Let The Rumors Fly: Hayden Christensen Suddenly Coming To Celebration O’Town

I said I wouldn’t post about fake news/rumors/speculation because that’s not what I’m in the business of doing and I almost got seriously burned last year with something inflammatory that got walked back (but not debunked).

Today there are “rumors” that an Obi-Wan standalone flick directed by Rogue One’s Gareth Edwards will be announced at Celebration with Ewan McGregor (whose birthday is today) present.  Frankly I think these rumors took off like a jack rabbit after uncle Denis Lawson magically decided he wasn’t so bored with Star Wars after all.  But the “source” of this story (we’ll call it SWNN) claims its informant saw some Celebration materials (like what, graphic slides?) that indicates this may be happening.

And now it’s revealed Hayden Christensen is coming to the con.  At the very least he is there to sign autographs and do photo ops.  You can even do one with Hayden and Ian McDiarmid!  What they aren’t telling you is Rachel Bilson is there with a baseball bat studded with nails in case any fans get too fresh.

He will appear during the 40th anniversary panel, just to have a few reps from different films of the saga.  Maybe he’ll drop in on the panel with Ray Park and McDiarmid just to make it a Sith trifecta.  Or maybe it’s going to be announced he’s in TLJ and many heads will explode.

The intrigue continues…


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34 Responses to “Let The Rumors Fly: Hayden Christensen Suddenly Coming To Celebration O’Town”

  1. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    Sooo, does this make u a LITTLE frustrated you can’t go down to Celebration, LP? Or, do u still feel happy you skipped out this year?

    BTW, if this news has made you think about going now, there’s still time for you to get tickets, but, you’ll have to pick them up at the convention once u get them, if you now plan on going though.

  2. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    Hayden’s actually also going to be at the 40 Years of Star Wars Panel that opens Celebration Orlando. Here’s the official press release confirming Hayden’s appearance at the opening panel from StarWars.com: http://www.starwars.com/news/hayden-christensen-mark-hamill-and-more-honor-40-years-of-star-wars-at-celebration-orlando

  3. joe Says:

    considering he’s in the number 1 film at the box office disney should let the obi-wan film happen

  4. Doctor X Says:

    He must need the autograph/photo ops money. His filmography since Star Wars has been kinda barren.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Check IMDB, it’s not that dire though he has been away from film for a while. Hey, if somebody paid me $150 clams per photo or autograph and I’d get at least 100 people if not more, I’d do it too. In any case, Hayden’s autograph tickets have already sold out.

  5. Dave S. Says:

    I’m hopeful there’ll be long lines for Hayden and Disney will take notice of that.

  6. Hunk a Junk Says:

    Hayden has a role in TLJ. Take it to the bank.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      A lot of people are saying this. In any case it would be a big WTF if this whole ST breezes by and there’s no Anakin ghost giving Kylo Ren a kick in the butt.

      • senatorbinks27 Says:

        Took the words right out of my mouth. I think this was the REAL reason George put Hayden in RotJ (not that I don’t love the change, ;-)).

  7. Mostly Handless Says:

    Quick. Somebody grab Ashley Eckstein and get them to pose together. Skyguy & Snips in the flesh. 🙂

  8. LadyJediScientist (@LJediScientist) Says:

    I SOOOO WISH I COULD GO!!! Granted, if I did do the photo op I wouldn’t just be speechless, I would be blubbering the whole time. (I’ve had a really bad year!)

    Even though I can’t go, I am glad Hayden will be there and his autograph tickets have already sold out. Hey Hayden!

    As to why he is doing this, I don’t think it is for the money. He did 90 Minutes in Heaven because he not only liked the story, but also because they were donating all of the proceeds to charity. I don’t think he’s hurting for cash. I thinks it’s more likely that he is in the new film, or he just wants to celebrate 40 years of George’s creation. Hayden has always been a big supporter of George and of Star Wars.

  9. barbara (@haydenfannews) Says:

    I’m all for seeing heads explode. That would be a glorious sight. I think Hayden may have had a good experience meeting a lot of Star Wars fans while filming his last movie in Buenos Aires and previously in China. He stood outside his hotel and signed a lot of autographs before and after coming from the set. He attended a few big Star Wars events while filming Outcast in China. Hayden has more fans than he knows, I think, and those fans love the prequels. Maybe he thinks it the right time to appear or maybe there is an official reason. My first thought was let the rumors fly too. LOL

    • Mostly Handless Says:

      Surprising, I didn’t realise China had much of an established SW fan base, considering that both Rogue One and TFA performed rather poorly at the box office there.

      • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

        Honestly, I thought Rogue One would do well in China given the presence of Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen in the movie.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        That’s what Disney thought too. I don’t think SW will ever be anything more than a cult thing in China.

      • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

        Unfortunately, yes. But, at least Rogue One’s okay performance in China that helped it get a billion dollars worldwide helped our chances of getting that Obi-Wan movie in the future, if it does happen that is.

      • barbara (@haydenfannews) Says:

        There is a 501st in Beijing and also in other large cities and Hayden did interviews and a Charity event with them while there. Disney was just starting to promote Star Wars in China in 2012 while Hayden was there filming and in 2013 for the first time aired all the films on television as a major event. Hayden along with Anthony Daniels appeared in a tv special to introduce the movies. There was also announced plans for a theme park back then.

        As for the movies doing well there or not; there is a lot of politics and censorship involved in the movie industry there that can affect things.

  10. Eduardo Jencarelli Says:


  11. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    Can I just say this? Thank God Hayden coming is NOT an April Fools Prank. If it was, then, OMG, would we be majorly angry. Am I right, guys?

  12. Hunk a Junk Says:

    As far as the Obi-Wan standalone flick goes, I think there’s a good way Disney can do it that will please a lot of people. The hard thing about doing an Obi film is getting the character to leave Tatooine to have an adventure. It’s going to be a big conflict for Obi to abandon protecting Luke, even for a short time, if some sort of crisis comes up — which is good fodder for a movie. The bigger issue, however, is working Vader into the plot. Disney is not going to do a movie set between Episode III and IV and NOT put Vader in it. But since Obi and Vader can’t meet face to face, the only solution to get Vader into the movie (without him simply standing around choking Imperial officers the entire time) is for someone else to face Vader. That’s where Ahsoka comes it. I think adding a live-action Ahsoka to the movie, and having HER face Vader, would be a way to resolve Ahsoka’s fate (she has to die sometime), get Vader into the plot, and connect it all to Obi. If they could get Hayden into the movie somehow, that would just be a bonus. If Vader were to kill Ahsoka, it would only convince Obi and Yoda even more that Anakin was “dead” and couldn’t be saved — setting up Luke’s conflict in ROTJ that he needs to kill his father and his impossible quest to bring Anakin back to the good side.

    • joe Says:

      i’m sorry but i don’t think that’s going to work and what’s with this about ashoka needing to die? just because obi-wan said the jedi were all but extinct in a new hope doesn’t mean their all dead in the old eu there other surviving jedi during the era of the ot obi-wan and yoda probably didn’t know there were others (besides luka and leia of course) then again that was the old canon also rebels is now two year away from a new hope and obi-wan is now the alec guinness incarnation yes they could use makeup on ewan to make him look older but i think the film should be set between 3 and 4 sorry if i offended you i was just giving my opinion may the force be with you

    • Pedro Felipe Says:

      One thing that keeps coming in my mind is that disney now has infinite opportunities, yet they don’t really take advantage of any of them to please the hateboys. Many actors who worked on the Prequels are still around and active. For God’s sake, they could get Liam Neeson and Ewan Mcgregor to make a movie about Obi Wars young adventures, that would make a pretty penny. But they throw these and other opportunities away to play safe and the result is mediocre, unimaginative movies. Really, their plot is less imaginative than a bad netflix series.

      • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

        You don’t know that, yet. Let’s see where they go in “The Last Jedi”. If it’s not imaginative, we’ll launch protests in front of Disney Studios in California. Try to be optimistic, compadre.

  13. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    How about Ferus Olin? The former padawan of Jedi Master Siri Tachi?

    • joe Says:

      those two are from the old eu their ot in the new canon they could be added but tachi is a bit of a problem since obi-wan was in love with her this was before the introduction of satine in the clone wars and before the retcon of the eu of course characters can have more than one love interest luke had many in the old eu as did han

      • joe Says:

        meant to say not in the new canon

      • andywylde77 Says:

        I am with you on an Obi Wan stand alone film. I personally don’t think it can work with what was already established with the character. I mean it could work, but they would really have to work hard creating a story that doesn’t alter the character too much.

        Because he was known as an old hermit and loner living in the desert. He was never part of the Alliance or involved in the galactic civil war. In ANH Leia was en route to try and get Obi Wan to join them. And she stated that he served her father in the clone wars. So basically that establishes his last war experience was the clone wars.

        So a film with him being involved with the rebellion wouldn’t make sense. And now in Rebels he killed Darth Maul, so a film of him fighting Maul is out.

        It begs the question, what possibly could the have him do in a film with a plot that has some sort of importance? I don’t a film of him wandering around Tattooine would work either. There is nothing there for him to do.

        I really love Ewan as Obi Wan but there is also a point where they should leave well enough alone. Because if they make a film of him no matter the story he will end up a hermit on Tattooine. So he needs to have a story that has an impact on the series for it to work. But any options of that are basically out the window now. And if they make him go around to other planets and showing himself to others, that kind of defeats the whole purpose of him and Yoda going into hiding.

        They should just use him as a force ghost in the new films were his presence would make sense and not risk destroying the character for the sake of a film. RO worked great as a stand alone and self contained film. I hope the film makers don’t think that they can strike gold with every stand alone. It’s scary because they ruined other OT characters in TFA. So at this rate no character is safe anymore.

        And if they did make this film, you know that it would have to have Ties, X-Wings, Imperial and all that jazz. If they have Obi Wan face imperials then it would make Vader look stupid for not knowing that not only is some Jedi running around but it also being Obi Wan!

        Yeah I am sorry but I don’t think this film would work. Unless the film is about Ben being a bouncer at the cantina and tossing out drunk aliens maybe?

  14. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    It can be done. Even if Obi-Wan returns to Tatooine, a movie can be made with him somewhere else.

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