Clone Wars Leaving Netflix 3/7

Well, if you’re done with “The Crown” and you don’t care about anything else until “Stranger Things” comes back with another seasons, here’s a good reason to save $10 a month on Netflix for a while.

The series is available on Blu-Ray but for those of us without players or who just like to be able to see CW on the go, this is not great news.

Update:  Seasons 1-6 are still available on iTunes.



10 Responses to “Clone Wars Leaving Netflix 3/7”

  1. princesselwen Says:

    Oh, darn! I’ve dropped out of watching it for a while, because my rewatch was headed to an episode arc I didn’t like. Now I don’t think I can marathon all of the rest of Season 4, all of Season 5, and The Lost Missions. I might just watch some favorite arcs.

  2. Keith Palmer Says:

    I first signed up for Netflix to see the final Clone Wars episodes, but since then I seem to have found enough other things on it to stay subscribed. This does remind me, though, that The Force Awakens is on Netflix up here in Canada, and yet every time I might have the chance to watch that movie with the thought “it won’t stick around forever” I just sort of put it off… I also saw some “previously owned” copies of the movie on the video rack at a local discount store this weekend, and remembering the impression of distaste on hearing its bonus features had gone straight back to plugging “stuff on set” I got around to watching “The Prequels Strike Back” instead, which I have to admit I’d also been slow to getting around to. The documentary, though, in mentioning “they might not have been the movies people had formed in their imaginations,” got me wondering about the whole “I accuse you of the exact thing you decry” deal.

  3. Colress Plasma Says:

    Netflix is turning to shit

  4. LadyJediScientist (@LJediScientist) Says:

    Even though I already have the whole series on Blu-Ray, I still thinks this is horrible. Not everyone can afford to buy the series and Netflix gives people a low close option for viewing the series.

    The only good thing I can see coming out this is maybe now Disney will make the series available in additional formats.

  5. joe Says:

    new here in case you haven’t heard ronald falk who played dexter jettster in attack of the clones passed away in june at age 81

  6. joe Says:

    correction he was80

  7. jayoungr Says:

    Bummer. Even though I own the DVDs, Netflix is just so convenient. And it’s been sort of comforting to know that TCW was still easily available.

  8. jayoungr Says:

    It’s still available as of today. Was it perhaps extended, or are we just getting a grace period?

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