New Tees From George Shot First

New tees from George Shot First’s Power To The Prequels line recall “V For Vendetta” and Banksy:



Perfect for heck-raising at SWCO! Order for mens and ladies here.

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9 Responses to “New Tees From George Shot First”

  1. joe Says:

    and of course natalie portman starred in the film version of v for vendetta

  2. lovelucas Says:

    Just not a fan of these at all. Is the association with V suppose to make us feel like co-conspirators? Really has nothing to do with each other. Padmé is not Evey.

    • George Shot First Says:

      Hi lovelucas. I appreciate the criticism even if it hurts to hear it. Our intention is not for the association be taken literally. We certainly aren’t saying that Padme and Evey are the same characters.

      Rather, this line is all about framing our love for the prequels within protest iconography. As longtime fans of Eps. I-III, we have often felt attacked and marginalized by the fandom; this wave of clothing is an attempt to rally the troops and put a proud, rebellious face on our movement to defend and honor these films.

      Prequel fans need to stand up and be heard. The haters have held the megaphone for far too long. And if we were going to make ourselves heard, we decided we needed to be bold in our iconography. We wanted to catch people’s attentions.

      The Maul shirt is about rage, about how we feel each and every time someone takes an uneducated, ignorant swipe at the prequels because “it’s the cool thing to do.” It’s about pushing back against the pop culture status quo and throwing popcorn in the metaphorical face of the haters.

      The Padme shirt is about community; we may feel alone sometimes in our love for these films, but we aren’t. There are A LOT of prequel fans out there and it was our intention to show that by uniting everyone under Queen Amidala’s painted face. That face reminded us of the Guy Fawkes mask that protestors have adopted and we were tickled when we made the extra connection that Natalie Portman herself had starred in the film adaptation of that classic graphic novel.

      Our goal as a company is to bring back respect and appreciation for the works of George Lucas and for the man himself. These designs felt like a natural extension of that message and mission statement.

      • lovelucas Says:

        Hey GSF – as you must know, I’ve bought several of your shirts and their focus was the prequels. Different strokes for what appeals to individuals regarding artistic choice,…I guess. But the the messages implied here are too – IMO – hidden and they’re just not recognizable. I’m a hard core prequel lover and never shirk from defense but I prefer actual images from these beautiful films that featured the most artistic clothing designs in the entire saga…also poetic, art deco design choices for buildings, ships and planets. These say prequels to me and while “rage” at indifference or hate by others isn’t readily seen in their designs, Star Wars people know why I’m wearing them. But do keep on keeping on…Power to the Prequels in whatever form speaks to you.

      • SWPN Says:

        “Rather, this line is all about framing our love for the prequels within protest iconography.”

        I respect that, even though anarchic imagery it’s not my cup of tea either. Showing one’s love for a movie on a t-shirt shouldn’t be about reacting to the disdain of others.That’s, in my opinion, a bit immature and is only acknowledging and feeding their attitude, where they deserve nothing but to be ignored. It should be about the movies themselves and be proud to display them (its characters, worlds, etc) on a t-shirt. Like, for example, a kid in a cardboard box pretending he’s on a podrace pod. Or iconic scenes and characters in stylized form. I don’t know…

        Of course, you’re free to design and sell whatever you want. And if this line is successful, more props to you guys. 😉

  3. senatorbinks27 Says:

    I want that Padme one. Too bad I can’t afford a $26 shirt right now.

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