Open Thread: A Sad Day For Fandom

Even though Carrie Fisher wasn’t part of the prequels, she was easily one of the most important players in the saga.   I will post a separate piece with my full thoughts.  Here, feel free to vent, mourn, react.

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39 Responses to “Open Thread: A Sad Day For Fandom”

  1. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    This will be a sad day long remembered. I hope we can all see Rogue One and, next year, Episode VIII, to honor Carrie Fisher.

    Edit: No baiting other posters. Read the Rules of the House.

    • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

      Sorry, Brainslav Marcek, if you’re still angry that Disney didn’t use GL’s treatments for Episode VII-IX, but, at least the Pequels and Clone Wars aren’t being ignored by Disney, considering that Bail Organa and Saw from “The Clone Wars” are in “Rogue One” along with, potentially, Force Ghost Anakin played by Hayden Christensen in Episode VIII and Hondo from “Clone Wars” in the Han Solo movie (potenially played by Antonio Banderas). But back to Carrie’s passing, that is why we should see Rogue One and Episode VIII, not for Disney, but #ForCarrie.

      Edit: No baiting other posters. Please read The Rules of the House.

  2. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    I apologize, Lazy Padwan , if I was baiting. I didn’t feel like I was baiting. But, if you think I did, Im sorry. It won’t happen again. Please forgive me.

  3. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    #RIPCarrieFisher Let’s hope #StarWarsVIII uses Leia well, in both the marketing of the movie and the movie in general, and gives her a proper sendoff, a la Anton Yelchin in Star Trek Beyond. Hey, Lazy Padawan, forgive me for asking you this if you take it the wrong way, but, do you think Episode IX may have to be re-written and pushed back to accomodate Carrie’s passing? I only ask that, not to feel distasteful, but, since Episode IX is reported to be filming in April, unless Epiosde VIII is the death of Leia, they may want to psh back filming and the release date of Episode IX after this. Let me know. Thanks. Also, P.S., since I’m seeing Rogue One again for a third time today, I’ll be feeling bittersweet when that last scene with Leia comes up again


    Today I lost my idol, she has been my idol from the time I was 10 yrs old till 49 yrs old. I will miss her forever and am grateful I have her movies and her audio books to keep me company forever. Rest In Peace Carrie, you have been and will always be loved.

  5. ctrent29 Says:

    You know, I had hoped she would make it. Oh well. RIP, Ms. Fisher.

  6. Eduardo Says:

    I hope I don’t sound too morbid, but it occurs to me that Rogue One just set a precedent for using CG characters based on actors who have passed away.

    Obviously, we won’t know how this is handled given we don’t even know which direction Episode VIII will take the character, but computer animation has reached a point where this is no longer impossible, should Leia survive the next film.

  7. Marshall Says:

    We, the fans, never think of our heroes as being mortal but they are. Thank you Carrie for taking the role of Princess Leia Organa despite what others thought at the time about sci-fi movies. You paved the way for other SF heroines on film and TV and you inspired so many girls and women with your character. Hail to the Princess!

  8. andywylde77 Says:

    Oh my goodness! I just found out about this as I write and it is very sad to hear this. One of the actresses that played one of my favorite characters in the SW saga is gone. Her character has been such a [art of my life for so long, it feels like losing a family member. But she will always be fondly remembered by the fans of all her great work.

    We will miss you Carrie.

  9. Jason Says:

    When you’ve invested thirty years of your life into a franchise it’s like losing an old friend. It’s a devastating blow. She was involved in some of the script doctoring for Episodes I-III as well a star of the original trilogy. She’ll be missed.

  10. Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:

    I’m working on a tribute artwork at the moment, already did the line-sketch, eventually I’ll finish everything else up.

    Anyway, I was hoping that her plane incident wouldn’t escalate to a worse position… sigh, but life doesn’t go the happy route all the time. I feel bad that i didn’t pray for her as much (not just for her health, but soul as well…. I don’t know where she stood with Jesus)

    Anyway, I-III, IV-VI, all six are Star Wars, and I was introduced to Star Wars via “A New Hope” (well I first played the game at Chuck E. Cheese not knowing what Star Wars was, but that’s an unrated story) so the older/later half of the saga is just as cool, emotional, and important. 😦

  11. andywylde77 Says:

    Ah well now it is a little easier to write. kinda hard when you have tears rolling down you face. But Carrie was an amazing actress and I remember a lot of her roles she played. She was actually my first boyhood crush, actually second Yvonne Craig(Batgirl) was the other. It is funny because they were my boyhood crushes before I actually even knew what a boyhood crush was! lol

    Though one sobering thought that I will always have is that Carrie, Mark and Harrison were people that always cared for George Lucas. As they always spoke very fondly of him and always showed him the gratitude and respect he deserves. But it also goes to show that Lucas picked the perfect people to star in his epic space fantasy that had a huge impact that will always be felt on this fans heart.

  12. Jacobesico Says:


    I was listening to Leia’s theme, earlier. The Revenge of The Sith one in the end credits is very beautiful.

  13. lovelucas Says:

    So so sad. Today is the day I took my sons and grandson to see Rogue. and with that last shot….. then we exit all talking excitedly – only to learn she had died while we were watching the latest SW. I had a few encounters with her – and one wonderful photo of her hugging. I’ll never forget her and I don’t want to.

  14. lovelucas Says:

    editing^^ Sons and grandsons…..and the photo was of her hugging me.

  15. Edward Diego Says:

    RIP Carrie 😦

  16. Keith Palmer Says:

    I can empathize with those lamenting “how awful this year has been” without quite wanting to yield to the same apparent fatalistic despair… but anyway, I can also see how this piles one more stone on. I’m afraid my thoughts seem most of all to have taken a ghoulish turn of wondering if Leia had been meant to stay in the sequel trilogy until “Episode 9” (even as “Episode 8” could have removed another old character from the cast), and if that would now have to change…

    • Mike Jones Says:

      Maybe they’ll have to rewrite Episode IX and push it back to Christmas 2019, unless rumors are true that Kylo Ren will finish off Leia in Episode VIII

    • Anthony Says:

      I don’t know. To me, I always figured that the original three characters would each die in the new movies, one at a time. Han would go first, Leia would go next since the Rebellion still needed her, and Luke would be the third, having passed on the keys to the Jedi to the next generation. Or maybe Luke would go second, and Leia would be left to mourn her brother in the next movie, and trying to understand his Jedi teachings. But that doesn’t seem likely, since Luke still has a lot left to teach his prospective new students, whoever they may be besides Rey. Han was the one you could off first, without any significant details or consequences. Leia was a central figure in the Rebellion, and Luke was a Jedi Master whose presence is crucial to the Force’s presence in the films. Of all the original characters, Han’s was always the most expendable. But I guess we’ll find out now, when we see the movie next year, and Episode IX in 18/19, and see if their plans changed, or didn’t change. :-/ That being said, I am putting aside any grudges against J.J. Abrams and putting my butt in a seat, for seeing the movie next year, to see her final performance. 🙂 I was already going to do so anyway, because of Rian Johnson, but this just cements it. Even though I wasn’t crazy about the movie before, I went to “Star Trek Beyond” for Anton’s final performance, and this will be no different. (That’s not baiting, Lazypadawan, it’s just a fact.)

      I don’t think it’s ghoulish, since these are natural thoughts for anyone to have. Carrie Fisher’s loss is a tragedy, and we’re all still mourning it, but that being said I don’t think it will affect the films in any significant way. As morbid as it may sound, I think the filmmakers had backup plans in case any of its two remaining stars suddenly passed unexpectedly, because of realistic expectations of life. :-/ Same thing with Peter Jackson and Christopher Lee, when he was filming the Hobbit trilogy, since Lee was in ill health at the time. (Another great I regret not meeting; we’ve lost some great ones over the past couple years. Nimoy, Lee, Fisher, etc.) It’s just a reality nowadays I think, when working with older actors, that you have to be prepared for any eventuality. Especially with franchise film making.

      R.I.P. Carrie

  17. zch81721 Says:

    This really does suck. I was worried but when I heard she was in stable condition I thought we were out of the woods. A shame this happened.

  18. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    Three actors associated with the STAR WARS saga has passed away this year – Carrie Fisher, Kenny Baker and an actor named Khan Bonfils, who played Jedi Master Saesee Tiin in “The Phantom Menace”.

    • jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

      I hadn’t heard about the Saesee Tiin actor (Khan Bonfils). Apparently a different actor played that character in each film. Very tragic, the guy was close to my age.

      For anyone who says the Prequels were just full of cute, computerized Muppets…take a look at Saesee Tiin! That dude looks like he just stepped out of a Clive Barker horror film!

      Next spinoff…Saesee Tiin Vs Hellraiser Vs Candyman Vs Nightbreed: A Star Wars Story

      • Anthony Says:

        It’s funny that you say that, since I once thought about writing a Star Wars/Hellraiser fanfic. I thought the Cenobites would be the type of challenge that the Sith would love unleashing on their apprentices. 😀 If you can defeat the Cenobites, you can fight anything. 😉

        Old Jedi Masters don’t seem so intimidating, after that… 😉

        (In all seriousness, though, a Hellraiser crossover would be very easy to do with Star Wars. Because they live in another dimension, it’s conceivable that they could reach anywhere, including a Galaxy, Far, Far Away. 😉 )

  19. jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

    My favorite Carrie Fisher story was from Garry Jenkins’ excellent Empire Building book.

    To paraphrase: Debbie Reynolds is angry that her daughter is booked to fly coach to England to film ANH, and insists that she flies first class. The producer tries to explain to her that the entire cast and crew are flying coach. Carrie is embarrassed by this and asks to speak to her mother. “Mother,” she protests, “I’m flying coach…now fuck off.”

    This exchange sums up Carrie’s sardonic wit perfectly.

    Empire Building is an excellent “fly on the wall” book, that also touches upon the affair between Harrison and Carrie on the ANH set. Originally published in 97, an updated version was released in 99 with a section on TPM.

    Of the OT players, I always enjoyed Carrie’s and Irvin Kershner’s interviews the best. No offense to Lucas, who was the ideas guy, but he just isn’t the “large” personality that these two were. I didn’t always agree with their opinions, but they certainly were always colorful and from the heart.

    Carrie will always be my first crush and the first actress whose career I followed. From Leave Yesterday Behind with John Ritter, to Blues Brothers, to the Playboy Bunny episode of Laverne and Shirley, I ogled. I was there for Faerie Tale Theatre, The Man With One Red Shoe, Amazing Stories, The Burbs, Loverboy, and Appointment with Death. I went out of my way to track down Time Guardian (hell yeah!).

    I never missed her appearances on the late night talk shows in the 80s and 90s, as her wit and wisdom became more evident to me.

    In the 70s when my friends were opting for the Farrah Fawcett poster, I preferred the Hildebrandts wonderful version of Tom Jung’s ANH poster where Carrie’s legs went on forever. There were other screen goddesses that would come and go from my bedroom walls over the years but most of these women weren’t in anything as epic or perfect as Star Wars.

    We will eventually lose others from the OT and PT, and as Star Wars becomes more and more of a soulless corporate product, we will appreciate the people that made these films all that much more. Carrie Fisher wasn’t an image on a poster or TV screen, she was a real person, and a unique personality who is now gone.

    Looking at that beautiful Hildebrandt artwork will never be the same.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      Great summary of her appearances in movies and on TV.
      It is sad that she had to go this early, and it must be especially painful for her family. I know it is a cliché, but… The Force will be with her. Always.

  20. Hoggle Says:

    to me, GL behind the camera & Carris Fisher in front of it, were a important synergy in what gave the OT it’s unique inprint. Carrie’s Leia bought out the story of GL’s as the OT progressed, along with the inflections the other actors Harrison & Mark gave to their characters, Carrie bought out the emotion in those things which defined the OT to me.

    For me, this flowed on in the PT’s thematic contrasts, being balanced out by Leia, on the micro & macro in the OT’s story, wrapping up the PT’s thematically, if not territorially.

    And from what i saw of her online, Carrie Fisher still had it in spades right up until her end, the flame of what made Leia Organa & the spirit of what it seems she contributed to the OT’s creative space.

    Carrie Fisher, there was no other ⚡ ⚡ ⚡

  21. Jacobesico Says:

    Out of the OT3 that I wanted to see the most in TFA, it was Carrie Fisher.

  22. Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:


  23. Matt Says:

    Carrie Fisher was a big part of the Prequels, she was one of Hollywood’s most renowned “script doctors” and worked uncredited on all three Prequel Films.

    Carrie Fisher was a true princess, and will always be royalty to me!

    • Pedro Felipe Says:

      Indeed, she always made fun prequel references, including a very funny one in the Return of The Jedi audio commentary where she talks about “her mother” changing closes every time she walks through a door.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        My favorite was when the Star Wars Twitter account posted a link to a Mother’s Day quiz called “Who Would Be Your Mother In The Galaxy Far, Far Away?” and Carrie tweeted back, “Natalie Portman.”

  24. Artiom Says:

    Very sad. I saw Rogue One today (for the first time) and the final scene was very touching. She will be remembered as Priness Leia, it will be her legacy, as well as other movies (like Loverboy or Blues Brothers).
    She was helping with the script on the prequels – and obviously she’s one of the reasons these movies have such magic. May the force be with her.

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