SWCO Art For Prequel Fans

Art show exclusives for SWCO were revealed today (the artists themselves were announced in January) and it looks like just about everything is TFA, Rogue One, or a tribute to Carrie Fisher.  But if you’re going to the con or a really nice friend of yours is picking up a piece for you, here are the PT-related pieces that might interest you:

“Watchful Guardian” by Chris Dee:


Jason Palmer:


Jeff Carlisle:


“Jango’s Finest” by Joe Hogan:



Matt Busch:


Randy Martinez:



Ahsoka fans should check out art from Lin Zy Busch and Danny Haas (Rebels era).  There’s one all Rebels piece from Alex Buechel.  Acme/Dark Ink will likely have pre-orders soon; the piece has to be picked up at the con.



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24 Responses to “SWCO Art For Prequel Fans”

  1. LadyJediScientist (@LJediScientist) Says:

    Looked at the Lin Zy piece: I may cry now. It is gorgeous! I’m a bit disappointed that Erik Maell hasn’t done third in his series of Padme/Mona Lisa portraits. Out of the ones shown here, The Watchful Guardian is lovely and I just LOVE Jango’s Finest! I guess this is a close as we will get to a 15th anniversary print for AOTC. SIGH.

    I am not all that interested in the 40th anniversary prints: too much TFA for my taste. Also, I find the lack of the EU disturbing. If these prints are suppose to reflect the history of Star Wars, then the EU and its characters have to be included. That was Star Wars in the 1990s until the Prequels came out.

  2. joe Says:

    the last poster completely disrespects the prequels and the eu as controversial as it is should be adknowledge as well this the 40th anniversary either you mention the prequels or don’t celebrate star wars at all

    • Brian47 Says:

      1.In this new era of Lucasfilm, the old EU is not canon, these posters obviously represent what is canon, i.e. the movies and TV shows. 2. Also, how is an artist supposed to represent literary characters on these posters with no visual reference. Every reader of those EU books imagined the new characters on their own, in their head. The artist would have to do the same but then any fan viewing the art would wonder “who the heck is that?” because it would never match up with how they imagined the literary character’s appearance. And you can’t ask them to just draw from the cover art for the original book covers, then that gets into a sticky area of mixing different artists’ work onto one poster.

      Anyway, you look at it, it’s simply not feasible to somehow include characters from the old EU.

      • joe Says:

        you make a good point

      • Marshall Says:

        Brian47, there are plenty of visual references to EU characters, all you have to do is google them. You don’t have to include every single character from the EU, just the most well known among fans. Heck, they’ve even hired a model to pose as Mara Jade – Shannon McRandle.

    • lovelucas Says:

      Prequel characters are scattered on the blue border – I see Qui Gon, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Mace, Ahsoka, Darth Maul, Picnic Padme, Aayla Secura, perhaps Nute Gunray(?), Darth Plagueis, Count Dooku, Watto – so even they’re not the main focus, the are not forgotten.

      • joe Says:

        i know i just wish they were front and center with the original and sequel trilogy casts

      • jayoungr Says:

        It’s like they’re deliberately trying to hide the prequel characters. Not a single one is in the central, color portion that draws the eye.

  3. jayoungr Says:

    I just can’t get past the cognitive dissonance of seeing the Disney sequel characters alongside the Lucas-era ones. The Disney films are so definitely fanfic in my head that it’s always jarring to be reminded that there are people who see them on equal footing.

    Also, it seems pretty sad if we’re getting excited about the Jeff Carlisle piece as being “prequel-related.” Lovely art, don’t get me wrong, but I had to really search to find the tiny prequel reference tucked into the mix. Like he’s trying to sneak it in someplace where it won’t offend anyone.

    • jayoungr Says:


      … Same goes for the Randy Martinez piece. Prequel characters hidden in blue around the border, while Disney characters are proudly displayed in color alongside the beloved OT main cast. Bah. Humbug.

      At least in the Matt Busch poster, Darth Maul jumps out at the viewer due to being red.

      • joe Says:

        as i already said if they can’t adknowledge the prequels as a part of star wars history on it’s 40th anniversary why bother? hopefully this bs will be a thing of the past by the 50th anniversary

    • Pedro Felipe Says:

      Yes, I completely agree. And this hiding if not altogether dumping of the Prequel Trilogy spread to everything Star Wars, from toys to card games. Thankfully Jango’s Finest really stands out as the exception, and the huge popularity of The Clone Wars TV series only proves that Attack Of The Clones, to which it is immensely indebted, is amazing.

    • Keith Palmer Says:

      I’m willing to remember there must have been people who reacted to “prequel characters alongside the original characters” with the same “cognitive dissonance,” and yet so long as the “Disney movies” keep being pushed as “Lucas antidotes” an awful lot of your sentiments agree with me…

      • jayoungr Says:

        There probably were people who felt that way, but even they would have to admit that at least all the characters were created by the same person. Even if they thought he’d temporarily lost his mind.

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        With the efforts some make to give George Lucas “none of the credit but all of the blame,” I’m not quite sure about them admitting “all the characters were created by the same person.” That’s not to say I’ve never seen clucking about “Lucas the burnout case,” even if it also seems to grate on me… I don’t know. Sometimes what really seems to get to me is the feeling “to make such a big deal about ‘prequel disappointment’ must mean the old movies meant a lot to some people, but the way they talk about them (and about TFA) somehow always seems far from profound.”

  4. Jacobesico Says:

    The first one is beautiful and so is the Jango’s army one.

    The others are more OT/TFA centric with some prequel characters sneaked in so they’re nothing special.

    I love the Obi-Wan one. I would love to see the completion of the second one. It has potential and hopefully, it will respect the entire saga.

  5. lovelucas Says:

    I love Chris Dee’s Obi-Wan Watchful Guardian. If anyone is heading to Celebration, I’d pay for you to pick this up for me. Would be doing a pre-order but they’re only available to attendees.

  6. lovelucas Says:

    My favorite Carrie/Leia tribute is by Russell Walks and it is stunning.

  7. Marshall Says:

    “it looks like just about everything is TFA, Rogue One…”

    Everytime I look at SW merch in stores I get this sinking feeling that Disney wants to edge out Lucas’ SW for their SW, PT & OT alike.

    • jayoungr Says:

      I almost wouldn’t mind that. It would keep “Lucas era” Star Wars all together as its own thing. The mixing of Lucas with Disney is what I find jarring.

  8. joe Says:

    they should have stuck with ot characters rather than putting st characters and ignoring pt characters since it’s the 40th anniversary of a new hope again talking about the last poster

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