Ep. VIII Sticks Up For PT

Not huge news but still nice to see (H/T Steve Bragg):



34 Responses to “Ep. VIII Sticks Up For PT”

  1. Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:

    Though I don’t have further plans to pay and see a Disney Wars film (as of now), I am happy to see Rian step up for I-III as well as his comprehension for both the trilogy and how kids movies can be intelligent.

    • Branislav Marček Says:

      Though Johnson didn´t remind the guy about the often overlooked and ignored fact that IV-VI are kids movies as well.

      • Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

        Maybe the guy Rian replied to doesn’t need to know that because he probably knows it since the guy Rian replied to probably watched the OT as a kid. I mean I’m sure Rian and the guy he replied to aren’t clueless.

  2. Branislav Marček Says:

    “Star Wars should exfoliate away from past to new”

    Funny, that´s actually what Lucas attempted to do with Episodes I-III and VII-IX.

    I would bet anything that one of the things Lucas was doing in The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith was laying groundwork and setting up themes, motifs and story threads not only for A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of theJedi; but for possible Episodes VII, VIII and IX as well.

    To bad that because of local officials at Grady Ranch area, Disney executives Bob Iger and Alan Horn, and bunch of butthurt Lucas Haters, those movies, the ACTUAL Episodes VII, VIII and IX will never get made 😦

    • Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:

      Never say never… maybe someday, Disney will be ‘forced” (awful, I know… and yes, I also like Mr Freeze’s puns) to give up their rights of Star Wars (with the exceptions of theme parks of course) and the REAL VII, VIII, & IX will happen, maybe even X to finish off the story.

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        With all due respect, but this is not going to happen… for the same reason the PT will not be remade, I think. (The ST will be hugely profitable – so why spend money again to make new movies if you can instead market the already successful ST in perpetuity? Moreover, a lot of canon material will be built around the ST – spin-offs, books,…)
        Now, don’t get me wrongo… Not using GL’s proposals was IMHO a huge missed opportunity (if not worse). I hope we will someday see his drafts, but that’s probably the best that may happen.
        As for Disney hating the PT… I just get too many mixed signals. Sure, we have a fair amount of PT material (Rebels, Rogue One cameos, PT defenders at Lucasfilm like Pablo Hidalgo…) – but then we have also strange events like the omission of Padmé in a “Great SW females” list, only OT-themed spin-offs for now (Han Solo movie…) etc. Really not sure what to make out of it. Is this what to expect when Disney/Lucasfilm wants to focus on the new stuff to market it? But should not the PT (more or less) be as present as the OT?
        To sum up, I can only say for now that there are too many people involved to really make a definitive decision what is going on. It could be worse, but definitely also better.

        That’s all I have to say.

  3. Dawn Says:

    Nearly twenty years on and the haters are still at it and still poisoning the well of fandom just as much as they ever were….which is of course a sad and unfortunate fact that we all knew only too well; still, I can’t speak for anyone else, but for my own part, anyway, I am now to the point where I do not hesitate to call out that lunacy and derangement for exactly what it is (mentally disturbed, to be blunt)….even when it’s been certain people on my friends-list spouting it or reposting it. My friends otherwise they may well be, but I will not hesitate for a single second – I will *NOT* let that psychopathic crazy and that demented hate-on destroy whatever is left of the fandom or those of us in it. I will *not*!!

  4. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    When I saw Rian Johnson’s response, I could not help but break into laughter . . . with a great sense of satisfaction. He could not have put it perfectly.

  5. Pedro Felipe Says:

    This is outrageous! I am sorry but I have to speak up, this hardly wualifies as a “defence” of the prequels. This doesn’t sound all that positive to my ears at all. Is it just me… or does this sound disguntinly condescending? I am well aware that George says (modestly in my opinion) that Star Wars films are kids movies, but here Rian seems to be implying only episodes I, II and III are and putting them on a level below the “holy original trilogy”.

  6. Shak Ti Says:

    Its a back handed compliment at best, I believe in his mind he is defending the PT, but that’s not a proper defense. This is the proper defense, “Not everyone likes ever Star Wars entry but ever entry has something unique to offer,” Or if your not afraid of the hateful internet vocal minority, ” all 6 of the Lucas Star Wars saga make a great story and if you don’t like them don’t say anything at all and enjoy the many coming years of Disney fan films that will cater to your every narrow minded OT desire.”

  7. Colress Plasma Says:

    prequel haters sound like a broken record regurgitating the same crap arguments like cg hayden bad acting or chessy lines like i like sand

  8. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    If Rian Johnson was giving a backhanded insult or reluctant defense to the PT, it seemed to have the wrong effect. Many PT bashers don’t seem particularly pleased by his comment.

    • Captain Fordo Says:

      > Many PT bashers don’t seem particularly pleased by his comment

      Are those idiots ever pleased by anything? They are the equivalent of “social justice warriors”.

  9. Stefan Kraft Says:

    I know it is not PT-related, but… I am devastated by Carrie Fisher’s death.

  10. Captain Fordo Says:

    Rian is correct. All 6 Lucas movies were actaully movies for kids, but some people can’t seem to grasp this concept or the concept that the world doesn’t revolve around their daydreams.

    This vocal minority of Prequal haters remind me of all the dumb “social justice warriors” that are running around. They think there very “smart”, but in fact are as dumb as rocks and only annoy and anger everyone around them.

    Whats interesting is that both Amazon and IMBD have all 6 Star wars movies are rated at around a 4/5 from reviews from people.

    Edit: Okay, this has gone on long enough. Everyone read the rules of the house. I am deleting this whole thread of discussion.

  11. Jacobesico Says:

    My respect for Rian Johnson has increased, big time.

  12. andywylde77 Says:

    Yeah even though this comment leaves me a little baffled to what exactly it means, If I am understanding it correctly that is. It seems to be on the positive side? I mean he does make a good point after all. But to me all SW movies are family friendly movies. Movies that all families can enjoy together and learn from the lessons that they teach.

    If he was being straight up and honest with his comment, I can say that this is a reassuring statement and it gives me some hope that episode 8 will portray the SW universe in its entirety. And not just limit the world to certain fanboys likes and dislikes.

    The SW universe is huge and amazing and should never be shrunk down to size because of certain fans expectations. With a universe so vast, all of it should be explored and not just tiny portions of it. But I do have faith that the entire universe will get its due respect.

    So I hope Mr. Johnson will let his appreciation for the PT be reflected in his up coming work. It is something a certain portion of this fandom will most certainly appreciate.

  13. Colress Plasma Says:

    seing all this hatred for the prequels makes me sad phantom menace was my first star wars movie

    • Captain Fordo Says:

      Remember the haters are just a vocal minority who don’t know what to moan about. Most people like the whole saga.

    • LG Says:

      You shouldn’t. RotS was my first Star Wars movie and honestly, the prequels is what got me into SW in the first place. I made it all the way to adulthood without a single inclination to see a Star War, until the prequels. People who say the prequels should never have been made are basically saying that they don’t want the fans who became fans because of the prequels to either not be part of the fandom or they’re arrogant enough to think we don’t exist.

  14. Dawn Richardson Says:

    Colress Plasma – bless your heart, and know that you are among friends, your kith and kindred here, truly – you are by *no* means alone….! Many, many times and many places I too have remarked on how TPM was the movie which made me, too, a true, ardent, avowed and passionate “Star Wars” fan; before that time, that fateful and immortal day in May 1999, my brother was maybe seen as the SW fan/geek-type of the family.

    When I emerged from that midnight premiere showing, however, I felt myself transformed….it was a transcendent kind of experience, I don’t know how else to best put it….it made me a fan, and from then on i knew what I loved and just how much I loved it, and then as now I believe that we shouldn’t be shy nor retreating in saying so, either. Even more loud and outspoken about it now, I feel, because if we don’t….the haters win. And darned if we will *ever* let them, that’s what….! (it may be that in some corners they already think they have. All the more reason why we stand our ground and prove them wrong, I say-!)

  15. Moose Says:

    Seems like the prequels had a slightly higher rate of decapitations than most kids movies. Seriously, I like how Lucas’ idea of childrens’ stories was more in line with the Brothers Grimm than Walt Disney.

  16. Stefan Kraft Says:

    Considering the tweet to which Johnson referred, I am pretty sure that his comment is a defense of the PT. The criticism is probably that the PT should never have been made, and he presents a one valid reason why this is not the case.
    We can of course discuss the details (why “devil’s advocate”, only the PT as “chilren’s movies” etc.), but then we may also read too much into his statement.

    My two cents: if the PT was never made, I do not think that this criticism (“the PT took all the mysterious, unknown, cool backstory of Darth Vader away”) would even be discussed – and even if this idea was alive, even less people than the few who think so would share this idea.

  17. Kingpun Says:

    I don’t think this comment is specifying that JUST the prequels are children’s movies. I think they were singled out by Johnson because that’s what was being discussed. In this context it also comes off as a compliment. Many children’s movies are about nothing. The closest thing to a message they have is “I can’t do it, wait, no I CAN do it!” So when you say a children’s movie dares to be about something deeper, that’s high praise.

    And the function of a Devil’s Advocate is to do exactly what he did. Challenge a conclusion that is only a consensus and potentially flawed because it was unchallenged.

  18. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    Seriously, I like how Lucas’ idea of childrens’ stories was more in line with the Brothers Grimm than Walt Disney.

    Actually, a good deal of Disney’s cartoons seemed pretty much in line with both Lucas and the Brothers Grimm.

  19. jayoungr Says:

    That’s a defense? Stating the theme of the prequels isn’t exactly saying they’re good. And they are called (collectively) “a kids’ movie,” which sound dismissive to me.

  20. LG Says:

    I used to follow Saladin Ahmed because he was a POC fantasy author, and as a woman of color, I wanted to support him, but man, he’s such a pompous dude parroting the same things the bougie hipster white dudes do, so really there was no point in following him. Jeet is just as tragic but more pretentious. Jeet from my parts of the world so I get extra embarrassed watching mah people act just as bougie and pretentious as anyone else. If I see this prequel hate, I unfollow tbh. No one needs to hear the same old bs like it’s brand new info that’s no one’s thought of before.

  21. jonedney124 Says:

    Rian Johnson has been discussing Episode VIII recently and he talks about the film being darker in terms of what the characters will face but that he also wants the film to be a blast, in the same way that FA and the original films were…I’m paraphrasing but still… To be fair, while the article’s author filled in the obvious implication of that sentence, Johnson didn’t necessarily mean it in that way in that he maybe sees the prequels as doing something a bit different to the aforementioned. Or maybe not.

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