A Couple Of Videos To Watch

I’m not endorsing or agreeing with everything in this video but I liked his breakdown of the pod race scene from TPM:

This one is kind of a promo for “The Prequels Strike Back” which lists five things to unlearn about the prequels:

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12 Responses to “A Couple Of Videos To Watch”

  1. culturevulture73 Says:

    Really enjoyed that first video (already have seen the Prequels Strike Back). Thank you for posting.

  2. Steven Farmer Says:

    That first video was awesome. There was so much there that I just didn’t realize. Even sixteen years later, I’m still finding out how brilliant these movies are.

  3. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    If I could be completely honest here, I think the one thing the sequel trilogy can learn from the Prequel Trilogy is how to make the next few movies original and imaginative stories instead of rehashes of old Star Wars movies, and hopefully Rian Johnson will show that in The Last Jedi along with his Episode 9 treatment he passed to Colin Treverrow.

    Also, if Lazy Padawan is reading this, if you think it’s thread jacking, I apologize, but, I don’t believe I’m thread-jacking this time of I’m staying on topic relating to the titles of the video. But, if you believe I’m thread jacking, you can put me on moderation.

  4. Keith Palmer Says:

    My problem is I’m always able to imagine “of course I’ve got to make these condemnations” lead-ins, and then I lack the courage to chance getting past them to whatever positivity the latest “mixed opinions” piece has. Still, it’s something to hear about a bit more promotion for “The Prequels Strike Back” (which I did eventually work up the courage to watch…)

  5. fundhund Says:

    If only I knew what these people are talking about..
    Now “Aliens”, which is one of my all time favourites, is “stuffed with cheesy performances”, too??
    Honestly, if the acting in The Force Awakens is good, and the performances in the prequels and in “Aliens” are cheesy, then I definitely hate good acting (such as General Hux` speech in TFA .. aaargh!!), and I love wooden, stiff and horrible acting!!

  6. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    To be honest, I’ve always believed that the STAR WARS movies (all of them) have their share of both cheesy and good acting. I never understood why people tend to point out one or the other with these films. Heck, I can say the same about Peter Jackson’s Tolkien movies.

  7. andywylde77 Says:

    The locations in TFA was one of the many things that got under my skin pretty bad. I mean all the locations were the most lamest and un-imaginative ones I ever seen. There was nothing amazing, unique or breath taking about them.

    I would bet that when they were creating the film they made the choice not to make any kind of worlds that look like something you WOULDN’T find on Earth. They were probably afraid if they did they might upset the whiny fans they were trying to win back. Because those moron fans would equate Alien environment=CGI

    Because they are the same idiots that think every scene in the PT is CGI. So they are easily fooled. And you wouldn’t want to upset the snowflakes that didn’t like the PT now can we?

    TFA was tailor made for these whiners. It goes to show that they couldn’t care less about imagination and wonder but instead care about reruns and familiar imagery. I mean let’s be honest here, they could have just called the FO the Empire and it wouldn’t have mattered one bit. Because that is what they are in every possible way. Adding some curves and notches to the equipment isn’t exactly thinking outside the box!

    At least they gave them a new insignia. The Resistance is using the symbol of the Alliance. Why? Were they that lazy to think of a new insignia for a new organization? RO used old concepts but they also used many new ones too. A film set in the middle of the saga used more new concepts than the film set 30 years into the future of said saga. That is just sad to me.

    I hope episode 8 isn’t too tied down to just using stuff that “reminds us of the OT?” If I want to be reminded of the OT, I will watch the OT. That is why they sell them on home media formats. They don’t need to dedicate entire new films with the intent of reminding people of what already exists and has existed for decades to boot!

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