Finish The Quote Quiz On Star

How well do you know the dialogue from AOTC?  Chances are if you’re reading this site regularly, you’ll do pretty well in this star quiz.  (And if your memory fails you, there’s always Google, heh heh).


7 Responses to “Finish The Quote Quiz On Star”

  1. senatorbinks27 Says:

    I got 9/10 (I typed “met” instead of “knew” in the first quote – sacrilge!)

  2. Pedro Felipe Says:

    Literally was watching Attack of the Clones as you posted this, got 9/10 because I didn’t know the handmaiden’s name.

  3. fundhund Says:

    9/10 just because I misspelled Tatooine 😉

  4. Artiom Deyev Says:

    9 out of 10. Remembering these quotes makes me think again how wonderful this movie is!

  5. Jacobesico Says:


  6. Logan Says:

    I got 9/10 the other day.

  7. Steven Farmer Says:

    8/10. #5 was my personal favorite.

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