More Star Words & Music

Here are couple of new entries from Matril on the PT…

The newest Star Words focuses on one of Qui-Gon’s lines from early in TPM:

But wait! Isn’t Qui-Gon supposed to be the compassionate one, kind to all creatures great and small? Well, yes and no. Qui-Gon follows the gentle ways of the living Force, but he’s also very pragmatic. He ultimately accepts Jar Jar’s dubious offers of help because he realizes the Gungan can lead them to a safe hiding place. Later, he lets Jar Jar tag along because he senses that he may eventually be of some use. Perhaps he also pities him and feels it is the right, moral choice to rescue him from the brutal punishment of the Gungan bosses…but that appears to be secondary to accomplishing a larger mission. As the film continues, we can see that Qui-Gon’s confident single-mindedness can be very abrasive. He butts heads with a number of characters because of it, including Obi-Wan, Padmé, and the entire Jedi council. He doesn’t go out of his way to be mean, but he’s just not concerned with being well-liked.

Here she is playing a couple of relevant tunes from the prequels:


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3 Responses to “More Star Words & Music”

  1. Keith Palmer Says:

    The latest round of “migrate your Livejournal to Dreamwidth, now, while you still can” indignation (I guess you have to be on both services to really get it) does leave me sort of hoping Matril’s pieces will keep sticking around. There was some rather intriguing ambiguity suggested about Qui-Gon in the latest “Star Words” piece, as much as I’ve picked up on the opinions of others to want to see him as “just about the perfect Jedi.”

  2. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    Favorite piece of Star Wars music is Duel of the Fates from Phantom Menace.

  3. Pedro Felipe Says:

    Well done. I strongly believe the soundtrack of the Prequels is second to none. George was really determined to get John Williams and crew to do their very best. John Williams is an amazing composer, but George picked and chosed what to use and his imput shaped the score the way we know it today. The Star Wars scores are the best John Williams, or anybody else for that matter, ever made. The attention to detail, the meaning and references in each background music, the way shimis’s theme plays as Obi Wan says “Dreams pass in time” in Attack of The Clones for example, it is not pasted over the dialogue, it’s almost like a dance, the dialogue and the score complement each other. I am not inventing this, the haters are still whining to this day that George “wasted” or “ruined” John Williams’ scores. It is true he tinkered to death the score, but that’s to his credit because it turned out much better than it would otherwise. A couple of examples, the end of Attack of The Clones originally did not feature the Imperial march. It was George who had John Williams re-write and re-record that part. We know this throught multiple reports and cue lists. Not only this provided an amazing piece that complements the other uses of the Imperial March in it’s different forms throughout the Saga, the original version, which we do have, falls way, way, waaaay short of the final result. Another is Attack of the Clones end credits, the cue lists and the documentations leads us who dig into these things crazy, because George was literally changing the end credits soundtrack to the last minute, so many times it’s hard now to compile an exact chronology. Very, very few directors give that much attention and care to their work. To finish off, do you think the Prequel soundtracks would be as hood if Duel of The Fates didn’t have a chorus? John Williams asked and George was the one that decided on the version we got. There are countless other examples that prove my point.

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