“In Defense Of Padmé Amidala”

LadyFromPlanetX forwarded an old Geek Dad post that I missed somehow but it’s really good.  If you can stand another defense of Padmé, you really ought to read it:

My favorite rule in chess is the one where a pawn advances to a higher piece if it manages to cross the whole board. Padmé starts the game as a queen. In The Phantom Menace and The Attack of the Clones she plays an aggressively defensive game. In Revenge of the Sith she becomes cornered and chooses to sacrifice herself to protect her king, Anakin.

In A New Hope Luke enters the game as a pawn. He is talented but untrained and impetuous. For every win there is also a loss, but the other pieces protect him because they know if he makes it across the board, they have their best chance at winning it all. In Return of the Jedi, when Luke refuses to be Palpatine’s pawn — the way his father had been all these years — he becomes a knight. And in doing so, in making the same choice Padmé made on the day of his birth, he catches Palpatine in his own trap. Anakin is free to win the game.

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7 Responses to ““In Defense Of Padmé Amidala””

  1. Nariel Says:

    The article makes many good points. I have always liked the idea that Padmé is the personification of the Republic and her fate is tied with its fate. The chess analogy is also very interesting. I don’t think she consciously made the decision to die – it’s up for debate, but I suppose her death can be seen as a sacrifice either way.

    • Hoggle Says:

      I like to look at the movies in a similar way to what you say also Nariel.

      Extending that, for my own fun.., i add that Padme was an inherently bound to the prophecy with Anakin, & her main purpose was to bring their love into the galaxy, which would enable the birth of the twins into the galaxy, particularly Leia. Secondary to that, Anakin & Padme were suppose to guide the republic to a new celebrated status throughout the galaxy, so Leia would be able to transition the galaxy into it’s new era of being in a peaceful way, fulfilling the prophecy of the whills from the beginnings.

      As Anakin & Padme DID complete their primary purpose in the galaxy, but Anakin succumbed to the emperor in the second, there was nothing more that Padme could do until Anakin was ready to re-awaken, and it was a natural cosmic reaction to that which ‘sacrificed’ or withdrew Padme from the galaxy.

  2. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    Hey, Lazy Padawan. My comment for this article is not related to Padme, specifically, but, it is related to another Prequel-era/Clone Wars character that will return in “Star Wars Rebels”. And, I now think we know how she’ll be introduced. Now, this suspicion came out of the recent “Rebels” episode, so in case u havent seen it yet,


    {{Wookiee growls and moans as he covers his ears}}

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    But, if the ending of the recent episode of “Rebels” is any indication that Sabine will find the right person to lead Mandalore following events from the recent “Rebels” episode, that person is 100% likely to be Bo-Katan from “The Clone Wars” since Katee Sackhoff said she’s recorded for 3 upocoming episodes of “Rebels” and Dave Filoni recently implied that in a new artilce with the Nerdist here: http://nerdist.com/star-wars-rebels-ep-dave-filoni-on-that-twist-mandalorians-sabine/.

    So, with that said, this leads me to ask you this question. Could you please do SWPAS open threads/reaction threads for the final three episodes of Rebels this season? I only ask because, March 18th’s epiosde, “Twin Suns”, is very likely to be the one where the lightsaber rematch between Maul and Obi-Wan happens and, if at the end of the hour-long “Rebels” season finale “Zero Hour” is when Bo-Katan makes her Rebels debut, this would be worth a SWPAS open reaction thread. Also, the one clue that could lead to Bo-Katan appearing in the season finale is because there is one shot in the trailer for the second half of Rebels Season 3 where we see Mandalorian gunships opening fire in TIE Fighters in a space battle between Star Destroyers and Rebel ships which could be from the second part of the hour-long “Rebels” season finale. It’s at time mark 2:33-2:34.

  3. ReuniclusBlob Says:

    lazy i have a question for you what is your opinion of mainstream geek culture

  4. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    [“Secondary to that, Anakin & Padme were suppose to guide the republic to a new celebrated status throughout the galaxy, so Leia would be able to transition the galaxy into it’s new era of being in a peaceful way, fulfilling the prophecy of the whills from the beginnings.”]

    Is this part of some novel or movie?

  5. Hoggle Says:

    LadyL, Part of it is touched upon in the dark horse novel ‘Darth Vader and the Lost Command’, which along with ‘Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison’, is the end point of my fandom of the wunderbar Dark Horse graphic novel cinematic prequel era.

    The other main part of it is an element from a fan fic. sequel trilogy i have but havn’t fully thought out the last two episode of yet, that goes by the names of ‘epi 7 Windmill of the Whills’, ‘epi 8 Armies of the Sith’, & ‘epi 9 Knights of the Force’. More like story/movie outlines (perhaps with some art if i get really carried away) or screenplay. I figure i’ve ‘at least’ got a couple of years before i get it done but just have to see how it pans out in time as i’ve got quite a few other demands on my focus with that.

    I’m always open for a collaborator or two, & to yabba on endlessly about PT Star Wars saga fandom stuff with the extra fun of context to a dream ST 🎈

    The first outline is at end of this thread:


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