Rebels, Canon, & Confusion

If you haven’t seen last Saturday’s “Rebels,” this contains spoilers:

Obi-Wan and Maul duke it out one last time in the episode “Twin Suns” and as Maul is dying after the shortest lightsaber duel ever, he asks Obi-Wan about the person he’s obviously protecting, “Is it the Chosen One?”  (I’m paraphrasing.) Obi-Wan answers in the affirmative and Maul says, “He will avenge us all” before expiring.

This little bit of dialogue had me pulling my hair out.  I still wouldn’t put it past anyone to burrow some tunnels into that “immovable mountain of canon” and if the story group tells the script writers they have to do something, then they have to do it.  I started to wonder if this was being done to undermine Lucas’s mythology in Eps I-VI to change it to something else in the sequels.

After complaining about it on Twitter, I got a bunch of reassurances this wasn’t happening at all and it reflects Obi-Wan losing faith in Anakin and pinning his hopes on Luke instead.  Pablo Hidalgo had commented (independently) that this was more or less Obi-Wan’s opinion.

Because it’s hard to try to explain my POV with 140 miserable characters, I will try to explain it here.  It is obvious from the OT that ol’ Ben Kenobi had given up on Vader/Anakin, which is why he and Yoda were setting up Luke to carry out their patricide mission for them.  The thing is, if I were Obi-Wan, I’d do one of two things about the prophecy:  abandon it completely as myth or still believe it’s true though I wouldn’t have any idea how it’s supposed to come to pass.  The other thing is and people easily overlook this, Obi-Wan was still in touch with Qui-Gon.  This would probably nudge Obi-Wan in the latter possibility.  What this is here is a third possibility and that is Obi-Wan coming to the conclusion on his own that maybe Luke is supposed to fulfill that prophecy.

Whether you think it’s a reasonable conclusion for Obi-Wan to come to or not is one thing.  The problem is how fans and people who casually watch Star Wars perceive stuff like this if you’re not frequently reminding them of the underlying mythology.  Not everybody who watches “Rebels” has ever watched “Clone Wars.”  Not every Star Wars fan has been following this for 40 years in every media and has considered every character’s motivations and thoughts (or even remembers everything).  Lots of people are going to take this to mean that they are changing canon and are fully expecting to discover in TLJ that Luke’s the real chosen one.   Even before I watched the episode, people who had seen it on the Disney X D app were talking about how this was a “game changer.”  They’re accepting what was said on its face; ergo the gobs of comments I’ve seen saying this is a canon change.  They’re not going to waste another 20 minutes of their time watching extraneous online interviews or bother reading a story grouper’s tweets.  If Lucasfilm’s intention is to not change anything then they need to make that clearer in its media.


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17 Responses to “Rebels, Canon, & Confusion”

  1. Moose Says:

    I agree with you. It is not like “Let’s Make A Deal” where you choose between Door #1 (Anakin), Door #2 (Luke) or Door #3 (Rey!?).

  2. LadyJediScientist (@LJediScientist) Says:

    I agree that if their intent was simply to highlight Obi-Wan’s perspective, then Dave needs to clarify this within Rebels.

    Personally, I didn’t see this episode as a game changer nor did I get overly emotionally about it. I thought the episode did an excellent job in highlighting how Obi-Wan had changed over the years and how much Maul hadn’t.

    On the subject of the Chosen One, Obi-Wan does think that Luke is the best hope for the galaxy. This is very apparent in the films: “That boy is our last hope.” It is also apparent that Yoda does not share Obi-Wan’s opinion. If Luke fails, then Leia will take up the quest. Obi-Wan has transferred his faith in Anakin to Luke. Yoda, on the other hand, has faith in the Force and not just in a single individual. But even Yoda is still unwilling to consider that Anakin is still capable of changing and fulfilling the prophecy.

    On the topic of Luke, I’ve run across a couple of comments on Twitter about how this changes their perceptions of Luke or make Luke’s journey more meaningful. How? The title of Episode 4 is A New Hope. Luke IS the NEW HOPE. His quest is become a Jedi and defeat the Sith. His path and character development were always meaningful. Apparently, some of the fans were so preoccupied with how cool Han was understand Luke’s story character. “SIGH”

    On a final note, I find it interesting that there are memorials for Maul popping up all over the place.
    Did no one do this for Han or did I miss it?

  3. Darth Deckard Jones Says:

    There are plenty of fans who think Padmè died of a broken heart and still don’t understand why a younger Anakin appers as a Force Ghost at the end of Jedi. These have never been explained in any detail and I don’t think George wants them to be. Pablo made some vague comments about Padmè’s death when the Internet caught up with the idea that something else might be going on, but didn’t come right out and explain it. He has done 10 times more to clear up this last episode of Rebels than deal with the end of ROTS. Your point about Qui-Gon is a good one but the OT makes it pretty clear that Yoda and Obi-Wan want Luke to kill Vader. So it doesn’t really matter as you have to already accept one of the following: Qui-Gon must also not be on the save Vader train, or he can’t convince Yoda and Obi that he is still the Chosen One, or that he simply will not discuss it with them as it would alter the events that need to happen to make Vader turn back to the light. There are probably some additional ways of looking at it but I think you get my point. You probably discovered a little plot hole but I am sure George would fill it. My main point is that I am glad Star Wars like all great art doesn’t make things obvious and allows its audience to interpret it. So the Story Group didn’t do anything wrong in this instance in my opinion. They shouldn’t have to explain everything to everyone. I mean there are still fans who think Empire has a huge plot hole since Vader is looking for Luke in the beginning of the movie but doesn’t seem to know who he is when talking to the Emperor at the mid point of the film.

  4. Mike Jones Says:

    I understand your concerns, issues and/or worries regarding the ending of that Rebels episode with Obi-Wan and Maul, Lazy Padawan. However, I don’t believe this was just done without thought, especially given Filoni was heavily involved with this episode. Dave Filoni did write and direct “Twin Suns”, so I trust him that he had a reason for putting that line in there, especially since he told the Forcecast back at WonderCon in 2014 that the Chosen One prophecy is more complex than we believe regarding the Skywalker family and what Kenobi believes, being that he and George both wanted to expand on the Chosen One stuff in Clone Wars before it’s premature ending. He talks about it here from 51:19 to 55:26 in Forcecast Epsiode #300: So, again, I understand what your saying, but, if Filoni wanted to put that out there since 2014 when Clone Wars ended with the Yoda arc, I trust this a Filoni decision and not a “Disney screwing up Star Wars canon” machination.

    • Mike Jones Says:

      Also, Lazy Padawan, if I may kindly offer you some friendly advice, I believe if you watch the Clone Wars Mortis and Yoda arcs along with Star Wars Episodes 3-6, it’ll make watching “Twin Suns” feel a lot better for you in context regarding the whole potential controversy (if I may use that word lightly and appropriately) regarding that line with the Chosen One .

  5. Jacobesico Says:

    It’s our good old friend, A certain point of view at work again.

    I loved the episode. I thought Dave Filoni pulled out all the stops and it was brilliant.

    Did anyone see the way Maul died in Obi-Wan’s arms was the mirror image of the way Qui-Gon died. It’s little things like that that I find great about Rebels.

  6. joe Says:

    speaking of obi-wan ewan mcgregor has said that he would do the obi-wan movie if they ever make it now if only disney would just greenlight it

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Unfortunately Gary Whitta recently dropped some hints that Disney wants to do its own OC fan fiction with spinoffs in the future.

      • joe Says:

        disney needs to get their stick out of their a** they will lose a lot of fans if they keep up with this attitude this coming from someone who has loved disney since childhood

      • Steven Farmer Says:

        Wait, Lazy, where was this?

      • lazypadawan Says:

        It’s on various reports online. Check with Star Wars Underground.

      • Mike Jones Says:

        If I may spin this in a hopeful positive note, Lazy Padawan, I wouldn’t doubt an Obi-Wan movie happening yet. I only say that because when Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican spoke with Jimmy Mac and Jason Swank on RebelForce Radio 3 weeks before “Rogue One” came out, he said the Obi-Wan movie is being put on hold and not yet moving forward only because they are rumored to still have plans with Obi-Wan in the Saga Films, which is adding more fuel to the fire that Obi-Wan is Rey’s grandpa, and that will be revealed in The Last Jedi and maybe they’re waiting to see how people react to that once Episode VIII comes out, if it’s true. Breznican even wrote a piece about when The Force Awakens was being promoted at Comic-Con 2015 here: He says that here 59 minutes to 61 minutes into the RFR episode from November 24th:

  7. Moose Says:

    This reminds me of how they did not even mention the Geonosians in Rogue One and then explained it away in some other Disney generated media.

    • Mike Jones Says:

      Well, Pablo Hidalgo did say in the Rebels Recon for the Rebels episode with Saw on Geonosis that they knew Geonosis wouldn’t be in the Rogue One storyline, even though it was vaguely addressed by Krennic in the opening pro logo of Rogue One, so that’s why they decided to address that in Rebels. I mean I don’t think they’re lying, and they wouldn’t do this to us to be clueless. He even says that in this video:

  8. Keith Palmer Says:

    I’m unfortunately reminded of hearing about an “in-universe guide to the Force” published near the end of the previous Expanded Universe that sort of sighed “with all the trouble we’ve had since the death of the Emperor, it seems unlikely Anakin Skywalker could have been the Chosen One” (and never mind that trouble started being developed years before the idea was set up…) At the same time, if this was just a matter of “it wasn’t mentioned when I was young, so it must be bad,” I could imagine simply not mentioning the words “Chosen One” ever again… The problem, I suppose, is the whole deal of “if Anakin is established to be a ‘child of destiny’ in ‘Episode I’ and casts down the Emperor in ‘Episode VI,’ then things start to feel ‘complete’ from ‘a certain point of view'”… which does only leave me wondering what George Lucas’s ideas for continuing the story are, and aware of how they can still be anything we imagine to be the best alternative.

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