A Couple Of Things To Brighten Your Day

Well, a smidge anyway.

Clickbait site Screen Crush interviewed Rogue One star Riz Ahmed and the topic of the prequels came up.  He’s not real fond of Jar Jar but had good things overall to say about the films.  Because I don’t want to give the clicks to a clickbait site, Star Wars The Prequel Trilogy has the relevant parts screencapped.

Meanwhile, Kathleen Kennedy tells the New York Daily news that:

“We certainly look at the prequels and there are a lot of ideas inherent in the prequels that will probably — undoubtedly — find their way into future ‘Star Wars’ movies,” she notes.

“So yeah, it’s all part of the mythology.”

H/T Furious Fanboys

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19 Responses to “A Couple Of Things To Brighten Your Day”

  1. Jim Raynor Says:

    I thought the parallels to the failure of the League of Nations and the rise of fascism were quite clear. TPM gets a lot of crap for being the “kiddie” SW movie, but it introduced a greater level of political commentary that was continued to an even greater extent in AOTC and ROTS.

    I felt that the message of the films were both timeless as well as timely. George Lucas really had something relevant and important to say, and his prequels continue to be relevant today.

    For too long the fandom and media has ignored the depth of these movies, choosing the to write the films off as hollow CGI shows. It’s reassuring to see more people today who seem to “get” Star Wars, as shown by this discussion of the film’s politics as well as that recent article about Qui-Gon’s importance in the saga.

    • Pedro Felipe Says:

      Indeed, these movies really go into a lot of deep issues from family to politics. If you look at George’s book shelve in The Phantom Menace documentary you can trace a lot of the influences in the themes of all six films of the Saga. All of them have multiple layers and really make you reflect about this things. It is ironic that what the hate boys want seems to be precisely the “empty hollow special FX shows” they accused the prequels of being.

    • CaptainFordo Says:

      > being the “kiddie” SW movie

      And thats just funny, considering the lucas saga itself was supposed to be a kids show!

    • lovelucas Says:

      Jim – yes – and George was always there trying to warn us to be smart, to research, to realize how important it is to give power to someone. As we sadly only too well now know.

    • James bagshaw Says:

      Nice , Jim . The prequels are indeed timeless . Good observation referring to the league of nations , but I look at the modern day Brexit situation as a near parallel to attack of the clones . Giant union of democratic nations (the European Union ) is the equivalent of the Galactic Republic . Vilified for being too beuracratic , and the free market guys in the Out campaign making the case that there can be real free trade outside the union . All inherent in the political development of the movies, with dooku leading the secession . Then there’s the increasing talk of a European army , much like the decision of the republic to have it’s own standing army .

      • Tarrlok Says:

        It’s the age-old story of centralisation and de-centralisation, known in political science circles as centripetal and centrifugal forces respectively.

        Americans could think perhaps of their Civil War and the repeated political conflicts over the size and role of the US federal government and “states’ rights.”

        Brexit is an apt comparison to Separatism in SW (to help explain SW, I sometimes refer to the CIS as Space Brexit) because of the wide range of political positions prompting people to support leaving. They have completely divergent views on whether the EU does too much or too little to help people. Yet they formed a joint campaign to leave the EU.

        The exact same thing happens in SW. There’s an episode of TCW where a CIS senator declares that their state isn’t as beholden to the likes of the Corporate Alliance as the Republic is. They react against the Republic’s inability to step in and resolve the Naboo Crisis by leaving the union. This is in addition to every cartel in the galaxy which joins or otherwise supports the CIS out of concern that the Republic would respond more forcefully than it did at Naboo.

        Back when TCW was coming out and the PT was being discussed, I saw incredulity in some quarters of the SW fandom that the CIS would include both strains of Separatism. Well, what happened this year in the UK is a good argument that it’s possible to include both strains.

    • andywylde77 Says:

      It always makes me laugh how the detractors of these films complain about them being “too kiddy” or some other crap like that. But when you read their comments regarding the films, they are the ones that sound like the whiny kids! I mean they just have hollow complaints for the most part. Just lame stuff like, “boring politics”, lame CGI”, “bad acting”, “bad dialogue” and whine, whine and whine!

      All their hollow complaints are never followed up with any examples to back their whiny complaints up with. All you get is usually, ;hurr durr I hate sand!” Like really? A kid who was raised on a desert planet that was nothing but sand and sand storms making a valid complaint. The whole “I hate sand” whining is really one of the worst examples.

      But the whole galactic politics side was one of the best parts of the entire PT. To me anyway. It was one of the best ways to show how the Republic functioned and how it was also manipulative as well. I was happy to see how the galaxy was like before the Empire took control. But I guess for some folks all this talk of “lame politics” is just too much for their lame brains to handle. I mean these are the same idiots that claim that tax disputes and trade negotiations are what “ruined” the PT. Even though none of those actually took place in the films! The whole tax on trade routes was basically left at the door as soon as the opening crawl ended and the invasion began. But some think that TPM and the rest of the trilogy for that mater was all about “tax on trade routes” So that really speaks volume about the idiots that whine how bad the films are. They hate something they can’t even get a firm grasp on what it is even about on even the most fundamental level.

  2. Nariel Says:

    Kathleen Kennedy’s comment is a nice surprise (to me at least).

  3. lovelucas Says:

    Can it be possible? The rattling of the cages has been heard? This is the same woman who stood front and center with Abrams denying the prequels and George. It’s always always about the profit$ and if prequel fans are refusing to bow down and pay to watch anti-George material (I am one of them – I sat TFA out until it was free on tv) or refusing to buy Star Wars merchandise that excludes the prequels….well,,, in whatever form, perhaps they are finally listening. FWIW – I will be paying (and for sons and grandsons) to see Rogue this month but it’s because George visited the set, and there was obvious mutual admiration and respect between him and Gareth Edwards…who really treasured the positive comments from George so..yes, I will see and pay to see this and encourage surrounding younglings and their parents (who are no longer younglings) to see it as well.

  4. Hunk a Junk Says:

    There are three billion reasons why Kennedy feels safe enough to say something pro-prequel now. Last year, when the fate of the Disney deal and her own stewardship of the company rested on TFA making bank, she wasn’t so charitable. So I welcome her comments, but I don’t exactly see them as a profile in courage. Standing by George and his work last year, and encouraging others in the company to do the same, was the right thing to do — and she didn’t do it. Has anyone seen Kennedy standing next to George? Was he at the premiere? No. Kennedy threw him under the bus and they both know it.

  5. jayoungr Says:

    I find Kathleen Kennedy’s comment to be underwhelming, coming from someone whom Lucas trusted to represent his creation at Disney. It’s extremely tepid and non-commital. The best I can say for it is that it’s more positive than her previous hints about remaking/retconning the prequels.

    • Brian47 Says:

      Actually, I don’t think I’ve seen comments anywhere from Kathleen Kennedy about remaking or retconning the PT. Do you have any evidence of this? She has always stated from the beginning that all SW movies are canon, this was all part of the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney. And all comments subsequently from the Lucasfilm story group, whether Pablo, Kiri Jart, Leland Chee or others, point out what canon they are following and it is all the movies and TCW series.

      Disney and Lucasfilm have also prided themselves on launching a new era when all the ancillary materials matter, meaning TV shows, novels and comic books. The show “Rebels” has characters and story elements direct from the PT, novels such as “Tarkin” and “Lords of the Sith” do as well along with the comic book series “Darth Vader” and “Obi-wan & Anankin”. Disney isn’t going to retcon the PT and then declare all of those TV shows and books “Legends”, like the old EU. It just doesn’t make sense for them to that, as it would then invalidate all of the effort made in these other projects.

      The PT is here to stay and this is most strongly evident in all that ancillary material I mentioned, which means, by extension it includes the movies too. So let’s not start any unfounded rumors.

      • lovelucas Says:

        Brian – They’re not unfounded. We were there at Celebration VII when George was totally ignored – it was like he was Valdemort – he who must not be named. The Prequels were dissed over and over and the implication was TFA would not stoop to their level by using green screen. Yeah – JJ and KK sat right on that stage and let that happen.

      • maychild Says:

        Never mind the tons of greenscreen that was used in TFA.

      • Brian47 Says:

        lovelucas – I did read about all those comments (or lack of comments) made at Celebration by Kennedy and Abrams and yes, it was absolutely unfortunate and disheartening. It was intimations that the PT would be remade or retconned that I was specifically referring to as having not being stated, that I recall.

      • jayoungr Says:

        Re Kathleen Kennedy and remaking the prequels, I’m pretty sure I saw it on this site, but I can’t seem to find it quickly; I’ll keep digging and see if I can find the exact quote. As I remember, it was a coy “Maybe sometime we might consider remaking the prequels” statement rather than any kind of commitment to an intention to do so. But almost certainly said with the intention of catering to the audience that TFA was targeting.

  6. Anthony Says:

    Cinema Blend also covered this. I tried to respond to the topic, but something weird’s going on with the site. All my posts keep disappearing. O_O I don’t know if the thread has closed, or if they just have to be moderated, but every single one of my posts disappeared. Even after I edited it to PG levels (just to be sure…), it still disappeared! So here’s what I would have posted, if the site had allowed me to:

    “First of all, it’s disingenuous to say that there is “little love for the three films”. Just because a few critics didn’t like it, don’t try to pretend it’s the whole world that hates them. Or have you missed the fact that there is a ‘Star Wars Prequel Appreciation’ society, and the dozens upon dozens of sites defending them? The fandom is split 50-50, from what I’ve seen, not 70-30, or even 90-10, as the prequel haters would have you believe. Remember when the scores and all the reviews the movies would have gotten on Rotten Tomatos were tallied up, and ‘Revenge of the Sith’ came out on top, beating out ‘Empire’? I hate when one poster tries to pass off their opinion as everyone else’s. “Everyone loves ‘The Dark Knight’ and thinks it’s an undisputed masterpiece.” NO, everyone does NOT love ‘The Dark Knight’ and thinks it’s an undisputed masterpiece! That type of thing.

    Most of what people love about Star Wars nowadays really comes from the prequels. The music, the settings, the alien races used in games, etc. They really expanded the world, because the original movies are limited as hell. If they were never made, we would still be playing with the same three or four ‘Original Trilogy’ settings in every single game, and reading about them in every single book. 😛 The problem with the prequels is that everybody really had this epic trilogy built up in their minds that had no basis in reality, the expectations swollen by 16 years of waiting. I wish I really had the link to it, but I recall at one point that George Lucas said in an interview that the prequels were going to be more political. If only we had listened to him. 😛 I like the movies, but I didn’t think it was strictly necessary to tell Anakin Skywalker’s story in three movies. I thought they could have done it in two, or even one. I always thought the movies would be more separate, with separate threats in each one while Palpatine was manipulating from behind the scenes, with Anakin being a side character of sorts, or at least not being as important as somebody else, and another leader. Then the crap hits the fan, and he comes out of nowhere to destroy the Jedi Order, having turned because of the stress of the situations, and because nobody was paying sufficient attention to it. I always thought that, ever since I first read about Palpatine’s background on the back of an action figure. 😛 But people expected this epic trilogy that was going to be better than Luke’s story, and win all sorts of Oscars, and so forth. That was never going to happen. >_> So people built it up in their minds, and were disappointed when it wasn’t what they thought it was going to be. They didn’t think about what the man himself wanted to do, and what his intentions for the series were. That brings up another point. One of the main issues with prequel haters is that I have NEVER heard a convincing argument for why Anakin’s story being less than stellar on screen ruins Luke’s story. They say, oh, Star Wars violated my childhood, and George Lucas this and that, blah blah blah, (which is ridiculous – the man can’t time travel. Only Q could mess up your childhood, or a Time Lord, in that way…), but I have never heard a single compelling argument for why Anakin’s story affects Luke. If it were that way with all properties, that a single less than stellar entry could destroy your fandom, I would never replay the ‘Hellraiser’ movies, with 7 of the entries after the first two sucking, and I would have given up on Marvel after ‘Iron Man 3’. If that is enough to put you off the series forever, the truth is you were never really a fan in the first place. Because Star Wars is more than just a series of movies. :-/ I would hope that we would all remember that. 😛

    People are also getting tired of the authorities ignoring the prequels. ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ got a bad reception among many circles last year, because among a whole host of other problems, there were no prequel battlegrounds, and we were seeing the same boring Yavin, Hoth, and Endor crap we had seen before. 😛 Which we have already seen about a thousand times. You have to have more variety. The prequels richly expanded the universe, and transformed Palpatine into one of the best villains in cinema, rather than just the devil in a black cloak. You have to use that. 🙂 Personally, I prefer Padme to Leia. I know that sounds like blasphemy, since Carrie Fisher just died, but it’s the truth. Leia seems like she’s got great anger issues, and it seems like she’s one of those leaders who would be great to admire, but not to know personally. Someone brought this up on another topic on a site, and it raised a pertinent question. The person said that the original characters were people you’d want to spend time with. I don’t want to spend any time with Leia and Han – he’s greasy, crude, and looks like he’d smell, at least in A New Hope. And Leia is scarier than Mara. 😛 I’d want to spend time with Padme, questioning her about various philosophical issues, and with Anakin, trying to convince him that he could leave the Jedi Order, and let them solve their own damn problems. 😛 The audience expecations were one thing, but the movies weren’t obligated to follow those, regardless of what the fans thought and what they had in mind. So Anakin wasn’t the man Luke thought he was, or that the fans thought he was. Who gives a crap?

    ‘The Force Awakens’ also got a greatly bad reception, among some circles, after the initial praise had faded, because it seemed like the movie was ignoring that the prequels existed, and it was basically ignoring its own past. >_> It was like the universe suddenly popped up into existence fully formed 30 years before ‘The Force Awakens’, and none of the stuff that happened before matters, including Palpatine’s brilliant manipulations and performance. 😛 Which would have been fine, to an extent…if they had bothered to do something original. But instead they ripped off ‘A New Hope’, because they were too scared to do something new, so they leaned on ‘A New Hope’ like a crutch, and incorporated a bit of ‘Empire’. And called it a day. That’s sloppy film making, and it shows to an extent that you’re not ready to handle a mega series like Star Wars, because you can’t take risks. :-/ And in J.J.’s case, you can’t even give backstory to your characters! Or your settings! That’s all being done in the new books, because we know next to nothing about the New Republic or what Leia’s been up to, or the First Order, outside of them. So the novels are having to pick up the slack, for ‘The Force Awakens’ team’s laziness. 😛 That sucks for Rian Johnson, and those who come after him!! Because J.J. and Co. have left him a mess. It’s unfair to him, and say what you will about George Lucas, but at least he told a complete story. 😛 Btw, I also prefer the ship design in the prequels to ‘A New Hope’ and the original trilogy. I don’t need the “used” future, and everything looking like crap, during what is supposed to be the Republic’s Golden Age, or the restoration after when Palpatine is defeated. 😛 It’s hard to put into words, but I’m going to try to do so anyway. The prequels are more symbolic, with mythological images and layers of subjects, at the expense of a somewhat personal touch. The original trilogy has a much better personal touch, but there’s nothing going on underneath the surface; it’s just a simple little redemption story. 🙂 That being said, the prequels have two indisputably great accomplishments, besides the costumes and world design: Ewan McGregor’s performance as Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ian McDiarmid’s masterful performance as Chancellor Palpatine. That, and Samuel L. Jackson wielding a lightsaber, as Mace Windu. 😛 If nothing else, making the prequel trilogy was worth it just for those things. (I’d count Padme with those great accomplishments also, but like I said, some people can’t past their Leia worship. Your mileage may vary, but barring her end, I think she’s a pretty great character.)

    I’m just letting you know that I don’t mind the prequels being a part of the series. 😛 There are those of us who value them for what they are, and don’t wish to change them with their flaws and all, and exclude them from the series. 🙂 I didn’t need to see Han Solo drinking his way across the galaxy as a young teen, or Boba Fett leading an army of perverted Mandalorians against the Republic. 😛 I’d accept whatever story George Lucas decided to tell, and judge it on its own merits. 🙂 It’s also worth noting that a lot of the haters who criticize the prequels can’t really write a decent story and come up with decent material themselves. Adam Driver said ‘The Force Awakens’ was 10,000 times better than the prequels (an impossibility, mathematically), and his performance as Kylo Ren was terrible and was the weakest part of ‘The Force Awakens’s script. Wil Wheaton has criticized the prequels on numerous occasions, and he hasn’t really done anything in 10 – 15 years. And he’s also degraded himself, in an attempt to bury Wesley Crusher into the ground. Simon Pegg hates the prequels brutally, and yet “Star Trek Beyond” is the only good writing credit to hs name. He’s also a very petty man, making George Lucas look like God in his charity contributions and contributions to technology in the industry – what has Simon Pegg done? (Or have we forgotten about how he’s since gone on to insult EVERYONE, comic book fans, fantasy fans, sci-fi fans, and regular Star Wars fans, not just prequel fans?) I think it’s pretty fair to say that without ILM, the company that George built, Simon Pegg would have no career in ‘Star Trek’ at this point. 😛 I’ve criticized the Star Wars prequels before, but I’m just a nobody on the Internet who does some amateur writing; my opinion doesn’t carry the same weight, or influence. 😛 Frankly, with responses here, I don’t really care what anobody else thinks. I won’t respond to anyone, unless you’re willing to talk things out rationally and calmly. This is just an indictment of what is a very hypocritical, very misguided, very *stupid* movement that has been going on for several years, and refuses to die. :-/ And it is stupid, because all it does is cause divisions among the fans, and I’ve even heard of people stabbing other people with pencils, and harassment at conventions, particularly against the female fans, who love Padme. :-/ You ask why people leave the Star Wars fandom, and fandoms like Batman and Lord of the Rings sometimes? THIS is why.

    It’s just a truly ridiculous situation. It’s fine if you don’t like the movies, but don’t try to pretend you can force your opinion onto dozens of millions of people worldwide. >_>”

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