Essay On ROTS

A Score To Settle is about music scores and this entry focuses on ROTS.  There’s a lot of great stuff here, check it out:

On the day it was released, I wound up seeing it twice – once in the early morning on my own and then again in the evening with friends. From the opening space battle to the visually poetic closing moments, I was riveted. As a first generation fan who caught each film from the classic trilogy in the theaters, I’d found myself fascinated on many levels by the era being presented in this second trilogy, the prequels. It was akin to watching a “period piece” of our own history, when mannerisms, dress and behaviors might differ to the present, such as Elizabethan dramas compared to present day. Not to everyone’s taste, but I was digging it. The world-building was imaginative and immersive, diving into other cultures and corners of the fictional galaxy previously unexplored or simply unknown. I plugged into the macro/micro level of parallel storytelling on display throughout, noting how over the course of the trilogy we witness both a democratic Republic and a compassionate Jedi Knight named Anakin Skywalker be manipulated and corrupted from the inside out, all by the same person, that being Chancellor Palpatine. Indeed, the fateful circumstances leading to Anakin’s downfall constitute the component to which I unexpectedly connected.

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5 Responses to “Essay On ROTS”

  1. Kim Says:

    Very enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing. I really love the music in all the prequels.

  2. Nariel Says:

    Even though the blog is about scores, what I liked the most are the author’s thoughts on the movie itself, including the references to classic tragedies. The analogy between the prequels and period pieces, and later Tolkien’s “The Silmarillion”, is also very interesting.

  3. Brian47 Says:

    Thanks for the comments, guys! While the focus of the blog is indeed the music, plus my personal connection, I do try to discuss the movie a bit if I can. With SITH, it’s a real personal favorite of mine, so I was really compelled to discuss it further than I did with other movies I profile. Same with STAR TREK GENERATIONS, the story it presents resonated with me, so it gets more attention in my notes.

    • Nariel Says:

      Just to clarify, I didn’t mean that in any negative way. ROTS is a favorite for me as well, so I’m always interested in reading about it and seeing other people’s perspectives, and your post was indeed a great read.

      • Brian47 Says:

        Oh, no worries at all! I didn’t take anything you wrote as a negative assessment, just sharing more of my process for writing the posts. Thanks!

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