The Good And Bad News About Celebration: O’Town Edition

If you are going to the convention (I won’t be), it seems to me all of the action will be around three panels:  the 40th anniversary panel, the TLJ one on Friday (safe bet Trailer #1 drops), and the “Rebels” Season 4 sneak peek.

As far as prequel-themed events go, the good news is there are at least a few guests coming:  Temuera Morrison was confirmed today, plus Daniel Logan, Ian McDiarmid, Matthew Wood, and Ray Park.  Plus there are saga perennials Anthony Daniels and Peter Mayhew along with the cartoon incarnation of Darth Maul, Sam Witwer.  Unless Ewan McGregor is going to sneak in his uncle Denis Lawson’s suitcase, I think that’s likely it.

(As a quick aside, I am SHOCKED Lawson is going to be an autographs guest given his longstanding ennui with all things Star Wars.  Papa must need some new shoes.  Seriously, I would’ve expected Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson, and Natalie Portman to open a kissing booth at a Celebration before I’d ever see Lawson darken the door of a convention.)

The bad news is it doesn’t look like as of yet they’re going to screen any of the prequel films:  only Rogue One, the OT, and TFA.  While there are still a lot of holes to be filled in the schedule, I have to wonder why they wouldn’t schedule the PT if the others already are (and they could run all three Thursday night).  The room was packed every time with each prequel film at SWCA in 2015.  I had to sneak in to see ROTS with squinty eyes!  So they can’t say nobody came to see the prequels.  AOTC’s 15th anniversary is going virtually unnoticed.  And there’s nothing about Clone Wars; all of the animation focus is on “Rebels.”


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  1. joe Says:

    this is bulls**t disney continues to be disrespectful to the prequels and their fans it’s the 40th anniversary adknowledge the prequels along with the ot and the st or don’t bother at all despite what i said earlier this will probably continue into the 50th anniversary disney will lose a lot of fans in the long run they will still make money though but i didn’t see tfa (still haven’t yet) and i probably won’t see the tlj despite it being carrie fisher’s swan song

  2. Kim Says:

    How incredibly sad and shameful they won’t even bother to screen the prequels. Glad I didn’t waste any money on attending an event that disrespects George’s legacy and my love for Episodes 1-6.

  3. LadyJediScientist (@LJediScientist) Says:

    That oddly open space on Thursday night is very bizarre. Just do a Prequel Marathon on Thursday night. I understand them having a couple of spaces open- they were probably planning on a panel with Carrie and that can’t happen now. But at SWCA the movie marathon was Thursday through Saturday. Just do the same thing again! How hard this?!?

    I’m really beginning to think that a fan event just for Prequel fans is warranted. I hate the idea of splitting the fan base like that, but this is beyond ridiculous the way disney is treating the Prequels.
    To make matters worse, disney does not do this overseas. Just based on what I’ve seen online from Tokyo disney and Gingercrush, Prequel merchandise is widely available outside of the US, which is completely ridiculous! There are Prequels in the US!

    I am glad I went to Anaheim not only because it was Kenny’s & Carrie’s last appearance, but also because I did the George Lucas Star Wars Movie Marathon. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it is one of my fondest memories of Star Wars.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Yeah. One reason I’d considered going to SWCO is another bite at seeing ROTS in 3D (with glasses this time!). Oh well.

      If I had lots of time on my hands and buckets of money, I’d strongly consider putting together an independent con with a completely different experience. Too many of the larger cons, Celebration included, treat con goers as cattle and not as guests. You blow a lot of cash to travel somewhere, end up in debt for months, and what you get is spending most of your day in a line. At SWCA ’15, I spent on average two to three hours a day in a line. On Saturday I ended up waiting four hours to see the costume exhibit. That’s too much! There has to be a better way. Plus, I’d love to see a more even-handed way of celebrating the saga.

    • jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

      The prequel actors and crew should just tour the convention circuit on their own. Official cons aren’t necessary at all.

      Celebration is just for hipsters, not real Star Wars fans. Disney hates the prequels more than it hates Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and Willow. Sean Patrick Flanery is doing MegaCon in Orlando in May, perhaps the prequel actors can join him.

      • joe Says:

        i liked willow

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Nick Gillard has been to a bunch of cons but not to a Celebration. Ahmed Best has been to London Comic Con and NYCC over the past few years. Samuel L. Jackson and Natalie Portman have been to SDCC a few times to promote whatever projects they’re doing. To be fair to fans going to Celebration, I wouldn’t say it’s just for hipsters. I’ve been to four of them. But it’s a blend of a Creation con and a big city comic con for all of the good and bad that means.

  4. joe Says:

    another example was the road show release of the ot but those awful prequels didn’t get any treatment sorry for the sarcasm i love the prequels as much as anybody it’s just digusting how disney is treating the pt again this coming from a disney fan sorry for the rant

  5. Žiga P. Škraba Says:

    I know Denis Lawson was Wedge, but what is his “ennui” with Star Wars?

    • lazypadawan Says:

      He turned down cameos in TFA and in ROTS (Jeremy Bulloch ended up taking the part) because he thought it would be “boring.” Ewan McGregor pleaded with him to do it but still said no. When Ewan was going to audition for Star Wars, he said it’s not going to be all of that exciting. I don’t think he really understood why Wedge developed a cult following because as far as he was concerned, it was a long day sitting in a faux cockpit in front of a blue screen as guys shook it. (BTW, that’s not even his voice in the films.) He’d never really wanted to do conventions until now.

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        I’m more uncertain of this now, but I had recollected hearing Dennis Lawson had provided “Wedge’s voice” for audiobooks of some of the first Expanded Universe novels (which had also left me thinking Wedge’s British accent in Return of the Jedi really was Dennis Lawson’s voice.) Of course, there’s a difference between that and going to conventions, and years between that and even Revenge of the Sith.

        I can sort of understand “Wedge’s cult following,” but I do have to admit the whole thing with “building elaborate biographies for characters briefly on-screen” leaves me a bit cold when it seems to intersect with disdain for the actual main characters…

    • jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

      Denis Lawson hates Star Wars, hates talking about Star Wars, and isn’t too fond of Star Wars fans. He won’t talk about it in interviews and even tried to talk his nephew, Ewan McGregor, out of playing Obi-Wan.

      I think he wants to be respected as a real actor, and doesn’t want to be associated with all of the stunt men, dwarves, acrobats, giants, and other bit players that have played background characters in the saga. The guy has 94 film credits on IMDB, and is an accomplished West End theater actor. So, it’s understandable that he gets upset when all everyone wants to talk about is Wedge.

      I just hope this doesn’t mean he’s deathly ill and so desperate for money he’s reduced himself to doing cons.

      • joe Says:

        i’m sorry but this seems to be another case of an actor disrescepting the fans and not wanting to do anything with it sounds like alec guinness who probably wouldn’t be known today by younger people if not for star wars despite a great career that included an oscar

      • lazypadawan Says:

        In all seriousness, he was really good in “Bleak House.”

      • joe Says:

        sorry i never saw it

  6. joe Says:

    i don’t know it could be like alec guinness i heard he turned down appearing in episode 7 the part that max von sydow played yep they were gonna kill off wedge shame on them for planning to kill off one of star wars unsung heroes fans would have been p***ed off wedge deserves better than a death by cameo

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Dead Wedge in the first minute of the movie? Yeah, that would’ve been lame. If that’s the case I don’t blame him for turning it down.

      • culturevulture73 Says:

        That’s what I read as well – he was going to be in the Lor San role – which would at least make a bit more sense as to allegedly knowing where Luke was. But asking someone back just to kill or otherwise destroy them for cheap effect – oh, hey, I described all of TFA’s treatment of the legacy characters, didn’t I?

      • Branislav Marček Says:

        Also it´s treatment of the Republic.

      • joe Says:

        at least in the old eu luke successfully revived the jedi order han and leia were happily married and wedge and lando were a part of it as well true chewie’s dead but as i said before each eu has their negatives and positives and despite the ups and downs of the old eu at least they got some things right as mentioned above with the exception of poor chewie and han and leia losing two sons but again negatives and positives

  7. Branislav Marček Says:

    Hm, let´s see, tossing out Lucas´s Episodes VII, VIII and IX story, cancelling The Clone Wars, pulling the plug from Star Wars: Underworld, minimizing the “PT” related content in the new “canon”, and now screening all the feature films except Episodes I, II and III in a Star Wars Celebration event.

    Hard to believe that there are still people who believe Disney/Lucasfilm are respecting Lucas and his artistic vision.

    • Brian47 Says:

      To be fair, there’s actually been plenty of PT content in all the new canon material. From the Obi-wan & Anakin and Darth Maul comics, the Ashoka and Ventress novels and plenty of PT references, planets, flashbacks and more in all the new novels and other comics, I’ve been really happy and impressed with how this new canon has interwoven all the eras.

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

      @Branislav Marcek Brian47 is right, Braislav. Also, with all due respect, here’s how your wrong that there are still people at Disney/Lucasfilm, despite them doing what you mentioned above. Let me respectfully list the ways wrong:

      1) Letting Dave Filoni release what was left of Clone Wars on Netflix,, comic books and novels, some of which are from “Clone Wars” Seasons 6-8 and are also considered official canon (“Dark Disciple” and “Ahsoka”, which contains pieces of the Siege of Mandalore arc from Clone Wars Season 8).

      2) Having characters from Clone Wars like Ahsoka, Rex, Hondo, Cham, Saw and, soon, Bo-Katan in “Star Wars Rebels”, a show you should continue watching and consider as canon since it’s made by people who respect Lucas. And, that’s a show made by Dave Filoni, a man who, again, has respect and love for George and respects Lucas and his artisitic vision. (I suggest you think about that.)

      3) Putting in a character from “Clone Wars” in live-action movies for the first time with Saw Gerrera in “Rogue One” proving that unlike the movie and TV sides of the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to political reasons going on behind the scenes, the Star Wars Cinematic Universe (as Filoni is now calling it) is still connected.

      4) Hiring a Prequel-loving director for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” in Rian Johnson, who is revealed, according to Making Star Wars” to have The Last Jedi’s visual inspiration by the Prequels and Game of Thrones. Here’s the proof for you: 1:30-2:30pm

      Dave Filoni: Animated Origins and Unexpected Fates

      Dave Filoni, ​Executive Producer and Supervising Director of Star Wars Rebels and Supervising Director of

      Star Wars: The Clone Wars, ​ is joined on stage by creative executive Pablo Hidalgo. They’ll discuss some of the most cherished characters to come out of Lucasfilm Animation, reveal some untold origins of heroes and rogues, and with rare clips and artwork, they will track the surprising fates of this generation of Star Wars characters.

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

      @Branislav Marcek Sorry. I made a mistake and wasn’t finished yet. Let me continue.

      4) Hiring a Prequel-loving director for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” in Rian Johnson, who is revealed, according to Making Star Wars” to have The Last Jedi’s visual inspiration by the Prequels and Game of Thrones. Here’s the proof for you:

      5) Though the Celebration Orlando schedule doesn’t have a screening scheduled for the Prequel Trilogy, that’s only because the schedule is PARTIALLY complete, not wholly complete. So, there might still be hope of a Prequel Trilogy screening happening.

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

      @BranislavMarcek Also, Branislav, If I may defend my stance as a Prequel Trilogy lover, I understand how this continues to anger and frustrate you. Believe me, I do. However, we cannot allow this mentality to make us believe Disney has an anti-Prequel bias, which they do not. If all you do is just continue to resist Disney and bitch and complain and refuse to accept what Disney is doing as SW canon just to make people who like it (even if someo f them are Prequel fans) feel bad that they do, even when they’re made by people who respect Lucas like Dave Filoni and Pablo Hidalgo and Gareth Edwards and Rian Johnson, then I’m sorry to say this, but I say this as a sad point of view on where I fear we are going, but to take inspiration from a quote Ezra in “Ghosts of Geonosis” when Saw threatens to kill the last Geonosian for the death of his sister, then you’re no better than the Prequel haters. And, I say that as someone who is trying to keep peace between the Prequel fans and Disney by contiuing to show the Prequels and Clone Wars still are canon and not have a fight break out between two factions.

      Please try to have hope “The Last Jedi” will be a complete 180 degree turnaround from TFA and please consider to continue watching “Star Wars Rebels” and also watching “Rogue One”, because if you’re looking for Star Wars material from Disney that respects all of Star Wars canon, I promise you you’d have a lot of fun watching “Star Wars Rebels” and “Rogue One” than you would have TFA, because at least those are made by people who have respect for Lucas and are inspired by things GL was planning for in Star Wars: Underworld, the one being Rogue One, which John Knoll confirmed at Celebration.

      So, please try to have hope that things will get better for us PT fans, because they will.

      • Branislav Marček Says:

        “please try to have hope that things will get better for us PT fans, because they will.”

        I can´t speak for the other “PT” fans but as far as I´m concerned, Disney/Lucasfilm could perhaps:

        – renew and finish The Clone Wars,

        – produce Star Wars: Underwolrd,

        – and publicize GL´s VII-IX story treamtnets, the original pre-Abrams/Kasdan Episode VII script writen by GL and Michael Arndt along with all of the concept arts developed before the real Episode VII got cancelled and tossed out of the window?

        Because I can´t care less about their new “canon”.

    • Marshall Says:

      @ Branislav: don’t forget not tying up the loose ends of the EU.

      • Branislav Marček Says:

        That too. The reasons behind the decision to turn the EU into “Legends” were perfeclty legit. But leaving the remaining unfinished EU stories hanging in the air? Not cool. And just another clear example of Disney´s utter disrespect to the legacy they were supposed to take care of.

      • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

        @Branislav Actually, BM, GL never considered the EU canon to begin with, so, if anything Lucas should be relived the EU was no longer made canon by Disney/Lucasfilm.

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

      @BranislavMarcek 😔 Then, you’re no better then the Preequl haters. Sorry, but, I can’t ignore my feelings that what you say reflect those of the Prequel haters.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Well, not quite because he hasn’t called for anyone’s death or gone around the internet calling fans “retards” or actively tried to destroy anyone’s career. There was maybe one guy crossing through here that was in that territory.

      • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

        Who was he, LP?

      • lazypadawan Says:

        It’s lots of people who have done stuff like that for 18 years, not a single person.

      • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

        @lazypadawan I get what you mean. However, if I may respectfully defend my argument with good reason, Branislav, when he says he doesn’t consider any of what Disney is doing as canon, because of past questionable deeds, makes me think he doesn’t consider “Rebels” canon either, and that hurts me a little only because I feel it’s a show done wth love and respect to Lucas and has people that love and respect Lucas and worked with him on “Clone Wars” like Dave Filoni working on Rebels, and I feel like if he’s refusing to accept new Disney stuff as canon, even if it’s something made by Filoni like Rebels, I’ll be like “that’s disrespectful to Filoni, because ur basically dumping on an old and longtime protege to Lucas that loves and respects what Lucas did before, even the Prequels”. I mean, wouldn’t you at least agree to a degree with me on that, LP? I mean, surely, Filoni shouldn’t deserve flak for being allowed to stay at LFL to work on something that clearly respects what Lucas brought before us. I mean, find some reasoning in that.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        I like “Rebels” and I think one big reason why the show is any good is because Filoni is involved. However, if somebody doesn’t want to watch it, it’s his choice. What can you do?

  8. Moose Says:

    Wait until there are enough Disney SW movies where they can push the Originals to the side too. Reminds me of what Obi-Wan told Boss Nass: “Once they take control of the surface, they will take control of you.”

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I totally agree that this will happen eventually.

      • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

        If I may Lazy Padawan, I respectfully disagree with you only because as long as there are people like Dave Filoni, Pablo Hidalgo and others who fight to make sure Disney shows they’re not erasing the Prequels from canon, we’ll be okay.

        As long as Disney shows in their shows and movies that the Prequels won’t be forgotten, we’ll be okay. That’s my message of hope for you.

      • Marshall Says:

        I believe they’re doing that already, Moose. Bayonne don’t forget Pablo and Dave have a higher power to answer to – and it’s a giant rodent.

    • culturevulture73 Says:

      I agree, Moose and lazypadawan. Once they’ve strip mined the OT, it’ll be rebooted or cast aside. If they haven’t managed to run the whole franchise into the ground with this constant churn of movies before that point.

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

      @marshall This rodent is nothing compared to how Filoni will fight to keep Lucas remembered.

      • joe Says:

        i love mickey mouse it’s not his fault yes he’s a fictional character if you want to blame anyone at disney blame bob iger yes he’s done good for disney in their animated films but i won’t deny that he’s not highly regarded by many when he does step down hopefully whoever takes over will undo some of (if not all of) the damage there are that need to be straightened out at disney but since this isn’t the disney appreciation society i’ll just say that they better stop pi**ng off those who love the prequels and i also blame kathleen kennedy sorry for the long post may the force be with you

      • Marshall Says:

        @Bayonne, Uh this rodent is very much something compared to Filoni. Disney is head honcho here and Filoni can fight all he wants to but he can also get fired if Kennedy and Iger don’t like the direction he’s going. Joe, Mickey Mouse IS Disney. The character was Walt’s big break. When people hear of Disney they think of Mickey Mouse just like Bugs Bunny represents Looney Tunes and Warner Bros.

      • joe Says:

        i know about that disney has been a part of my life either way something needs to be done about this petitions boycotts anything to through to disney that the prequels are apart of star wars whether they like it or not may the force be with us all

    • Steven Farmer Says:

      Considering the Han Solo movie coming out, with new actors for Han and Lando, full fledged remakes would not be outside of the realm of possibility.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        As the OT crew age out and unfortunately pass away, it’s going to become very tempting. Especially since its hated rival Fox owns a piece of ANH in perpetuity. Remake the OT, change a few things to make it their own and voila, Fox is not a problem anymore.

      • culturevulture73 Says:

        I agree, @lazypadawan. Besides, they’ll have their “Young Han” at the right age for New Hope and they can change it up so they all “match” the new canon in TFA.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        I don’t think they will do it this soon. Remaking ANH now would be like releasing a cover of “Stairway To Heaven” or “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Everyone will automatically hate it. I’m talking more like 15-20 years down the line. Hollywood learned a brutal lesson with “Ghostbusters: Chick Edition” last year. Don’t mess with a much-loved original when a lot of its fans are still very active and vocal on the internet.

      • joe Says:

        they better not or they’ll be hell to pay it’ll just piss off the surviving cast and crew

      • Steven Farmer Says:

        @Lazy, They don’t even need to keep JEJ on to voice Vader, since they have a fairly good replacement for the actor in Matt Sloane, the man who voiced Vader in the Force Unleashed games.

        @joe, What cast or crew would care? Harrison Ford came back for the sole purpose of killing off Han Solo, and Mark Hamill would likely just wish his successor the best of luck. There were reports of people in the art production who found themselves unmotivated by Abrams’ “vision”, but who otherwise just did the job they were paid for. The only people who would care are fans, and honestly I’m not even convinced that many of us would given that there are large numbers of fellow fans who still defend TFA, even though if George had been the one to make it they’d have ripped it to shreds.

      • culturevulture73 Says:

        Harrison did not come back only to kill off Han. That wasn’t in the original script – Abrams added that on his own. He took credit for it; Kasdan had it so that Han and Leia ended 7 reconciled but Abrams said that Han was a “sexy piece of luggage” so he had to have something irreversible happen to him – y’know, besides his son being a Sith Lord. But hey, if you’re ripping off New Hope, you gotta kill off the oldest male lead in the third act….

        Harrison and Billy Dee have already had lunches with the new kids – never let it be said that all of them aren’t team players, regardless of what they believe although Harrison said on Ellen, joking, that the new kid shouldn’t do it….

        You are so right, though, if George had made that movie, he would have been tarred and feathered. That no one has said a word about the fact they killed off Han before reuniting all three of them, and most of them just nod sagely at all the violence done to Luke, Han and Leia just baffles me.

      • joe Says:

        you have some points but hey getting james earl jones back as vader’s voice gets an a in my book which they did for rebels and rogue one he may be 86 but he can still pull it off

      • Steven Farmer Says:

        @culture, I wasn’t aware of that. Regardless, my point still stands. From what I understand, Ford never liked Han Solo, and had wanted the character gone as early as Empire. So I wasn’t surprised in the slightest when they killed him off. There’s nothing more they can do with the character without resetting the timeline. And yeah, like I said, which of them are going to complain about the movies being reset? They are all team players, and I wouldn’t be surprised at Hamill making a cameo or a small role somewhere else. And never underestimate the cognitive dissonance of a mob of fanboys. Fortunately they’re a dwindling minority.

        @joe, hey I love JEJ as much as the next guy, and I’m glad they got him back to do those roles. I’m just saying he has a pretty decent successor waiting in the wings.

      • joe Says:

        yes but the inevitable comparisons will be made for jej’s successor (not everyone has played the video games) the same with the new han solo following harrison ford people will say he sucks bring back the original sad but true

      • Steven Farmer Says:

        That actually isn’t the case. Who will complain? The OT fanboys? They’re all over this new Han Solo movie. The kids? They won’t know the difference. The comparisons will be made in geek circles, and considering the sucking up most of these geek sites do with these movies, I doubt they’ll complain overly much.

        I don’t know what’s truly going to happen here. I’m a catastrophist. I assume from the beginning that the worst possible thing is going to happen. I would love to be wrong. But past, as they say, is prologue, and I have no faith in any of these people.

  9. joe Says:

    you said there was no mention of clone wars haven’t they released all the animatics yet? were you hoping there would be news of a revival?

    • lazypadawan Says:

      No, nothing like that.

      • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

        Lazy Padawan, there is actually one Clone Wars panel of sorts on Thursday with Dave Filoni after the 40th anniversary panel at 1:30-2:30pm. Here’s the info on it:

        Dave Filoni: Animated Origins and Unexpected Fates

        Dave Filoni, ​Executive Producer and Supervising Director of Star Wars Rebels and Supervising Director of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”,​ is joined on stage by creative executive Pablo Hidalgo. They’ll discuss some of the most cherished characters to come out of Lucasfilm Animation, reveal some untold origins of heroes and rogues, and with rare clips and artwork, they will track the surprising fates of this generation of Star Wars characters.

        This should give you a small glimmer of hope that the Clone Wars is not forgotten, at least for now.

  10. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    Hey, Lazy Padawan. I don’t mean to get off-topic, but, there is a Prequel Trilogy-related detail about The Last Jedi that should make you hopeful for the movie, hopeful enough for you to talk about it on SWPAS. Here are the details:

  11. joe Says:

    one thing i hope they have is a updated in memoriam to those who we lost like the one in 2007 of course carrie fisher kenny baker christopher lee and other cast members from the films as well as ralph mcquarrie stuart freeborn irvin kershner and other members of the crew from the movies it would be great if they could also include people who worked on non-film projects such comic book legends russ manning al williamson archie goodwin eu writers brian daley (who made the radio dramas ) aaron allston a.c.crispen as well as burl ives (who narrated the first ewok movie) brock peters (who played darth vader in the radio dramas) and yes the actors from the holiday special art carney harvey korman and bea arthur and everyone who contributed to star wars but that probably won’t happen it’ll be a tribute to the films cast and crew if there is one sorry for the long post until net time may the force be with you

  12. Hunk a Junk Says:

    I had some friends who recently took the Disney Star Wars cruise and they reported to me that Rogue One, the OT, and TFA were screened, but not the PT. The emphasis throughout the cruise, they said, was on TFA and Rebels.

    I guess at this point, I just want 3D blu rays of the PT and I’ll be happy and Disney can go do whatever with its “product.”

    • Pedro Felipe Says:

      That’s it!!!! I am dying for those 3D Blu Rays!!!! If Lucas was still in charge, I am 100% sure he wouldn’t resist HDR and would give us an awesome special special edition, possibly with updated special effects (goosebumps). Now disney will never do this since they are churning out movies like cheap products out of an assembly line and haven’t even bothered to release a 4K Blu Ray of ANY of their movies. Now before anybody says it won’t matter because Attack of The Clones and Revenge of The Sith were shot in 2K, that is completely wrong as I have explained in detail in one of my posts.

      • Branislav Marček Says:

        “If Lucas was still in charge, I am 100% sure he wouldn’t resist HDR and would give us an awesome special special edition, possibly with updated special effects (goosebumps).”

        And not only that.If he was still in charge and his Episodes VII, V and IX would be made, I´d bet that probably somewhere around the time of release of Episode IX, he would release yet another and this time THE final re-edition of Episodes I through VI with even more changes done to all six films.

        But that´s just a wishfull thinking now. 😦

    • Pedro Felipe Says:

      Not to mention the AWESOME 3D RE-Releases disney KILLED to shovel their canned movies down our throat.

    • Pedro Felipe Says:

      And while I am at it, for all those clueless people criticizing George for having made the jump to digital cameras, I have just made a setup where I picked the currently best available source for Attack of The Clones and fed it to a top of the line 4K OLED HDR TV and expanded the dynamic range myself to give it brined up highlights and it looks UNBELIEVABLE. Way better than any movie shot on 35 mil (including the force awakens) because of the clean images without grain which increases the actual resolution as opposed to artificial scan lines nerds keep referencing to claim 35mm is superior, which is utter nonsense. This is really important when you’re expanding the dynamic range and film has a lot of grain that gets exposed in highlights which severely cripples the image, HDR will be the nail in films coffin.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        And here are some people claiming ROTS and AOTC wouldn’t look good in 4K because they were shot in 2K.

      • Branislav Marček Says:

        So AOTC and ROTS actually could be remastered inot 4K?

  13. Jacobesico Says:

    It’s perfectly obvious what Disney thinks of the PT and because of this outrage, I shall be boycotting “The Last Jedi” and every other spin off film.

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

      Don’t do that just yet. TLJ is being directed by a Prequel lover and is rumored to have Hayden as Force Ghost Anakin and Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan and the movie’s visual inspiration is the Prequels with Game of Thrones. Could u at least wait and see TLJ and the spin-offs before boycotting them? What if we also get to see Kashhykk in the Han Solo movie? Would you still boycott it then?

      • Jacobesico Says:

        Sorry, I was a majorly ticked off and posted without thinking.

        I do want to see TLJ because I want to see Mark Hamill act and not have a cameo at the end of the movie and to pay my respects to Carrie Fisher.

        I would still pay to buy any spin off movies. I’m hoping to buy to buy Rogue One when it comes out. It would be great if Kashyyyk is in the Han Solo spin off.

      • culturevulture73 Says:

        Sorry, no. They broke their faith with me when they killed Han after spending the movie trashing Luke, Han, Leia and all they accomplished. I may see Last Jedi in a theater depending on how the spoilers go, otherwise it’s TV. That’s only to see Mark. Last Jedi determines if I see 9.

        I am not seeing the Han Solo movie. I wouldn’t have seen it even if TFA had been decent. That generic short guy isn’t Han Solo. Haven’t seen Rogue One, may see it on TV, but I honestly have no burning need to see it – I didn’t need to know how they stole the Death Star plans or have the “plot hole” of the flaw “fixed” either.

        I am glad there are people who enjoy the new movies, power to them. I’m not one, and I don’t see why I have to go be a supporter of a regime that trashes everything that came before, threw out Lucas’s treatments, and decided that it wasn’t necessary that we ever saw Mark, Carrie & Harrison in a scene together. I will never understand why, with all three under contract, they decided “eh, we don’t need to reunite one of the iconic teams of pop culture. We’re good.” So, I don’t feel I owe them. They have plenty of people ready to pay for the privilege of consuming their stuff, but I’m not one of them.

      • joe Says:

        one rogue one is a good film you should check it out it adknowledges the prequels but yeah they should have had han luke and leia together for a few scenes what were they thinking? and i still haven’t seen tfa kasdan jj and simon pegg can go f**k themselves my apologies for the language it won’t happen again

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

      @Jacobesico All I will say is you missed out on seeing Rogue One in the theater. I assure you would’ve enjoyed that a 1000% more than TFA, because at least it had characters and locations from The Clone Wars and the Prequels (Saw Gerrera, Bail Organa, Coruscant and Mustafar) in the movie. And, it had a couple Star Wars Rebels stuff (Chopper, The Ghost and a mention of Hera Syndulla) in the movie. That should be treated as canon, more than TFA, just because of how much it respects the saga on a whole. Even “Star Wars Rebels” as well, especially given Filoni’s involvement with Rebels.

      @culturevulture73 1. Hope u give TLJ a shot and see it in the theater. I’m sure Rian Johnson, being that he’s a Prequel fan and defender, won’t let u down.

      2. If you don’t wanna see Han Solo fine, but, you should see Rogue One. Not because of finding out how the Death Star plans were stolen, but, because of how much it respects the entire Star Wars saga as canon (including Clone Wars and the Prequels).

      3. I won’t argue with what you say in statement #3, except that Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels are not products of Disney’s Star Wars that trash what came before. I kindly suggest of you to consider that.

      • culturevulture73 Says:

        Well, I gave Rebels a shot for almost two seasons but it got more and more boring as they went so…

        Unless Han is miraculously alive or Kylo dead, I honestly don’t see myself going to a theater for Last Jedi. I hate to do that to Mark, but I went to a theater to see TFA opening day and walked out feeling like I’d gotten punched in the face. No way am I ever doing that again.

        I really have no interest in Rogue One. And being on Tumblr where people have said charming things like “Rogue One did all the work and then Luke swept in and took the glory” haven’t made me want to see it, sorry to say.

        I’m glad you can still find things to enjoy in the new canon and still are enthusiastic. I just can’t manage it.

  14. joe Says:

    maybe well learn if there’s any truth to the ot getting a proper blu-ray release minus all the changes lucas made over the years if it’s true then the fans can finally shut up but since they have treated lucas like crap for the last 20 years !!! they don’t deserved it for being ungrateful b*******s there wouldn’t have been a star wars without GEORGE LUCAS!

  15. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    Well, I just saw the full schedule for Celebration. And, I was wrong. There’s no PT screening scheduled for Celebration Orlando.

    You were all right.

    I was wrong.

    I only wanted to keep hope alive so this wouldn’t sputter into a civil war between u all and Disney. I wanted to keep this from going nasty, but, it turns out I failed and was too hopeful.

    I’m sorry for being too hopeful. I just wanted to help.

    I guess All we can do know is start pushing to Mary Franklin on Twitter for us to have a 20th Anniversary celebration for The Phantom Menace to happen at the next Celebration in 2019. I’ll start it myself. If u wanna help me, by all means go ahead. I just don’t want people begging for Mary Franklin to make it sound like we’re ganging up on her.

    May the Force Be With You All.

    P.S. If TLJ does have a fair amount of PT stuff and inspiration in it, that should make us hopeful for future movies post-TLJ. Don’t lose hope.

    • joe Says:

      there was nothing you could have done it wasn’t your fault stay strong and continue to have hope may the force be with you

      • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

        Thanks, Joe. I do take blame though. I just wanted to show Disney is not erasing the Prequels from canon, which they really are not. But, this will just make them further believe that, when they refuse to see that they’re wrong. I’m sorry for trying something that failed.

    • LadyJediScientist (@LJediScientist) Says:

      I wish you were right BayonneVeterinaryMedical. There is still a hole in the Galaxy stage’s schedule for Thursday night. If they don’t fill it by the end of this week, then they are deliberating shortening that day’s schedule for no reason.

      Still, they may have add one more event to schedule. Who knows?

    • lazypadawan Says:

      You didn’t fail, dude. Others dropped the ball and it’s perfectly fine to start lobbying Reed Pop and Franklin to include prequel screenings and panels at the next con.

    • Artiom Deyev Says:

      Hey, good idea about pushing Mary Franklin to include The Phantom Menace anniversary. If you start this, give us a link, so we can all join in.
      P.S. Don’t worry, its not ganging up on her, after all, its not personal.

  16. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    Uuh, something wrong? I didn’t see my post get through.

  17. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    Sorry to get off-topic guys, but, according to Star Wars News Net, the Ewan McGregor-led Obi-Wan movie will be announced at Celebration for a 2020 release with Gareth Edwards said to return for directing the movie with new hopefully pro-PT writers. Can’t link to SWNN since it’s a don’t post link, but, I could get it via Hope u can talk about this on SWPAS along with those new Prequel-related tidbits on The Last Jedi I sent u the link for, LP.

    • joe Says:

      i heard about this on screen rant hopefully it will be true i also heard that mustafar may appear in tlj or episode 9 and that they’ll take a break from making star wars films after episode 9 which i think is a good idea we don’t need 30 or more years of star wars films sometimes a break is needed may the force be with you

    • lazypadawan Says:

      It’s rumor and speculation for now. SWNN has posted “fake news” before.

      • joe Says:

        hopefully this one will be true may the force be with us

      • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

        @lazypadawan Joe’s right. After all EW’s Anthony Breznican did say they’re holding off on Obi-Wan’s movie until Episode IX is over, so maybe having that Obi-Wan movie in 2020 can’t be ruled out yet. This one thing might not be “fake news”.

  18. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    Also, here’s the official press release confirming Hayden’s appearance with more info on what he’s doing there from

  19. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    None of the Prequel movies will be shown at the 40th anniversary Celebration? That sounds incomplete for a gathering celebrating the 40th anniversary of an entertainment franchise.

    • joe Says:

      so true it”s like if star trek only adknowledge the tos and tng and ignore the other shows which have their fans but have been polarizing to many

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I know. There are other weird oversights, like not acknowledging AOTC’s 15th anniversary or not including Padmé in a women of SW pin set. It’s emblematic of how they handle the prequels, very inconsistent and chaotic.

      • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

        As much as I do think they could do better, I believe having Hayden Christensen attend at the very least feels like a consolation prize as a symbol of when he first came into Star Wars 15 years ago and may return to it this year.

  20. joe Says:

    i want to apologise for the rude remark about lawrence kasdan he is a academy award nominated screen writer i’m just disappointed in his involement in destroying everything that lucas did in his six films who decided to kill han? was it him or jj? also people are real smarta***s by saying the empire is the best because he wrote it and lucas had nothing to do with the script what bs it was lucas who came up with the famous i am your father twist it was in the original script by leigh bracket may she rest in peace or kasdan’s script either fans don’ know that or there being ignorant pricks hell even honest trailers leaves out this important piece of information don’t get me wrong i love empire (i was born shortly before it’s release ) it’s too much jj well im now ashamed to admit but i saw his two star trek moves (still haven’t seen the third one he didn’t direct) however i won’t apologise for that scumbag simon pegg he insulted lucas and the people who actually love the prequels he should be no where near star wars he even voiced c-3po on a star wars episode of phineas and ferb i hope he doesn’t become the new voice of threepio once anthony daniels is done tom kane (who played yoda on the clone wars and in video games) should be considered he’s played the part a coupleof times and he respects luca’s vision sorry for the long post to get back on topic hopefully that obi-wan film is happening may the force be with you

    • joe Says:

      sorry meant to say it wasn’t in the original script and of course it was in kasdan’s script but lucas came up with it first sorry about that

    • Culturevulture73 Says:

      Don’t apologize – Kasdan has said lousy things about SW over the years. He went right along with destroying Han and Leia because he never believed in them. Abrams took credit for killing Han but if you were ripping off New Hope to the degree TFA did, he was pretty much guaranteed to die. Forget the fact it makes no sense plotwise.

      And really don’t forget that all 3 of them were alive and under contract – and they were never reunited onscreen. Every other property that’s been revived with the original cast has reunited them -except one of the most famous trios of all.

      The continual rewriting of Lucas out of authorship of his own saga is amazing.

      • Branislav Marček Says:

        Kasdan never really was that loyal to Lucas in the first place. He agreed to work on the story/script for the movie only under the condnition that he´d toss out all of the story content developed up to that point (you know, by Lucas and Arndt) and start more or less from scratch. No wonder Disney hired him.

        He was loyal to Lucas and his artistic vision only as long as he was hired by Lucas and as long it was Lucas who was going to pay him. Once Disney took the charge he couldn´t care less.

    • Pedro Felipe Says:

      The amount of intellectual disonesty and historical inaccuracy coming from the haters is unbeliavable. They do everything to promote their ridiculous narrative. They twist every interview and every behind the scenes video they can. I could problably write a series of books just dealing with their distortion of the facts and make a sociological analysis of this phenomena. It’s like a snowball that only gets bigger and feeds itself constantly. The saddest thing is that many of the cast and crew get sucked into this reality distortion field, and they retroactively feed the false narrative with ridiculous statements.
      Disney is head on taking full advantage of their mindset, but mark my words, it won’t last long. There are not nearly enought people engaged in this sequel trilogy as they were with the original Star Wars, let alone the prequels. Disney is riding the wave of The Star Wars brand, but they will destroy it sonner than many of you expect, believe me.

      • culturevulture73 Says:

        I agree they’re going to destroy it – I think them saying there will be a break in the movies means that they already are finding out that it isn’t nearly the gold mine they expected. Rebels is on Disney XD not main Disney and I think has declining viewership. Rogue One didn’t make the amount TFA did. I’m finally beginning to see articles with people acknowledging that a lot of people didn’t actually like TFA. They’re not going to have a Celebration in 2018 when they have a movie to push? What’s up with that?

        I would love to know how the books are selling. I saw a lot of toys on sale at my Disney Store but not many moving. When I do see pop culture references to Star Wars, except for two lone references on the Samantha Bee show Full Frontal, every one has been to the OT or PT. In fact, her show is the only one I’ve seen Kylo Ren even on and you’d think as the new SW villain, he’d get more traction but…well, it makes me laugh, anyway.

      • joe Says:

        rogue one was the second highest grossing film of 2016 world wide and sequels/followups sometimes don’t outperform their predecessor heck even tesb made less than anh and regarding rebels not everybody has disney xd still a break is the best option there is too much of a good thing and hopefully disney will adknowledge the prequels more in future projects

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