Open Thread: Ep VIII Title Suddenly Drops

Perhaps against my better judgment, here’s an open thread on the suddenly revealed title of Ep VIII, “The Last Jedi.”  (I’m not linking this on the FB page because it’ll get too crazy there.)

My only thing is this, it’s obviously not Lucas’s style of nomenclature nor is there the same sense of rhyme as there was with his movies:

A New Hope <–> The Phantom Menace

The Empire Strikes Back <–> Attack Of The Clones

Return Of The Jedi <–> Revenge Of The Sith

I know this is nitpick theater but if I pay attention to those kinds of details, I don’t know why no one else can.  But of course, what ultimately matters is how the film turns out…



82 Responses to “Open Thread: Ep VIII Title Suddenly Drops”

  1. cfplesher Says:

    I agree that I wish it followed the pattern of Lucas’s saga, but what I do like is that it carries a sense of threat like AOTC, and especially ESB had, and we know that this chapter is going to have a darker tone. And you’re right, what matters ultimately is the final film (and seeing Luke in action for 120 minutes, right?)

  2. Logan Says:

    The last Jedi? Doesn’t sound like a Star Wars movie title, and it kind of has me worried…

  3. Steven Farmer Says:

    I like the red font. Very Revenge of the Jedi/Sith. I find it amusing that they took the name from a Legends novel. And I think it’s very unlikely that I’ll go see it.

    • Steven Farmer Says:

      Also, is it just me, or is it incredibly likely that they do a hard reboot of the franchise within ten years?

      • jayoungr Says:

        Why would they do that? (Not saying you’re wrong; I just don’t see why it’s likely.)

      • Steven Farmer Says:

        Multiple reasons. Number 1: the universe becomes overly bloated. With one movie being released per year, within ten years, we’ll have had ten Star Wars movies being churned out on an assembly line. At some point, you run out of stories to tell, with each follow up becoming less relevant than the one before it, and creating a convoluted storyline that will be “too hard” for the common moviegoer to go into. Hence, a storyline reset, allowing them to do what they’ve clearly been wanting to do for a while: remake the original Star Wars. More importantly, giving a definitive end to the current trilogy (a la the chosen one prophecy that completely negates everything that comes after Jedi) is a limit on what they can do. There will be more numbered entries, regardless of how this current trilogy ends, with retcons aplenty for everyone.

        Number 2: to bring back Darth Vader, and not just in a cameo role like in RO or his melted mask in TFA, but a full-fledged reappearance, which makes sense given that his appearance in RO was the one thing critics and fans agreed was awesome. He’d have a much larger role in this scenario.

        Number 3: to remake the prequels, which is garbage but is something that Disney is likely looking into. They’ve largely avoided the prequel era up to this point, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were thinking of, at the bare minimum, doing a trilogy or spinoff of Clone Wars movies that would largely take the place of Episodes 1 and 2.

        Now if you said some of this is conspiratorial, I would agree, but this is my greatest fear for the franchise, because that would mean that Legends fans definitely wouldn’t be getting anymore books (which is just about all I care about these days).

    • Moose Says:

      I agree on the bloat: I know civilians who were confused when R1 came out with no Rey in sight.

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        One person I know at work went to see Rogue One at a late show (and fell asleep during it), and wound up asking “So why did they bring the Death Star back?” At the time, I just supposed he hadn’t paid enough attention to the pre-release publicity, but now I wonder…

    • Steven Farmer Says:

      Shoot Keith, at least your friend went. Other than one guy, I’m the only person where I work whose been to see the movie. The people I usually talk these movies over with just don’t care about it.

  4. Eduardo Vargas Says:

    Lame as hell- I would really hate it if it went down with the extremist idea that “Luke shouldn’t train a new generation of Jedi” and such.

    My expectations where low anyway, but not this low.

  5. Stefan Kraft Says:

    Never judge a movie by its title… 😉 As LP has also said above.

    I have to think of ESB where you get the impression that Luke is the last hope, but then Yoda says there is another one. So maybe “The Last Jedi” = Luke, but in reality, there is a second one (Rey, obviously)? Or “The Last Jedi” = Rey, and it is not clear who is the second one? (I am well aware that this is wild speculation.)

    Apart from that, I am also surprised that they did not use rhyming… However, you may argue that the title has a bit more “pulp” feel than “The Force Awakens.”

    • CobaltJediKnight Says:

      The “there is another” line from ESB was resolved in ROTJ when Luke asked Obi Wan Kenobi
      [Luke: Yoda spoke of another.
      Obi-Wan: The other he spoke of is your twin sister.
      Luke: But I have no sister.
      Obi-Wan: Hmm. To protect you both from the Emperor, you were hidden from your father when you were born. The Emperor knew, as I did, if Anakin were to have any offspring, they would be a threat to him. That is the reason why your sister remains safely anonymous.
      Luke: Leia! Leia is my sister.
      Obi-Wan: Your insight serves you well. Bury your feelings deep down, Luke. They do you credit, but they could be made to serve the Emperor.]
      How do you not remember this?

      • Kim Says:

        He is just commenting on what occurs in “Empire Strikes Back” with regard to Luke being the last hope, then it being revealed there is another in that particular film, subverting expectations; it has nothing to do with the ultimate explanation/resolution in “Return of the Jedi”, which I’m quite sure he remembers.

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        Yes, that’s more or less what I meant.

  6. Artiom Deyev Says:

    I think its worth noting here that “Jedi” is also plural, so it can mean last multiple jedi.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      Thanks, Artiom, I completely overlooked that!

    • Catie Says:

      I’m curious what the official translation of the title will be in languages that distinguish between singular and plural “the”. Return of the Jedi, for example, is Le Retour du Jedi in French, making it clear that it’s about one, singular Jedi rather than the Jedi order as a whole. I believe the same is true in Spanish, Italian, etc.

      So how they decide to translate “The Last Jedi” could shed some light there.

      • Hoggle Says:

        If it is meaning plural, then it’s like saying ‘the last bunch of Jedi’ or something.

        I don’t know why that would be, as that would be implicitly meaning that the prior bunch were significant, but from what i gather in the new cannon/era of star wars with the big screen ST, that is not really the case at all. And it’s surely not drawing heavily on the PT era of Jedi in where the approach will be dipping into heavily for it’s emphasis. Would be a bit like in TESB if after that boy is our only hope, Yoda went, there’s always that 500 that are in training in our secret Jedi temple – the audience would be like… what!!!

        I think it’s about saying to it’s audience, there’s a real good reason why Luke wasn’t in the first film & it’s a big deal.

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        Now that’s interesting! RotJ is “Die Rückkehr der Jedi-Ritter” in German, which is plural. (Nice pulpy touch with its “Ritter” = knight(s), i.e.,it’s “Return of the Jedi Knights”). It would be interesting why they chose plural back then.
        Honest question: could “du Jedi” mean the return of the Jedi as an institution?

  7. PrinceOfNaboo Says:

    “Return of the Jedi” and two films later it’s “The last Jedi”. Okay. Makes me realize how we were cheated. We never got to see the new Jedi. Some flashbacks in VIII don’t count.

    • Branislav Marček Says:

      We were still led to believe by Disney and Lucafilm that those movies are based on Lucas´s story treatment even months after it was discarted and they would probably continue to do so if Lucas himself didn´t reveal the truth to us.

      Obviously we were cheated.

    • skywalkerskater11 Says:

      Read the Legends timeline. Luke starts a new Jedi order that actually succeeds.

    • Pedro Felipe Says:

      That’s it! How ironical, I’ve been saying this ever since even before the force awakens came out. One one the great things about the Saga is how they all fit together and I was already very concerned because I think the force awakens damaged that synchrony a lot. They are disregarding all of the storytelling in the first six films in order to be able to shoehorn a plot line that allows for infinite movies comprised of “rebel” underdogs against an evil, big and powerful empire. It was already absurd with the force awakens that after all the fighting of The Alliance to Restore The REPUBLIC in episodes, IV, V and VI, The REPUBLIC didn’t last more than a minute onscreen before all of it’s planets where literally destroyed simultaneously by a Death Star rip-off. With this title, it really seems like they’re doubling down on this idea. You couldn’t have put it more perfectly PrinceOfNaboo: The second movie after Return of The Jedi is The Last Jedi, unbelievable.

  8. Moose Says:

    I imagine that Luke will be the designated main old-timer in Ep. 8 a la Han in TFA. After shedding the geezers, maybe we can look forward to “Star Wars, Ep. 9: The Kids Are Alright”

  9. LadyJediScientist (@LJediScientist) Says:

    I’ll be honest: I’m not that interested in this film. I might see it on DVD eventually because it’s Carrie’s last film, but not at the theater. I am unimpressed with what the story group did with TFA and at least part of what they will be doing with this one is fixing what they did wrong in TFA (lack of memorial for Han for example). Disney is turning out the films too fast and the result is the story is not as finely crafted as when George was in charge.

    I could be wrong with my assessment of this film, but I think I will just read the EU novels.

  10. Matt Says:

    30 years later and Luke is STILL the “Last Jedi”. Because, thanks to TFA, everyone’s character arc reversed, and the events of the previous six films meant literally nothing…

    Ugh.. I’m calling Luke’s death here. They’re killing off the “Big 3” in favour of some half-assed characters I don’t care about. (Just like they killed off Clone Wars in favour of half-assed characters I don’t care about)

    Once again, the episodic title has been dropped. I’m actually glad, because I don’t consider TFA to be Episode 7 anyway.

    This film has a lot of character problems and plot holes to fix…..

  11. Hunk a Junk Says:

    I will never understand why OT fanboys spent well over a decade complaining about how the SEs and the PT somehow “diminished” the OT, but are perfectly okay with the ST basically neutralizing anything that was accomplished in the OT. The Empire defeated? Eh, not really. They just have a different name now. Han Solo’s character developing from rogue to part of a group with a higher purpose? No, some troubles at home and he just went back to rogue-ing. Hey, as long as he shoots first it’s all cool, right? The Jedi “Return”ing? Nope. 40 years later and we’re still at the last Jedi. Again.


    • lazypadawan Says:

      For that matter, do you remember how the peanut gallery reacted angrily to the titles of TPM and AOTC? Now even a pretty simple straightforward title is cause for celebration.

    • Keith Palmer Says:

      Perhaps I do cling to the thought that “OT supremacists” didn’t actually enjoy the “trilogy” when it was just three movies; I was lurking on the Star Wars Usenet newsgroup in the second half of the 1990s and never quite enjoying all the complaints about Return of the Jedi. Being lucky enough to run into a few people who pointed me from “the story is the Rebellion defeating the Empire” to “the story is the fall and redemption of Anakin Skywalker” helped an immeasurable amount, but just perhaps not having seen that idea addressed just to be cut down helps too… but if some really never got past “Ewoks lame; Slave Girl Leia and ‘It’s a trap!’ cool,” I could imagine their glee at The Force Awakens being on a “good time at the movies” level.

      Anyway, I’m willing to hope the title refers to “the last Jedi as the movie begins,” but I can understand some of the more ambiguous reactions here too…

    • Jonathan vd Sluis (@Natusaurus) Says:

      Maybe you underestimate how divisive The Force Awakens is/was? In my experience, a significant portion of the anti-PT crowd hates TFA, too. This might become a problem for disney: the customer base is becoming more and more divided as each new film creates another group of detractors who cannot agree about the rest of the films, i.e. all kinds of groups and sub-groups. So it becomes harder and harder to create something that is really loved by most.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        This is true.

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        The TFA-critical video linked to further down this thread led off with casual prequel-bashing, which didn’t exactly make me particularly open to the rest of its complaints. (Instead of finally watching the movie again on Netflix to try and reshape my opinions, though, I got around to finally watching the Darth Maul fan film promoted here last year; it was pretty good for what it was.) Anyway, I can understand your first point.

  12. Marshall Says:

    Sorry, I’m not feeling the title. “The Last Jedi”? That was the name of an EU novel by Michael Reeves and Maya K. Bohnhoff where Jax Pavan, son of Lorn Pavan (who was in Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter), has to stay one step ahead of Darth Vader, who’s still out and about hunting jedi. Boy, I’m hearing the sounds of a thousand Legends fans hitting their roofs right now as I type this.

  13. Branislav Marček Says:

    Unsurprisingly awfull.

  14. maychild Says:


    I just hope it respects the PT, and is dedicated to Carrie. It’s her last film — in fact, the flight she was on when she went into cardiac arrest was the flight back from filming scenes for Episode VIII.

  15. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    Despite the title, I must admit that I still have high hopes for Episode 8. Rian Johnson is the writer and director of the film. And after seeing “Looper”, I think he is a more original filmmaker than J.J. Abrams. I hope I’m proven right.

  16. Jacobesico Says:

    I’m not impressed.

  17. lovelucas Says:

    I’m not a fan because we’ve heard this title over and over – Jude Watson’s entire series of TEN books for one thing – it was Last of the Jedi. And….what are we to think about Rey = she’s Force sensitive but the Jedi days are over? So Force sensitivity means nada?

  18. princesselwen Says:

    I’m not too happy about this title either.
    The Jedi just “returned” thirty years earlier, and now we’re already down to the “last” one.
    I also have the unsettling feeling that Luke is going to die . . . I don’t want to see that. I just think it would be interesting for once, if the Wise Old Mentor didn’t automatically die Just Because.
    But given that everything in the new trilogy seems to happen Just Because, I’m not too hopeful.

  19. piccolojr1138 Says:

    The original “The Last Jedi” is not a novel 🙂

  20. Moose Says:

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but is Ep. 8 not the forth movie in a row when we were down to “the last Jedi”? Heck, you could even throw in ANH after Obi-Wan was killed and we were only left with Yoda.

  21. Mike Jones Says:

    If I may throw in my two cents here, I for sure think it’s a very interesting title and I have some theories as to what the title means, so, Lazy Padawan, guys, I need your thoughts on my theories:

    1) Luke is the Last Jedi

    2) Rey is destined to be the last Jedi

    3) Luke and Rey are on a mission to find the last true Jedi (Jedi as in singular Jedi or group of Jedi) that survived the purge caused by Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren

    4. The title could mean Rey is related to one of the last Jedi that survived the Clone Wars (my obvious guess is Obi-Wan, since there are rumors he is her grandfather just judging by her style of wardrobe and movement in The Force Awakens).

    So, LP, anyone else, thoughts on my theories? Possible? Maybe? 50/50 chance? Let me know.

    Also, two other things two say:

    A) I think Rian Johnson got the inspiration of the Episode 8 title from the “Clone Wars” Season 5 finale episode, “The Wrong Jedi”, given that he’s a PT and CW fan/defender, which could mean his idea to open Episode VIII to exactly and currently where Episode VII ended from a different perspective was most likely inspired from the Clone Wars Season 2 episodes with Cad Bane and that Holocron called “Cargo of Doom” and “Children of the Force” ended and started currently where they were from different perspectives being Anakin and Ahsoka in the former and Rex’s clones in the latter, so with that said, I hope Episode VIII ends like how Clone Wars Season 5 ended (a fade to black and music for the end credits that isn’t typical, which should happen given Carrie Fisher’s passing and the potential idea of the potential “In Memory of Carrie Fisher” title card at the end of Episode 8).

    B. I’m surprised this ended the formula/idea of having the second chapter in a Star Wars Trilogy be four words, since this title is three words instead. Maybe, it’s because!I believe them breaking this title formula could also be a sign that this will be a new and different ‘Star Wars’ than what we’ve seen before since Rian Johnson (an original film and TV filmmaker) is directing it.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I really don’t think it’s all of that complicated (some fans are trying to make it really complicated and arcane)…Luke is the last Jedi and once Rey is inevitably trained to some degree, her too. Maybe Luke’s days are numbered, or maybe not.

      Title formula seems like a small thing and perhaps it is but if you’re carrying on the pretense of continuing Lucas’s story, you should at least pay attention to what he has said about the saga and how the movies relate to each other. Otherwise call it a damn spinoff or a whole new story.

      I hope that in their tributes they do not forget about Kenny Baker.

  22. Nick Skywalker Says:

    Not a fan tbh. It sounds cheap, uncreative, and doesn’t really give the sense of something new and exciting. It just…falls flat.

  23. Matthew Riggio Says:

    The title sounds awful and I can’t possibly see how Luke or Rey are the last Jedi.

    Disney doesn’t understand Star Wars. I didn’t like in TFA that Luke ran and hid because of losing Ben Solo to the dark side. Not a chance…he survived Sidious and brought his father back. That was just a plot device to make him the wise old man that the hero meets, like Obi-Wan. Luke Skywalker would move on with life and nobody believes otherwise.

    It is impossible that Luke is the last Jedi and doubtful that Rey would be. He would pass on to Rey why she would need to pass on her knowledge.

    • Moose Says:

      You are exactly right. If Obi-Wan can get over giving us Darth Vader, I think Luke can get over giving us Emo Phillips.

      • Marshall Says:

        …Also known as Darth Aardvark.

      • jayoungr Says:

        Darth Aardvark! Hahahahahaha! That’s the first time I’ve heard that. Made me laugh out loud and have to explain the joke to my mom. Thanks.

      • Matthew Riggio Says:

        @Moose agreed! And it was Yoda’s dying wish for Luke to “pass on what [he has] learned.” I think Rey would get that as well. If the Force wanted to be balanced by allowing Anakin to fulfill the prophecy then it sure would make itself known for Luke to follow through on training at least one Jedi.

      • Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:

        Marshall… Darth Aardvark.?.. so, everyday when you’re walking down the street, every Stormtrooper you meet, is either Empire or First -Order?

    • maychild Says:

      Luke, Han and Leia were all regressed to what they were in ANH. Actually, Luke was not regressed, he was changed altogether. Since when is he the type to run and hide? On the contrary, in ANH, he was the type to rush into a situation without thinking it through. This carries over through ESB. In ROTJ, his decisions are calmer and more measured…but one thing he NEVER was was a cut-and-runner, especially from the likes of Kylo Ren.

      They made him that way both so they could complete the Xeroxing of ANH by making him the Obi Wan hermit figure, and so they could spotlight Rey.

  24. Hunk a Junk Says:

    It looks like Disney Star Wars will increasingly drift away from the 30s serial roots Lucas established and just go for whatever sounds cool to fanboys. They’d never ever ever have the SpaceBalls to use a cheesetacular title like “The Empire Strikes Back,” “The Phantom Menace (still my favorite episode title)” or “Attack of the Clones.” I noticed Rogue One even did away with the editorial wipes except for the iris out to the closing credits. Little by little they’re taking the cinema nostalgia charm out of the series — it’s narrative roots — and replacing it with self-referencing nostalgia for Star Wars itself.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      To be fair, RO probably did not use editorial wipes because it was a spin-off supposed not to be a Saga installment.
      As for the title, I share some criticisms, but I will wait for the final movie. That said, I am also not sure what to make out of the state of the GFFA in the ST.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      That’s a really good point. You’re right. Other critics have noticed this too. There might be an argument that today’s audiences (i.e. millennials and post-millennial kids) don’t understand those 20th century B-movie/pulp references yet I think those touches are part of the Star Wars “style” overall. I just don’t think those working on these films really paid any attention to that. The spinoff films have a little more wriggle room I suppose but even the cartoons seem to get it right more often than not.

      • Hunk a Junk Says:

        When Clone Wars first started, my kids asked why the show started with the “newsreel” and why the announcer’s voice was so “old fashioned.” It took showing them a few old newsreels on YouTube and the “News on the March” sequence from Citizen Kane and they got it. Frankly, I wish that was one of the elements that Rebels would’ve retained.

        Stefan, I agree RO has the excuse of being a stand alone, but I wish they’d kept the wipes as part of GFFA storytelling style. I really liked RO overall, but I don’t want to see Star Wars lose it’s cornball serial aesthetic.

  25. Artiom Says:

    It’s true that one never judge a book by its cover (I still think Rian Johnson will be much better director then Abrams). But I agree with many comments here, that in the new trilogy they reversed everything that was achieved in the previous movies. It became cheap. When George Lucas was making Star Wars, it felt like reading a fantasy book, now as Disney is producing it, it feels like reading comic books.

  26. Whoa Nelly Says:

    The uncomfortable reality is that the Lucas saga is over. And Disney has done a diabolically-good job of making folks believe they are genuinely continuing and honoring it by bombarding the films with the iconography of X-wings/TIE fighters/stormtroopers.

    But I know in my heart it’s not the same. My relationship with Disney’s Star Wars is sorta akin to when you’re with somebody you can’t really see yourself being together with forever (even if maybe you could see yourself being friends) but everyone around you is praising them to the high heavens and rushing you to get into the chapel.

    Everyone is shouting about how good and properly Disney is treating the franchise. But I can’t find my way in.

    • Nariel Says:

      I feel a similar way, actually. Disney’s Star Wars will never be on the same level for me as George Lucas’s Star Wars.

    • fundhund Says:

      I agree. One of the things that really make a difference for me is that in Lucas` movies it almost feels like the galaxy, far far away itself is one of the main protagonists. It was a thouroughly fascinating place, which looked differently, sounded differently, and functioned differently than our world. Everything about it was interesting, from the outlandish, yet familiar swamps of Dagobah and the futuristic beauty of Cloud City and Coruscant to the alien worlds of Utapau and Geonosis.
      There were lots of strange, interesting characters, and even the humans did not feel like some random guys from the streets. They spoke in a different, more regal way, and l actually felt lucky to be given a glimpse into their far far away universe.
      And when I finally even got a chance to see how politics worked in that society, I was ecstatic.
      With TFA though, I don´t recognise this same universe anymore. Everything feels bland, cheap and uninspired. The characters feel like they have been invented to please certain fans, and the environments look like .. around here.

      • Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:

        Fundhund exactly…. TFA’s setting was too real, being set in a desert, a snowland, and too many green planets even for someone who favors the color green. In this video that rationally rips apart the film, the host states near the end that he rather have a new creative island that is CGI as opposed to a real-world location that’s well a real-world location (speaking of which, poor Irish island : ( ). If J.J wanted to use “practical effects”, he at least could’ve used models to make new places with the live actors green-screened over them.

        Not to mention the generic serious characters who act like every other gritty or PG-13 space series’

      • lazypadawan Says:

        The nutty thing is the prequels did use real world locations: Caserta Palace near Naples, Villa Balbianello at Lake Como, Tunisia, Seville, forests in England, etc.. They were however chosen because they looked otherworldly or could be made to look otherworldly and memorable.

      • Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:

        (I forgot to mention what he said about a coherent original story with a CGI island)

  27. Eduardo Says:

    A very nice video in defense of Episode I’s use of computer animation and how it helped shape the film industry.

    • jayoungr Says:

      I enjoyed that video–thanks for the link!

    • davidbreslin101 Says:

      Straight up. Even outside Star Wars, too many people assume that CGI does all the effects they don’t like, with the corollary that all the effects they DO like must be practical. Truth is, nearly all film-makers have been combining the two approaches from The Phantom Menace onwards. Quality effects nowadays are a well-judged mixture of mature techniques.
      One of my favourite films ever for visuals is “Hellboy”, for which ridiculous amounts of “making of” footage are available. In many cases, you just plain would not be able to guess in advance what used physical effects and what didn’t. There’s a scene where six duplicates of the main monster are on screen- damned if I know which are the two actors in latex suits and which are the four CGI models.

  28. Phen Says:

    man, jedi are star wars to me. i like the rest, but i love jedi, and Sith.

    i was kinda sad when the bad guys in 7 didn’t use darth as a title, but if we get rid of jedi…. lame. so lame.

    that being said, i have hopes that it’s just referring to Luke as the last Jedi, and maybe he trains more.

    • Logan Says:

      I wanted Darths at first, too, but I think the point of the chosen one was to destroy the Sith, so there can’t be any more.

      • Branislav Marček Says:

        I´m not sure if the people responsible for that movie got the point since apart from having a different title and being more than just two at the same time, the knights of ren are basically the same thing as The Sith.

        Which to me that kind of undermines the point of the prophecy and the chosen one. Which is only typical for a movie that is, basically, a reboot masquerading as a seventh chapter of the story, which instead of progressing and moving the story forward, has the story regressing back to A New Hope.

  29. Sergey Holod Says:

    These modern productions are all very well,
    But there’s nothing to EQUAL, from what I hear tell,
    That moment of MYSTERY
    When I made HISTORY…

    Well, these words written in the 1930s sum up it all, I think.

  30. davidbreslin101 Says:

    Sounds more like a working title than a final title to me… even sticking an “of the” in the middle would give it more life. I guess it’s riffing on “The Last Samurai,” but the rhythm ain’t got that swing.

  31. Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:

    SO much comments to read, I’ll finish them after sharing my own thoughts.

    For one, yes, the saga titles have a unique ring, depth, cleverness, and timeless/oldies tribute feel to them. Both Phantom Menace & Return of the Jedi make the most of them all, with that essay about how “The Phantom Menace” is an unhealthy tumor lurking in the body of a government’s system whole “Return of the Jedi” is simply just Anakin waking up.

    While most of what has been said has been said already, the issue I see is that there is already a film in the main saga that has the word “Jedi” in it’s title. I know that with “Attack of the Clones” there is also a “Clone Wars” movie, but that’s both a spin-off film and a pilot for the TV show of the same name. “Return” & “Last’ are in the same main series (well unless Lucas gets the rights back and ignores the Disney canon by making new VII-IX and maybe X, though wit Carrie’s death… that may also be as bad as how poorly she was used in Forcewaking), and plus like everyone else has said, “After the jeid return now they are gone again because what they accomplished meant nothing!”

    I’ll see when December comes if I will see it (biasly will choose if Jar Jar makes an appearance as a OP Jedi :P)

  32. Moose Says:

    I just realized tonight during the Super Bowl that this is basically the same title as the upcoming Transformers movie. I feared SW was headed in that direction generally but my goodness.

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