Kitster Found

Whatever happened to Anakin’s young friend on Tatooine, Kitster?  Here’s the guy who played him anyway, Dhruv Chanchani, now an adult as he appeared on this week’s Star Wars Show Holiday Special:

3 Responses to “Kitster Found”

  1. Shaman McLamie Says:

    Now that was Wizard.

  2. Colress Plasma Says:

    i need to ask a question thats been bothering me why are the prequel hated by everyone and why do they hate the actor that plays anakin

    • Captain Fordo Says:

      The Prequals are not hated by “everyone”; most people like the whole saga (IE episodes 1-6). Even on amazon, all 6 movies are rated 4/5.

      The anti-PT haterboys are just a vocal minority who live in their own delusion. There few in number, but loud. Same thing for the Hayden bashers (he wasnt perfect, but neither was Hamil).

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