AOTC Is Someone’s Favorite & Untold Secrets Of The PT

Now this is what I like to see…a guy who states his opinion without apology.  AOTC is his favorite Star Wars film…deal with it:

The Original Trilogy was understandably doused in ’80s camp in a good way. The Phantom Menace, though released in the last remnants of the ’90s, still harbors some of that ’80s warmth and lightness. Episode II eschews all of that in favor of a far darker and more mature storyline, one that features Anakin struggling not only with the burden of being the chosen one, but also with the guilt of abandoning his mother, forbidden feelings of passion and love, and overall, a desire for validation of his inner conflict, something no one in his life seems to understand. Anakin’s genocidal elimination of a tribe of Tusken Raiders is a key moment that marks his first steps down a path of darkness.

He might not like the Anakin/Padmé stuff as much but not bad at all for going against fandom groupthink.

Meanwhile over at ScreenRant, usually not the most friendly place for prequel fans, is this piece 19 Untold Secrets of the Star Wars Prequels.  Some of it is pretty well-known, some of it may be new to you.

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14 Responses to “AOTC Is Someone’s Favorite & Untold Secrets Of The PT”

  1. Hoggle Says:

    AotCs is my fav. of the PTs also.

    I rate RotS better, due to it is a more episodic type of film and it has the advantage that it had two films laying an amazing foundation for it, along with being the bridge to the OT & so much monumental stuff/scenes of saga reverberation go on in it, along with the peak reached of cinematic techniques being fully developed & fined tuned at a level now seamless to the reach of the story telling. I like the more episodic films, & they have their own art form, but they are easier to pull off in terms of peaks & troughs to pacing just falling together.

    TPM & AoTCs are more the continuous narrative of dramatic tension to a story’s momentum to me, & i tend to fav. that style of cinematic story telling – it’s more high risk, there is more at stake, if things don’t hit their story beat relative to cinematic flow, it can really put at risk what has come before. TPM & AotCs both are more this type of dramatic tension, & both slightly lose it in near tail end of film, for different reasons to me. But AotCs has the best continous momentus section for cinematic story telling to me out of the PTs, which is essentially the entirety of the film up until the Driod foundary sequence, which i do like all the same. That and the haphazardly edited Jedi vs Battle Droids arena scene, are more episodic type scenes, but the film has all it’s chips till then in it’s momentus flow. But AotCs momentum wasn’t just it’s action, it was it’s story & tone. The cut story & tone of AotCs does take away from it, & the more otherwise enjoyable, if not fully realised, more episodic scenes grind things to a halt alot more without them. For an example of the diff i am meaning, one just has to read the Graphic Novel of AotCs, It is amazing and has it all, just a knock out of a read.

    So i rate RotS as the best of the PT, along with tESb, best of the first 6 Star Wars saga films. But RotS isn’t my fav, & actually rate it as having my fav. material out of the PTs, as shown from graphic Novels which were reflections of original shooting script word to word till RotS, which had ‘the most’ post changes which seem to take effect about two thirds of the way through the GN, & the shooting script itself, which incorporates the post shoot changes along with rest of entirety of deleted scenes. IN relation to it’s material then, i see RotS as being the furtherest away from it’s full potential out of PTs, so i thik the full thing would have been totally THE barnstorming episode of Star Wars cinema.

  2. Phen Says:

    sometims AotC if my second favorite. I love jedi, i love obiwan. I love Dooku ROTS is always my favorite. but i love me some AOTC

  3. Phen Says:

    and by second favorite i mean of all star wars. not prequels.

  4. Jacobesico Says:

    Good for him!

    It’s nice to see people speaking out like that.

    Personally, I don’t really have a favourite but I love the visual elements of AoTC not to mention Across the Stars.

  5. Colress Plasma Says:

    why are the prequels soo hated i need to know

  6. PrinceOfNaboo Says:

    “While he maintains a public expression of pride, privately Lucas himself finds frustration with the prequels.”


    • davidbreslin101 Says:

      “Citation needed”, i think….

      • Independent Radical Says:

        A citation, along with proof of the ability to use the Force to read minds. He is “privately” frustrated with the prequels? How would you know? If anything he’s probably frustrated that people didn’t get them and pushed him out of the franchise because of them. Even if he did end disliking them, that wouldn’t prove anything, since his feelings would be the result of internet hate.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      Yes, weird. I remember that GL said (shortly before the Lucasfilm sale was announced) that he no longer planned to do other SW movies because of the criticism the PT has received, but he did not seem to be frustrated by how the movies themselves turned out. Maybe the author thought of this statement, but did not properly remember it?
      Overall, the article is a pleasant surprise. It contains some “stereotype criticisms” of the PT at the beginning and some smaller errors (CGI volcanoes in RotS despite the model they built for Mustafar?). However, it is e.g. defensive of Hayden (even Leonardo di Caprio would have been criticized etc.). And I really learned something new.

      • Pedro Felipe Says:

        Yeah, it really bugs me that all this disinformation regarding the VFX in the prequels that spreads likes wildfire on the internet. But then the internet is an incredibly fertile ground for all kinds of nonsense of every kind, so we shouldn’t really be surprised. It is a common phenomena, specially for movies with really good cutting edge effects for people, specially people who THINK they know something about special effects, to not know how to distinguish if something is real/miniature/CG/practical effects. And since the prequels are so awesome, it happens with them all the time. If you compare the prequels with ANY big budget sci-fi action/adventure movie released in the last 10 years, the prequels have more practical effects hands down. It’s just that George didn’t make a religion and didn’t let the past hold him back. By the way, the hypocrisy is enourmous, the force awakens had tons of bad CG.

  7. Žiga P. Škraba Says:

    AotC is so good. My 2nd favourite after RotS. I just love their mature themes and an operatic feel.

  8. outoftheloveofpi Says:

    I’m so happy someone has the courage to voice that opinion. Oh, I’m 40 years old, and saw the OT as a kid, so I love Empire, Jedi, and A New Hope (especially after Rogue One), but the Prequels really clinched in me, particularly The Phantom Menace. So glad for these sites. Enough with the rant against the prequels. And hey, Rogue One had some nice references to that wonderful trilogy!

  9. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    I cannot decide which PT movie is the best. Personally, I believe there is no such thing as “the best”, considering this title is based upon a person’s individual preference.

    I would say that “Attack of the Clones” is my favorite.

  10. Pedro Felipe Says:

    Attack of the Clones is amazing, the visuals are just stunning and another example of Lucas really pushing the envelope in all senses, he really ha ILM do revolutionary things with digital technology in order to properly tell this incredible story.

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