Time For Another Ask SWPAS

It’s pretty quiet out there, so I figure it’s time for another round of Ask SWPAS.  Ask whatever you like about the prequels and Star Wars in general, and I will answer in the comments below.



64 Responses to “Time For Another Ask SWPAS”

  1. joe Says:

    your opinion on the wage fixing scandel involing lucas does it change your views on him a little it also involes disney pixar and others it was recently resolved

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Based on what I read the real ringleader was Pixar’s Ed Catmull though of course every major animation studio was involved. They learned this trick from Silicon Valley, which has also been the subject of similar lawsuits. In any case, nobody is a candidate for sainthood and no one is perfect.

  2. Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:

    Okay, not sure how much of a casual CW/Arrowverse watcher you are (I only know that you watch Supergirl). If you have seen at least the Flash episodes, do you believe that The CW is treating Mark Hamil better than Disney is? (And also is it too early to ask given how “The Jedi Last” isn’t even out yet).

    Another matter is Ahmed Best. I remember trying to contact him last year to offer him a few lines as The Pink Elephant in my Centaurgirl student film… he probably didn’t take notice of my emails and Facebook message…. which is understandable. Anyway, is it possible for Ahmed to find another big roll in the future? And what could also possibly convince him to return to playing Jar Jar in either Rebels or the Sequel Trilogy (and/or a reboot sequel trilogy by Lucas)

    Speaking of which, do you think a Lucas ST reboot could happen and without feeling awkward?

    • lazypadawan Says:

      1) Apples and oranges.
      2) a. You never know b. I don’t know
      3) No. Not in my lifetime, not in yours. Especially since it’ll be a huge part of Disney’s $300 trillion Star Wars Land at the parks.

      • Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:

        2) You’re probably right.

        On a side note, I hope to get him to be Pink Elephant in the future (like Hamil played Joker), heck, I hope for him to be my John Ratzenberger.

        3) Sigh… no doubt about that… 😦

  3. Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:

    On an egotistical note… how is my artwork?

  4. Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:

    And while I’m asking these so many questions… I should ask this very important question as well… so important…

    …Do you know why kids love cinnamon toast crunch?

  5. joe Says:

    i want you to know my question was not a slam on lucas no disrespect i just wanted your opinion i’m pro lucas thanks for answering

  6. Logan Says:

    I don’t know if you can answer this or not, but do you think the tide is turning for prequel/saga fans, and if so, how much. I want to hope that things are getting better, but I don’t know. That Mark Hamill interview last week was great, but how much would it help in the long run?

    • lazypadawan Says:

      The good news is there are more outspoken prequel fans and I’ve noticed dribs and drabs of articles giving the films at least some due. There is some arm-twisting to get more prequel items made. But a lot more has to be done. The problem is prequel fans aren’t a united front and have not been very good at organizing. This is for many reasons. Too many have internalized anti-prequel criticisms and you don’t win by conceding too much of bashers’ arguments. There are other issues today that are polarizing fans in a big way. Constant new material is distracting; Star Wars fans live for excitement and would rather spend their time being excited over what’s out now and what’s coming next than sticking up for movies that came out more than a decade ago.

  7. Hoggle Says:

    Lp, were/are you much of a fan or follower of the Dark Horse PTs movie related graphic novel/omnibus expanded universe line, which started with the Omni Rise of the Sith & finished with Dark TImes, & some of the Darth Vader tales?

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Yes. I bought everything from Dark Horse. Not so much the TPBs since I already had individual issues, but I never missed a title.

      • Hoggle Says:

        WoW, that’s a supercool collection LP.

        It’s a really distinctive run for GNs i’d guess, overall, in art, storytelling, world building, and breadth of range in making up a singular body of work overall. Dark Horse did an awesome expanded GN star wars in tandom with the PTs.

        Having the actual single issues collected, that’s the vinyl of GN’s for sure, as good as TPBs and omnis can be, and generally as amazingly well done the PT era stuff is.

        As super cool as it all is, i still find the GN’s of the PT’s movie themselves, which are literally from the shooting scripts for the most part, having a distinctive quality which is best in it’s own way via containing the essence of GL’s star wars PTs ( i would say for the last two, better than the movies translated it themselves).

      • Hoggle Says:

        PT movies ALOT more complicated in their making than the GN’s though, & it certainly helps to have many of the elements in one’s head from the movies when reading their GNs too. The movies are the cooler thing, but there is some nice touches that the GN’s have which the movies do not too.

      • Pedro Felipe Says:

        Well, they are different mediums. It is far too often the best movies have the best deleted material, I am glad the movies turned out the way they did though.

  8. Colress Plasma Says:

    Padawn i wanted to ask you something how do you deal with internet hate its just lots of my favorite things are hated for petty reasons and its gotten to a point where im getting really depresed i just wanted to know how you manage to stay strong amist all the hate

    • lazypadawan Says:

      It’s not easy. Perhaps it is totally quixotic and I’m starting to think that the prequels are of a different time and a different entertainment industry that is not as unifying as it was during the time of the OT. The ST even more so. There’s no money or fame in it at all and not a lot of respect or support from other corners of fandom. Many things have hurt my enthusiasm for SW over the past few years and damage is still being done. Really, it’s only reader engagement and support that I still do this. If you want to feel better about the prequels, only follow people or read sites that support them and ignore everything else.

      • Marshall Says:

        I believe more prequel positive fans are coming out of the woodworks.

      • andywylde77 Says:

        When it comes to the hate of the PT, I have noticed over time that it really is just lame reasons and the people spouting it have paper thin reasons for actually hating them. This new age of SW has really shed light on just how these haters are really full of ****! Because the fact that if Lucas was involved with these new films in any way, these films would be slammed to kingdom come.

        So these haters are just hypocritical clowns that actually enjoy rolling in their own hypocritical stink. It is pretty funny that it would be even more funnier if it wasn’t so sad. Anyone that would stick up for the PT would be called a “Lucas apologist” Yet these same idiots are running around playing “Disney apologists”

        So I personally reached the point where I don’t even engage these people no more. It is a futile effort and pointless. I just wish that I could read some stuff that didn’t go into the typical PT hate non sense. But as the other person here wrote that there are more PT fans voicing their opinions. And that is a good thing.

  9. Moose Says:

    LP, thank you for all that you do here. I love to visit. A big part of the reason I do not care for TFA is that I feel that Lucas wrapped it up perfectly at the end of ROTJ. What do you think his motivations were for coming up with his versions of 7, 8 and 9 and calling Hamill, Ford and Fisher? Did he have a story he actually wanted to tell or was he trying to provide Disney with more value by getting a start on the new movies, suspecting that they would change things around anyway? Thank you so much.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      George Lucas had told Mark Hamill ages ago that he had a story in mind for a total of nine films. There were points where that number was possibly twelve but nine seemed to be the most common. Around the time he did the prequels, he decided to keep it at six. Apparently he had told Ewan McGregor the story was going to be nine films but he wouldn’t have time to get around to doing three more. Jett Lucas had said in an interview that sometime in 2011-2012 before the sale to Disney, his father had called him and said he was writing new Star Wars again. At Celebration VI later in 2012 he told Hamill and Carrie Fisher, who were both at the con, that they would be needed for more films. He didn’t tell them Disney was courting Lucasfilm at that point. You also have to factor in his failed Grady Ranch project that would’ve had an entire studio built at Skywalker Ranch and I think that is where he would have liked to have shot new films. He even said his original plan was to direct the first film then turn it over to others to complete the trilogy. So I think the idea was always there.

      But I can’t say for sure he pulled the trigger in the hopes of selling Lucasfilm at some point and that point turned out to be sooner, especially with the failure of the Grady Ranch project, or whether he sold because he realized he didn’t want to spend the money and time doing it all himself again, especially with a fiancee and plans for another kid to raise. It may be a combination of both.

      • Moose Says:

        Thank you so much for the insight. I do enjoy TFA a bit more after reading the article you posted about seeing Luke in seclusion as Lucas walking away because of the malcontents represented by Kylo Ren and his Vader worship.

      • Moose Says:

        I thought I saw that article here, but now I am not so sure. Anyway, it is sort of like the reverse of the TFA first line conspiracy idea.

      • jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

        Good point about the Grady Ranch Studio defeat. I’m sure things would have been much different had that gone through. Seems like that took a lot out of George.

        Oh, what could have been…

      • Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:

        This makes messa more depressed… : (…. “Star Wars Episode VII: Whatever the Subtitle would’ve been” would’ve been a great film,maybe even the greatest Star Wars feature ever forged, a grande finale even if George was going to retire completely after that… a proper way to use the original three, maybe even other characters from I-III… .. sigh.. but no… oh well, life goes on and there are more important matters to focus on in life.

      • jayoungr Says:

        Moose–are you thinking of this article at Clone Corridor, perhaps?


        I enjoyed that reading too, although I doubt it was deliberate on the part of the filmmakers.

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        One problem I can see is that we know so little about “Lucas’s Episode 7” it can be anything we want it to, and that does remind me of all the comments about how “it was just that the prequels were different from what people had imagined”… although if someone can get past the anti-prequel strawmen we can begin to explain “what we see in them,” and the promotion of TFA has long seemed unfortunately shallow to me. (So far as I go anyway, I can imagine something like the “Mortis arc” of Clone Wars without the necessity to “back off for the actual movies to follow,” and there is the thought Lucas would have been more interested in doing something with Luke than just “handing him off to the next movie.”)

    • Branislav Marček Says:

      He started working on Episoses VII, VIII and IX years before he decided to sell the company and retire so yes, he did have a story he actually wanted to tell.

  10. joe Says:

    another question your opinion on the now defunct channel g4 i used to watch it a lot despite the prequel bashing x-play was the worst with their mean-sprited attacks on lucas i was alittle upset when the network ended i mean there was stuff i liked except for the prequel bashing now i’m kind of glad it went under after all the aforementioned bashing good riddance

  11. princesselwen Says:

    If you could pick one character from Clone Wars (who first appeared in the show) to appear in a live-action film, who would it be and why?
    (I was just thinking that Hondo would be an excellent antagonist for the Han Solo spin off.)

  12. Colress Plasma Says:

    hey lazypadawan i wanted to ask why does mainstream media tend to like rehashed thing just to appeased nostalgia instead of trully new intalments in a series

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Less risk. It’s the reason why Hollywood is stuffing itself with reboots, remakes, and tried-and-true pre-sold franchises.

  13. jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

    When is George going to start work on his “personal films”? I assume these will be lower budget, and will not require nearly the same amount of work that a big production like Star Wars would…so what’s the hold up? I know his main priorities are to his wife and young child, and he also has been busy finding a home for his museum. But can’t he find some time soon to start on his films?

    Jett Lucas has produced a short film called Wolf Trap. Ewan McGregor just made his directorial debut with American Pastoral. Do you think George could be secretly co-producing films for his friends the way he did for Lawrence Kasdan on Body Heat?

    George Lucas is too creative to be satisfied with just his charitable organizations. He needs to be creative somehow. You know the guy has dozens (hundreds?) of non-Star Wars story treatments lying around.

  14. Colress Plasma Says:

    why does George Lucas gets treated like the anti Christ for being a creative man the only sin he comited with the sequels was make them diferent yet hes treated worse than really bad creators such as uwe Bolls

  15. joe Says:

    me again are there any videos thatbare critical of the force awakens that respect the prequels

  16. joe Says:

    meant to say that are

  17. Matthew Riggio Says:

    Do you think Dexter Jettster can prepare four sandwhiches at once? 🙂

  18. LadyJediScientist (@LJediScientist) Says:

    If you are going to celebration this year, which panels &/or events are you looking forward to?

    There are number of PT themed pieces coming out this year (Loungefly purse, Figuarts, Her Universe, etc). Any favorites or possible favorites?

    You’ve read and collected Dark Horse comics. How do you think the Marvel comics compare to Dark Horse?

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I’m not 100% yet on Celebration and they haven’t posted a schedule. I don’t think I’m going to any of the celebrity chats. I hated spending so much time in line at the last one and if Celebration is a go, I won’t be there the whole time (thanks for picking Easter weekend, Reed POP), so I might go to one panel or two but that’s it.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        I forgot to answer your other questions…

        I’m mostly looking forward to HU’s Naboo line and SH Figurarts Anakin and Padmé (need to get Obi-Wan). I hope more cool surprises come our way.

        I think overall Marvel is doing a decent job. I’m not into everything; I lost interest in the Poe Dameron title pretty quickly and I couldn’t give a toss about Dr. Aphra. But I like they are tying the saga together and their prequel stuff so far has been really good.

  19. joe Says:

    just read an article on the new star trek series on screen rant and they brought up the stupid pratical effects bit yes it’s star trek but it’s the same as the whining about cgi in the prequels it’s irritating as hell

  20. Knight of Ren Says:

    How do you go about finding good prequel fashion? I love Star Wars, but I’ve had to scour the deepest depths of eBay, Postmark, Vinted, and other sites to find ANYTHING prequel-related. It’s frustrating when I go to the store and see loads of shirts for Kylo Ren, Boba Fett and Vader, but nothing for Maul, Jango Fett, or General Grievous. And the lack of Padmé apparel is so disappointing.

    So, anyway, how do you find good prequel shirts?

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Sorry I didn’t get to your question sooner! Redbubble, Etsy, and Society 6 have some fan-made prequel designs but you have to do a lot of poking around. Teepublic has some really good ones. Uniqlo has some unisex/men’s designs. As for apparel inspired by Padme Amidala, Elhoffer Designs is about to unleash multiple items, Prophecy Girl is working on an amazing bomber jacket, and Her Universe will have a Naboo-themed line out this spring/summer.

  21. Moose Says:

    Do you think there is any significance to the fact that Padme is the first one to notice (A) Anakin’s reemergence at the end of the first lap of the podrace and (B) Yoda’s arrival at the Geonosis arena?

  22. Stefan Kraft Says:

    How do you think that Disney will handle SW in the long term, let’s say in the next 30 years? For instance, will there be another trilogy after the conclusion of the ST?
    Have you heard any (more or less) credible rumours what GL’s story concepts for the ST were about? I think I read somewhere that it would feature Luke exploring the origins of the Jedi order. (If true, that would have been a very interesting concept for the ST – featuring again another concept, like the PT compared to the OT. I think someone said that the ST was supposed to be “philosophical” – was this George?)

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Another post-ST trilogy is as inevitable as death and taxes, as we say in America. As long as people pay to see the movies, Disney will keep making them. It’s hard to say which rumors about story concepts are credible aside from whatever George Lucas has said or what was in “Art of TFA.” Lucas did say once that the ST was supposed to be more philosophical. You can see he was creatively headed in that direction anyway with the Mortis Arc and the Yoda Arc on Clone Wars.

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        I’m curious: can someone give a short summary what was presented in “Art of TFA”?
        As for future trilogies after the ST… I’m curious what they can come up with. I would not be surprised if some critics will say that Disney is milking the franchise too much.

      • Branislav Marček Says:

        I sinecerely hope that won´t happen, but I quess the Disney executives love money too much for that.

        Well, if there are gonna be Episodes 10-12 and Episodes 13-15 … and Episodes 125-127, and so on, they can keep them. Not interested. Actually, I don´t care about eight and nine either.

  23. joe Says:

    sorry to reply again but the syfy website blastr had someone commenting that rogue one sucked and bitched about the cgi it was a respone to an article grading current sci-fi film franchises giving star wars a b plus and taking another shot at the prequels god these people piss me off sorry for the rant

  24. joe Says:

    one more thing there’s a youtube channel called star wars theory one video explained the differences between vader’s fighting in rogue one and a new hope i made the poor decision to read the comments some morons trashed the lightsaber fighting style in the prequels and said padme was ugly these a**holes need to get a life again sorry for the rant

  25. joe Says:

    what do you think of natalie portman’s comments on the prequels especially her saying that she had trouble getting work after tpm?

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