    I’ll admit I was pretty underwhelmed with the trailer, but I’ll wait and see the movie. Maybe it’ll be interesting.

  16. Jacobesico Says:

    It’s nice that they’re actually bothering to include Mark Hamill this time.

  17. Moose Says:

    After the crowning achievement that is Episode III, my general idea about anything post-ROTS is becoming: “why bother?”

    • Keith Palmer Says:

      My problem is wondering “what idea did George Lucas start getting while working on Clone Wars that made extending the saga start to appeal to him?” In some ways, it does bring to mind impressions some people must have had such a sense of “how things would have been” that The Phantom Menace only “seemed to pander to audiences other than them…”

  18. culturevulture73 Says:

    I didn’t feel anything either, other than “well, at least we Han fans will have company when they tear Luke down next.” It was your basic trailer, with some shot for shot steals from the TFA trailer (the pod things over the salt flats vs the X-wings over the water).

    I really don’t care. They destroyed characters I loved for their new thing so I hope they enjoy it. And when they’ve mined every drop of life and myth out of it, made it one more X-Men or Guardians of the Galaxy or Hunger Games, I’ll be sitting over here with the real saga.

    When the history of Star Wars is written, they’ll talk about the first six and “then Lucas sold it to Disney for a string of movies with diminishing returns.”

    • Princesselwen Says:

      I also dislike what the new movies have done to Luke. Han and Leia reverted back to their ‘original’ personalities, but Luke grew an opposite one. He wasn’t the sort who ran away-he ran to. That’s why I object to the ‘no more Jedi’ line. Not because I think they’re actually going to leave, but because Luke has always been a very hopeful character to me, and I don’t want to see him as a bitter disillusioned old man. It’s just . . . depressing.

  19. Artiom Says:

    My friends, I’m surprised so far nobody noticed the Jedi Order logo in the trailer – which is a direct reference to the prequel era!
    Maybe it’s just me, but it seems to be so obvious that I’m starting to think they put the Jedi Order logo on the trailer specifically to attract prequel trilogy fans (which is us), as many of prequel fans felt alienated after TFA) – thus showing the upcoming movie will have more connection to the prequel trilogy and Lucas work in general. Surprisingly, it can be a case of Disney catering to prequel fans.
    If it is so, then I’m very glad))

  20. rynnbowers Says:

    I’m going to say it the guy on the poster looks like hayden next to luke so maybe that means he is back as ghost anakin or something.

    The trailer looked amazing millions times better than TFA. This looks like what we should have gotten last time. I’m happy and will gladly follow rian johnson because he looks like he has fixed and reconned what Jar Jar Abrams did.

  21. Moose Says:

    I was actually a bit surprised with the poster, although I should not have been. I am not one for the dark side (I never liked how much they used Darth Vader’s visage to promote the OT) but I was thinking (hoping) that maybe they would go to the bullpen and find a decent villain. I do not see how Darth “we’re not done yet” Nephew can carry the load. Snoke is even worse.

  22. Keith Palmer Says:

    So far, each of the three “post-sale movies” has had a trailer appear just as I leave on a trip, which makes it a bit harder for me both to “watch it over and over again” and to provide my own instant reaction… I guess I can sense something of the “lack of enthusiasm” others have reported, although I don’t think I’d been trying to be “actively disinterested” in this movie at least beforehand, and it wasn’t just a matter of the last line either. Perhaps it has something to do with “the training scenes somehow don’t quite seem to mesh with all the skills Rey could produce from nowhere–at least have the courage of your convictions and address that” and “they’re getting away from ‘we don’t dare look as if we’re using special effects to build up what’s on set,’ and yet I’m thinking of how The Empire Strikes Back must have looked very different from Star Wars.” (Maybe someone could then grill me on “Attack of the Clones as compared to The Phantom Menace;” and at the moment the best I can say is something about “well, maybe the big change happened with TPM.”)

    So far as “misleading trailers” go, though, I’m awfully tempted to say something about Rogue One’s first “you are so much a ‘rebellion of one’ that we’ll grudge risking the use of you,” although that seems to have as much to do with studio executives getting worried about something in the assembling movie (just the sense of a “dangerous rebel cell in the desert?”) and mandating reshoots. It’s not that Jyn didn’t seem “a bit too much” for me in that first trailer, anyway.

    • Kingpun Says:

      I have a feeling Rey’s need to train might be something like the recent Power Rangers reboot concerning the first time a character morphs. “Oh, you pulled a lightsaber to yourself? Do it again. Thought so.”

      On the whole though, I find the trailer encouraging. The whole “Luke would never do that!” stuff makes me interested. Pretend the first movie released was Phantom Menace. Think of how audacious it would be to see that nice helpful little kid turn into the killiest cyborg in the galaxy if you didn’t know it was coming. I’m sure plenty of people would have been infuriated and shout “Anakin would never!” I’m not saying Luke’s going that route, but it’s at least a break in the status quo, which each of the original six did every single movie. Like ultimately the consequences of Force Awakens are that Han dies and Rey has the best day ever! But considering several planets were destroyed, the story impact seemed non existent. Not saying that will be well executed or not in the final movie, but it has potential.

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        In a way, the “they wouldn’t do that” indignation I’ve seen a good many allergic reactions to TFA itself framed with forces me to confront how I saw how upset some people were over Padme not “soldiering on to raise Leia (for at least a few years)”, then came up with a personal theory few others seem to have espoused that amounts to “Anakin and Padme had become so linked through the Force his near-extinction was too much for her” (the later theories it was “all Palpatine’s fault” don’t interest me in the same way). I’m at least capable of thinking “an extreme action by a fictional character just needs to be developed for our benefit”; the convenient excuse then becomes to suspect the strategy was instead to assume we were all happier when we had vague personal theories as to what had happened with Darth Vader, and if we did accept his redemption we were capable of supposing it had come out of nowhere… I know that “resenting any ‘popular’ movie that gets broad critical praise and uncritical fannish adoration” is a problem I’ve had to face for years, anyway.

      • jayoungr Says:

        I think it makes a difference whether the character doing something unexpected is portrayed by the original creator as part of a planned story arc, or tacked on by someone else who is deciding how to continue a story that’s already been started and going against characterization established by the original creator.

        Also, I don’t think The Phantom Menace would have looked exactly the same if it had been the first movie made, and assuming Lucas knew where Anakin was headed at the time. I think there would have been a lot more ominous notes about how he had great potential for either good or evil. It wasn’t necessary to hit that note as a prequel, because it was in everyone’s minds as they watched.

  23. Pizzafishjedi2 Says:

    You people need to stop hating on that trailer! 😞

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:


    • Dawn Richardson Says:

      Uh, there is no “hating on” the trailer going on here; that is quite clear to see from even a quick and cursory scan of the extensive comments that people have actually had to offer, to that end….thoughtful, well-reasoned and carefully-considered, and with reasons which people have quite clearly stated. This is LP’s site, by the way, it should be remembered.

      By the way: I myself was, understandably, for a host of reasons *not* at all in any kind of hurry to watch this trailer; a friend finally sat me down to watch it yesterday, and the sum total of my own reaction? MEH. Utterly, thoroughly and undeniably *meh*.

      And, by the way, when people still comment on the smallest of things from the trailer – such as the Jedi Order emblem so briefly glimpsed, or one shot or another which seems to mirror something in the PT – to me, these amount to little more than throwing PT fans mere scraps, if even *that*, in essence….tossing us tiny, meagre little things and acting like those are “callback” or “shout-out” enough to somehow satisfy us. What they *are*, I still think, especially after all that has transpired….is downright *insulting*.

      • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

        Really? Because in Rogue One it felt like more than just scraps. It felt like embracing all eras of Star Wars in one movie despite it being before ANH. I hope TLJ proves to u I’m right if we see Hayden as Force Ghost Anakin and Kashyykk and Quinlan Vos in the Han Solo movie.

    • jayoungr Says:

      “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” … ?

  24. Moose Says:

    I remember reading sometime where Lucas circa 1980 described Episodes 7, 8 & 9 (or maybe 10, 11 & 12) as being almost a non-commercial psychological exploration of the force and balance in general. Maybe that is where they are headed (minus the non-commercial part). I only say this because you can see how they mine Lucas’ unused OT-era ideas for these new movies (Vader’s castle, Kiber Crystals, Female Luke, “Starkiller”).

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

      Good theory. We may have possibly started on that road with the Bendu in Star Wars Rebels.

      • joe Says:

        speaking of which will there be a discussion about the trailer for season 4 of rebels? as for the tlj i thought it was a good trailer still need to see tfa i hope you don’t mind if i wish you a happy easter and may the force be with you lp

  25. Aeryn Says:

    Eh. I’m cautiously more optimistic about Rian than I am about JJ. The mention of “balance” with the Force, the old school Jedi symbol… he doesn’t appear to be completely writing off the PT. I’m also hoping that Luke’s line refers to replacing the Jedi of old (whom we knew were deeply flawed) with something new… otherwise, why bother training Rey at all as he appears to be?

  26. fundhund Says:

    To me it looked rather underwhelming. Besides, if they take the “grey jedi” route, I´m not sure about that, either. If we take serious what George Lucas stated, that the “light side” basically means to be a compassionate person, who cares about others, and the “dark side” means to be greedy and selfish, then what the heck are “grey jedi” supposed to be? Selfish persons, who act compassionately every once in a while? I´m honestly worried that they are indeed turning the force “into a bunch of gobbledygook”.

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

      This should describe what Grey Jedi are:

    • joe Says:


    • andywylde77 Says:

      I myself am not a fan of the term “grey Jedi.” To me you are either a Jedi or you are not a Jedi. Ahsoka gave up the ways of the Jedi. So to me she should not have the word Jedi attached to whatever she wants to call herself.

      A grey Jedi is pretty counter intuitive. It is a fancy way of describing a neutral force user. The Jedi weren’t just an order but a way of life as well. Any force sensitive person can use force skills and NOT be a Jedi, Sith etc. Like take Agent Callus for example. He is now part of the Alliance so he will now fall under the term Rebel. He is no longer an Imperial. He isn’t a Neo-Imperial or any other type of Imperial. Just simply a Rebel.

      The term grey Jedi also cheapens the whole concept of the Jedi. To me any way. Because the Jedi are a specific group and belief system. If one doesn’t adhere to those teachings or beliefs then that person isn’t part of said group.

      I’ll give an example. I am Jewish. Let’s say right now I was to give up the religion wholesale. I am no longer Jewish because I don’t follow the teachings or beliefs of the religion. I wouldn’t become a “grey Jew” would I? No I wouldn’t. Same applies to the Jedi. If one uses the force and is skilled in it would fit into a specific group. The term grey Jedi is too broad and vague to apply to anyone. There isn’t any such thing as a “grey Sith” is there?

      I personally don’t care if anyone uses the term, I just think it is a useless term. This probably seems like a useless comment but I am one that shows respect were respect is due. If one is a Jedi then the term Jedi applies. If one doesn’t follow the Jedi ways, even if trained in them should no longer be referred to as one in any way. Just how I see it any way.

      Force withces=Force witches
      So forth and so on.

      This wasn’t meant to be offensive so I hope no one takes it that way. I have seen that term around for a while and I thought about it and just drew the conclusion that it really doesn’t make any sense to me. I see that some folks like to apply that term to Jedi that occasionally tap into the dark side. Well there is nothing wrong with that and isn’t some kind of violation against the Jedi way or teachings. As long as they don’t EMBRACE the dark side it is OK. Because as far as I am concerned, there was nothing wrong with the Jedi order as shown in the PT. It was just that some Jedi lost sight of what was important about being a Jedi. It happens to anyone. And the fact that there was a powerful Sith lord casting a shroud over the Jedi didn’t help much either. Some of their beliefs were pretty over the top, but fundamentally sound. Like no attachments. Well we seen what happened with Anakin and his attachments. It didn’t turn out well.

      But there needs to be rules for any order of individuals. And to live as a Jedi there was things that need to be done and certain things need to be given up in order to pursue that way of life. So I don’t think that a new Jedi order should just go bat **** crazy and do whatever they feel like. If that happens then it is no longer an order. It will be a group of disorganized people. So I feel that the Jedi order should be rebuilt. I also feel that the new order shouldn’t get involved in petty galactic politics for starters. But they should still be guardians of peace and justice. The force is a special power that individuals wield. That power needs to be used for the greater good. And yes, sometimes there will be some that succumb to corruption and evil. It happens. And some messed up things will occur. But that doesn’t mean to just give up on the whole concept.

      Obi Wan and Yoda stuck around to train Luke to make sure the Jedi way stays alive. Ben and Yoda watched as their order was liquidated and destroyed. But they still wanted that way to continue in Luke. I really hope that Luke doesn’t become some whiny and pouty hermit that wants nothing to do with the Jedi or Force. He needs to follow the people that believed in him and man up and take care of business and keep the Jedi way alive as Ben and Yoda would have wanted him to.

      “Pass on what you have learned.”

  27. Hunk a Junk Says:

    Now that the convention is over, I can’t help but think it was a disappointment. We didn’t learn much more about Ep 8 besides learning there will be a character named “Rose” (which doesn’t really get my geek heart pumping), the trailer was kind of anti-climactic (again, good but heart not pumping), no news about Hayden in the movie, no news about the next spin-off movie, no news about the Han Solo movie, Rebels coming to an end, etc. I don’t now. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I feel more blah about Star Wars now than I did last Wednesday.

  28. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    I have a confession to make. I would not mind of Luke actually prove to be the last Jedi. I don’t really see the necessity of the Order continuing or being revived. On the other hand, perhaps they can revive the Jedi. It doesn’t matter to me, one way or the other.

    I hope that this trilogy will end up with characters that will regard the Force with a more balanced outlook, than the extereme views that were harbored by both the Jedi and the Sith in the past. That can be something new.

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

      Me too.

    • Jonathan vd Sluis (@Natusaurus) Says:

      I’d be okay with the end of the jedi order, but I think I understand why this is such a controversial subject here. If you think about it, the word ‘jedi’ is for most intents and purposes practically defined within the prequels. The OT revealed hardly anything about the jedi: they used the force and lightsabers…and that is it. What we know about the jedi order comes from the prequels. Any attempt to revitalize the order will be an echo from or reaction to the prequels. A fully trained, healthy jedi knight, in the prime of his/her life, is only seen in the prequels. They’re a myth in the OT and a reality in the prequels.

      So if the jedi end, it kind of suggests proverbially drawing a thick black line under that. The legacy of the prequels is hit harder than that of the OT.

      But this trailer echoes the prequel trilogy like none before. And the jedi are central to Star Wars. I would not worry too much: the jedi will not truly end. If only because this is not the final part yet, and because, as Dr. Manhattan said, nothing ever ends.

  29. andywylde77 Says:

    Actually now that I think about it, the Jedi will be around at the end of the new trilogy. As stated in TFA, “without the Jedi there can be no balance in the force.”

    Which is true. The Jedi were what gave the force balance. The Sith caused the imbalance. Balance was restored when the Sith were killed in ROTJ. Luke was the beginning of the new order of Jedi. So in order for the force to be in balance the Jedi must be around in order for that to happen.

    Now the new order may not be like the ones before it, but there will be a Jedi order. It might not be Luke who will be the one to lead it again but another Jedi will. Kylo Ren, even though he turned to the dark side was still trained as a Jedi first. He could always turn to the light side and restart the order. I would say Rey, but she doesn’t understand the ways of the Jedi and her powers just came to her out of nowhere. She couldn’t even explain how she was able to use those powers in the movie. So unless she gets a crash course in the Jedi arts, I wouldn’t put her as a leader of the new order of Jedi. At least at this moment there is no indication of her understanding the force and only able to use it.

    So by the end of this trilogy there has to be some form of Jedi around or there will be no balance in the force. It would be a real downer if the force was left unbalanced when it is all said and done.

    NO JEDI, NO BALANCE! It is that simple. This is what the first 2 trilogies established. I personally feel that Luke just won’t throw all that away even if his words seem to make it feel like that. He may be at rock bottom, but that doesn’t mean he should throw all that away.

  30. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    If I may, Rian Johnson spoke with MTV News’s Josh Horrowitz on The Last Jedi and Rian said while TLJ does hav certain OT aspects, he says TLJ will be its own unique original movie:

  31. jayoungr Says:

    I have a confession to make. If there are no more Jedi, then I’m probably done with Disney-era Star Wars altogether.

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

      Then, you’ll probably be better off watching the Disney Star Wars Story spin-off prequel films instead. Rogue One was universally embraced by everyone (including Prequel fans, myself included) for including Clone Wars and Prequel Trilogy characters and locations in the movie and being respectful of what came before under George Lucas, so maybe you’ll have more fun with the Han Solo movie than The Last Jedi.

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

      Well, jayongur, you may not see a sympathetic character but, according to a new story by Making Star Wars, we may see Quinlan Vos with a new identity in the Han Solo. Can’t pass it along, since the site said don’t pass on the URL. But, since they for the most part have been right before, I suggest u check it out yourself to see what you think of it.

  32. Jonathan vd Sluis (@Natusaurus) Says:

    I like this trailer a lot and look forward to the finished film. This trailer seems to reference the prequels twice. The first is the shot of Rey’s back: it looks like Anakin meditating on Naboo, including the wet stone and the body of water. Really, the shots are very similar and I think it’s strange so few prequel fans pick up on this. The second was mentioned: the vehicles in the sand look like the pod race. The vehicles themselves are not really like the podracers, but rather the way that scene is shot “echoes” the pod race.

    So to me it looks like the director is trying to make the viewer think of the prequels.

    • Dawn Richardson Says:

      “Wet stone”, etc, I would say does not make anything amounting to any kind of meaningful reference or echoing. And it’s not unreasonable for PT fans to expect – and, indeed, after all this interminable time – even to *demand* more, and better. Something *genuine*, instead of just lip service, or supposed “references” which skim on by and which don’t amount to much of anything at all. They supposedly want to pay due respect to the PT as integral and obviously essential part of the entire SW Saga? Then they should actually *prove* it. Shots of “wet stone” and the like will not cut it.

    • Dawn Richardson Says:

      I I did so, actually, in the course of making my own specific point.

      • Jonathan vd Sluis (@Natusaurus) Says:

        Of course you are free to make your own point, it just doesn’t have anything to do with what I wrote. I could answer that Donald Duck is a boy, but that point has no bearing on what you write, regardless of whether it is true. So it’s not a very good response.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        I’m not sure how this went off the rails but I’m going to ask to cool it and end it here, both of you, all right?

  33. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    New Twitter conversation with sarcasm from Rian Johnson proves The Last Jedi won’t be a remake of Empire Strikes Back:

    Please read the whole conversation before judging.

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