Oh Look, There’s Coruscant

Rogue One had a sneaky cameo by everyone’s favorite metroplanet, Coruscant, in one flashback scene. Here’s the capture posted by Jack Manuel on Twitter:



26 Responses to “Oh Look, There’s Coruscant”

  1. lovelucas Says:

    I welcome any and all prequel references from here on in – everything, anywhere.

  2. SWPN Says:

    It’s like they are making an effort to hide or ommit any prequel stuff as much as possible. Sorry, I won’t celebrate the incusion of these small crumbs that are barely noticeable. I haven’t lowered my standards.

    • SWPN Says:

      P.S: I wasn’t talking about you, Lazy Padawan. I know you’re just reporting. I was talking about fandom in general regarding these “easter eggs”.

      • Dawn Richardson Says:

        I completely agree with you, and yeah, I’m not one to feel much-inclined to be grateful just because a few pitiable, meagre crumbs which can *possibly* be interpreted as a PT reference or call-back are thrown our way. I don’t exactly feel appreciative when that’s all we get after being bashed on and trashed and diminished for so long; and when the “references” are this fleeting or minor, for me at least, it doesn’t feel like they’re “respecting” the PT or those who love it in any way. It’s almost dismissive, in a sense. Just my own few proverbial Republic dataries’ worth, but yes, I totally feel you on this one.

  3. Nariel Says:

    I think this is a nice reference, if a bit hidden – I didn’t realize it was a part of the view from Padmé’s apartment. I have always loved that view 🙂

  4. Hunk a Junk Says:

    Considering how far TFA tried to stay away from anything PT, how smug JJ was in throwing out all of George’s ideas, and how determined Not-Lucasfilm was in making sure everyone knew they were making Star Wars the “right” way (not the way the guy who created it made it), any PT references are welcome. At least it confirms the PT is canon and won’t be erased or retconned.

    • SWPN Says:

      Erm… That they are canon was confirmed from the very beginning. Being canon doesn’t prevent them from ignoring or avoid them, as seen in TFA. I don’t accept mere off-hand nods that only eagle eye viewers will notice or are confirmed through third party sources. Either do them openly and uncompromisingly (like they have done with the OT), or don’t.

      • Artiom Deyev Says:

        Fist of all, I was very glad to see Coruscant – this is my favorite planet. Even that small a glimpse.
        In one thing i’d agree with you, SWPN, that Disney should do much more references to PT and do it openly. I guess thanks to John Knoll and audience outcry after TFA, Rogue One had a very respectful cameo of Bail Organa (this one was done very openly, the music he appeared with, as if done with Nostalgia).
        Mustafar and Coruscant were mentioned rather shyly.

        Once again, at the very end things will turn out good, Disney will finally acknowledge Lucas heritage in full, and there will be not only references to the prequel trilogy, but movies and stories set during this era.

      • Branislav Marček Says:

        Some people point out to the scenes in TFA of Ren telling Hux to use a clone army and Max Von Sydow´s character saying how there can´t be balance in the Force without the Jedi. But those are nothing more than pointless toss off lines without context within the story of the movie.

        If Disney/Lucasfilm really wanted to embrace and cared for I-III as much as IV-VI then they shouldn´t have ditched Lucas´s VII-IX story since now that we know that Lucas did want to finish the saga with VII-IX after all, it´s pretty clear that what he was doing with I-III was setting up story threads and themes for both IV-VI and VII-IX.

        Whatever was the story he came up with for the films I´m sure that unlike TFA, the real VII-IX would fully embrace and acknowledge I-III just as much as IV-VI.

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        I would love to see a “real” behind-the-scenes book with the reasons why GL’s ideas were not used, whether/how he was treated, how his relationship is with Kathleen Kennedy at the moment, and most importantly, the actual content of the story proposals.

        That said, I am hesitant to already judge the ST. It is not unlikely that EP VIII and IX will be more PT-friendly, or, depending on what you think, even more PT-friendly.
        Sure, it could also go the other way (“EP IX: Midi-chlorians never existed”), but again, it is IMHO too early to judge. Finally, I do not want to ruin someone’s good time who enjoys EP VII.

      • Branislav Marček Says:

        Actually, J. W. Rinzler was writing a making of book on the film but it got cancelled. Makes you wonder why.

        I bet there would be some revelations in that book regarding how Lucas and his VII-IX story were treated by Iger and Horn that they don´t want us to know.

        That said, even if I end up not hating and maybe even liking those Disney Episodes VIII and IX, I´ll never accept them as anything more than a licenced apocrypha.

    • Branislav Marček Says:

      Wasn´t it Bob Iger and Alan Horn who threw out Lucas´s story?

      • Mike Jones Says:

        @Branislav Stefan’s right. Are we still going to play the blame game on Disney for throwing out the scripts Lucas made for Episodes VII-IX and do their own thing? Not to sound against you or anything, but, hasn’t this gone on enough? I know it’s disappointing and we should feel Disney could do better than that, but, maybe, and I’m not saying this to sound like I’m anti-GL and anti-PT because I love the Prequels and Clone Wars the same as you, but, it was probably for the best. Avoiding seeing any future films is not gonna make Disney change their minds and use Lucas’s ideas. Is it disappointing that Disney discarded Lucas’s ideas and had Filoni put an end to “Clone Wars”, despite that we still got one more season to be shown on Netflix with their permission? A little. But, as long as Disney and whoever is left at LFL that worked under George Lucas (Filoni, Knoll and Pablo) respects what Lucas did for all the saga films (including the Prequels) and Clone Wars, which they’ve done in “Star Wars Rebels” and “Rogue One” (which you should watch and accept as canon since those respect Lucas, the Prequels and Clone Wars, but that’s just my opinion) and may do in Episode VIII, being Rian Johnson’s supported and defended the Prequels for a long time and has been rumored to be putting a cameo of Hayden Christensen as Force Ghost Anakin in Episode VIII, things will look bright for us Prequel fans for the future. So, I’m going to ask you this. Will u please just let it go (no pun intended) and move on, instead of wallowing negatively in the dark side of the Force, which I fear you may have already been lost to, and spoiling? If we go down this path, we may become no better than the Prequel haters and we can surely do better than this, especially since I believe some of us positively enjoyed Rogue One more than TFA and accepted it as canon as we have with Rebels (well at least a majority of us have). But, that’s just me.

      • Branislav Marček Says:

        Fair points. But to me throwing out Lucas´s story was a deal breaker.

      • Branislav Marček Says:

        The only things I care about is finding out what exactly happened behind the scenes with Lucas and his story, what was his story about and first and foremost about Lucas getting credit for the original hexalogy he deserves.

        But othervise I simply don´t care about the future of Star Wars anymore. Doesn´t mean I´m gonna deny people their right to like the new post-Lucas Star Wars. But it´s just not for me.

      • Hunk a Junk Says:

        Disney threw out Lucas’ treatments — and threw out Lucas himself — for very simple reasons. The loudest, angriest, and most persistent fans had soured on Lucas, so Disney wanted to bring those fans back into the fold by giving them the OT-gasm they’d always wanted. They wanted to send a clear message that Lucas wasn’t in charge, there were new sheriffs in town, and the fans would get the Star Wars they always wanted. It was also driven by ego. JJ Abrams has enough clout and power to demand control when he takes over a project. JJ didn’t want to tell Lucas’ stories (whether they were good or not is irrelevant), so Kathleen Kennedy sided with her savior director over her old friend. I doubt Disney gave her much choice. They’re her bosses now, not George. Disney never wanted Lucas or his ideas. They wanted the brand. Though he was promised a “creative consultant” role and Kennedy herself said, “We’ll always need George,” it was clear the moment the ink dried that Disney didn’t want George hanging around. When the new owners offer you an office in the basement and tell you to be neither seen nor heard, it doesn’t take a genius to say, “I know when I’m not wanted.” So Lucas walked away. Honestly, it’s likely that the only reason Disney ISN’T completely ignoring the PT is because Lucas probably stipulated it in his sale contract. Given his defense of artistic control, I’m sure he had his lawyers write several pages about how the PT could not be remade, retconned, rebooted, or wholly contradicted as part of the overall Star Wars story. So Disney — and I’m sure this is how they think of it in their corporate offices — is stuck with the PT. Thanks to the popularity of TCW, and younger fans who grew up with the PT, Disney is starting to acknowledge the PT (it also helps that TFA made billions and gave the haters the “palate-cleanser” they’d wanted), but make no mistake that if Lucas hadn’t taken steps to protect the PT and SEs with a binding contract that Disney would have no hesitation in wiping them away and starting over.

      • jayoungr Says:

        “I know it’s disappointing […] but, maybe, […] but, it was probably for the best.”

        Why was it maybe/probably for the best?

      • Branislav Marček Says:

        Yep, Horn and Iger are to blame, not Kennedy. Hollywood executives don´t give a crap about art and storytelling, that´s not a secret. The only thing they care about is money and the easiest way to make as much money as possibel.

      • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

        If I may respectfully address your accusation, Branislav, that Disney doesn’t care about creativity, two of their films this year were original and creative films and those were Zootopia and Moana. I will not fight you over this, but, I suggest you be careful to think before you speak and make accusations that, in my honest and fair opinion, make you look like you are falling or have fallen to the dark side.

        P.S. If this seems like baiting or attacking, I apologize in advance, but this post is not in any way intended to be seen as a bait or attack. It is intended to be seen as a defense to both sides of the argument and an Obi-Wan-like warning to those who should not become what the Prequel haters still are, not that any of you are, but if we don’t be careful, we could head down that path.

      • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

        Also, Branislav, it’s unfortunate that you no longer care about what Disney’s doing with Star Wars. If you’re at least looking for Star Wars stuff from Disney that respects and acknowledges the Prequels and Clone Wars as canon, I promise you that you’d enjoy Star Wars Rebels and Rogue One over The Force Awakens, because at least on Rebels, Filoni got to bring back characters from Clone Wars and answered questions to them in the way George planned it out, especially questions dealing Ahsoka and Vader. Plus, Rebels is being made people who worked with George and respect all his work (i.e. Filoni, Kevin Kiner, and many writers who wrote arcs for Clone Wars) and that’s clearly evident in the show. And, at least Rogue One also showed the Prequels and Clone Wars are canon by bringing in Saw Gerrera (a Clone Wars character coming into live-action for the first time which means Ahsoka isn’t far away now), Bail Organa, Coruscant and Mustafar (which was brought back in such a great way to tie in everything with Anakin and Vader and how that is still being played out). Don’t give up hope.

  5. Jonathan vd Sluis (@Natusaurus) Says:

    Something I noticed about The Force Awakens: the new main characters seem to have obsessions with masks. Finn, Rey and Kylo Ren are all at some point in the film putting on or taking off a mask. They are all introduced with a mask on. Kylo Ren looks at Vader’s mask. Finn removes his stormtrooper helmet. Rey has these goggles and later puts on a pilot helmet that covers her face. Finn and Rey put on the breathing masks in the Falcon. Maz Kanata (sp?) peers at Finn through her goggles, studying his true face – and he doesn’t like it. I think Poe also gets a mask when he is captured?

    Masks are about identity, so I take it that these new characters are looking for their own identities and are symbolically trying different things. And I think that that is what TFA ultimately is: a film that tries different things to be something new, by putting on masks and discarding them. It emulates previous Star Wars films, but ultimately leaves these behind as it turns into a new story, with its own merits.

    So what does this mean for prequel references? I think the references to the original trilogy in TFA are a kind of trick being played on the fans. The ‘remake of A New Hope’ may very well be just a disguise. Perhaps the real story is something underneath. So I wouldn’t worry too much about a lack of prequel references – the clear OT references are just as false.

  6. retrocore9 Says:

    The only thing we know about Lucas’ treatment for the Sequel Trilogy is that it involved teenage characters. Lucas also asked JJ in a famous video “what happened to the grandkids?” Lucas probably wrote his treatment about the two grandkids of Anakin Skywalker and how they continued the story. Disney decided to go in a different direction with adult characters and tons of Original Trilogy callbacks. This is the opposite of how Lucas works because he never likes to repeat designs which was his biggest problem with TFA. So the sequel trilogy would have been about teenage grandkids of Anakin with tons of new futuristic designs as opposed to the callbacks to the OT of TFA.

    • Branislav Marček Says:

      “The only thing we know about Lucas’ treatment for the Sequel Trilogy is that it involved teenage characters.”

      Actually no. Lucas himself said that they would be in their twenties, not teenagers.

      • retrocore9 Says:

        When he refers to children there he’s referring to Luke and Leia who are in their 20s. The grandchildren saga would have started with them as teenagers

      • Branislav Marček Says:

        He refers to the grandchildren, not Luke and Leia.

        „The original saga was about the father, the children and the grandchildren, that´s not a secret to anybody, it´s even in the novels and everything and then the children were in their twenties and everything SO IT WASN´T PHANTOM MENACE AGAIN.”

        He´s refering the Atantic article on TFA:
        „(Abrams) said Lucas´s treatment had centered on very young characters – teenagers, Lucasfilm told me – which might have struck Disney executives as veering too close for comfort The Phantom Menace and it´s 9-year-old Anakin Skywalker and 13-year-old Queen Amidala.“

        Funny thing is that the interview happened before the article came out. As if he already knew what the article is gonna say.

        The story of what his Episodes VII-IX story was about and what did exactly happen behind the scenes is a mess to put it mildly.

      • jayoungr Says:

        It’s somewhat ambiguous–he does say “the children” rather than “the grandchildren,” but then he says “It wasn’t Phantom Menace again,” which doesn’t make sense if he’s talking about Luke and Leia. Their story was made before Phantom Menace, so there was no way it could be Phantom Menace “again.” I agree that it sounds like he meant the grandchildren.

        (Anyway, Luke and Leia were in their very early twenties. Is that really soooo much better than being teenagers?)

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