Prequel Goodies You Can Buy Now Or Soon

ROTS Tsum-Tsums from Disney are scheduled to drop April 4.  There are only four in this set instead of the usual seven:  Vaderkin, Grievous, an AOTC era clone trooper (?!), and Obi-Wan.  No word yet on whether there will be t-shirts.  Check out a photo of the set here.

LadyJediScientist found a bunch more independently-produced prequel items:

House Organa necklace

Padmé eyeshadow set

Lip gloss

Funko announced its first wave of SWCO Pop exclusives.  There is one prequel Pop and that is a hologram Qui-Gon:


Han Solo not included. Apparently more exclusives will be announced. Funko says some will be “shared exclusives,” meaning you will be able to buy them elsewhere but they’re not saying yet which ones. If you’re going to SWCO, you must enter a lottery to get a crack at buying any of the exclusives.

Update: Funko will also be producing a 442nd Clone Trooper for SWCO. If you’re not going to the con, the clone trooper will also be available from FYE and Holographic Qui-Gon will be available at Target.


2 Responses to “Prequel Goodies You Can Buy Now Or Soon”

  1. LadyJediScientist (@LJediScientist) Says:

    I’ve reached the point of annoyance with Funko. They have been saying for over a year now (I think that is correct) that Prequel and Clone Wars Pops were on the way. Young Anakin was an exclusive, along with the ROTS 3 pack, Blue Senate Guard and the extremely rare Qui-Gon. No Smuggler’s Bounty boxes and no wide releases. ENOUGH!! Just do wide releases of the central characters from the Prequels. There is no need to do fifteen different versions of Rey!

    On the subject of the tsum tsums, I checked with the Disney store’s customer service today. They don’t have any information yet about the ROTS set except that it will be released on April 4th. I am hoping there will be at one shirt released at the same time as the set, which would make up for the lack of characters in this one. No Padme, Bail or Commander Cody? Seriously?!?

    On the subject of merchandise, this popped up on Ashley’s Twitter account a little while ago:

    New Ahsoka shirt from Her Universe next month? Maybe!

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