In Praise Of Qui-Gon

Eleven-Thirty Eight posted an essay called In Praise Of Qui-Gon: The Quiet Rebel which takes a look at the maverick Jedi:

Qui-Gon’s role has also been mildly controversial. Some lay the blame for everything bad that happens – from Anakin’s fall to the rise of the Empire – at his door. Others argue that the character should never have been included at all, and that Obi-Wan should have discovered Anakin Skywalker himself.

For me, though, not only is Qui-Gon the definitive Jedi, he is also crucial to our understanding of what they are, and what they should be. His philosophy and quietly rebellious nature is inspirational, and by exploring his relationship with the Jedi Council, we can learn everything we need to know about the Order and its mistakes.


7 Responses to “In Praise Of Qui-Gon”

  1. lovelucas Says:

    Love Qui-Gon – Wouldn’t be George’s Star Wars without him. It was so important to show Obi Wan as a padawan still requiring guidance, patience and looking beyond “another pathetic life form” to include all. The lineage of the Jedi was a huge part of the magic of the prequels.

  2. Hoggle Says:

    It’s interesting about Qui-gon that in tPM shoot script, his position also was that Anakin was to old to train initially & then when he finds out more about him (presumably in relation to the Midi & prophecy), that Anakin isn’t just a potential ‘normal’ Jedi that will not get to be realised. That was interesting to me, as it showed Qui-gon was also somewhat conservative when it came to the issues that were involved in becoming a Jedi at that time of the Order.

    So there is was abit of Qui-gon having doubt, but being outweighed by what he felt compelled to do yet didn’t understand. Which in a sense is where the issues lay in how the Code was being interpreted at the time, & for Anakin helped turn him into a conflicted Dark Jedi by end of AotCs.

    I liked the essay too.

  3. Nariel Says:

    Great analysis of Qui-Gon’s character and his influence in the saga. I also couldn’t imagine Star Wars without him.

  4. Pedro Felipe Says:

    Qui Gon is an amazing character, I loved the essay. I love how he cares about and bets everything on Anakin, to the despair of Obi Wan and Padme. It’s very funny that Watto speaks in huttese how he thinks he is an idiot by doing that: “Your friend is a follish one I think”, “You should tell your friend to stop betting or he’ll end up being mine too.”

  5. Pedro Felipe Says:

    I also love his lines, incredibly well written: “Feel, don’t think. Use your instincts.” The Phantom Menace has amazing dialogue scenes, I was always struck by them. The movie is very deep and the pacing between the action and the dialogue is aweasome. I love the acting, absolutely love Shmi: “You can’t stop the change anymore than you can stop the suns from setting”. Absolutely love her acting, the dialogue is clean, beautiful, emotional and straightfoward. Not everything has to sound like Lord of The Rings (by the way, I love The Lord of The Rings), thought Lucas does have classy nice touches with Count Dooku and Palpatine. It balances emotion, wit and exposition in a gorgeous way. Lucas wanted to tell a story and he knew that fancy dialogue just for the sake of being fancy does no good in doing that. This is frequently misentrepeted to sugest Lucas is a bad writer. He was absolutely right, that’s why the dialogue is not terribly complex or witty all the time, and it’s great. The the dialogue, the scenario, the action and the music all have a place in the narrative.

  6. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    Qui-Gon Jinn has always been my favorite Jedi character. But this article highlights a problem regarding another Jedi character – Mace Windu. Why do so many writers who point out the flaws of the Jedi, tend to focus on Master Windu? As if he was the only Jedi who was flawed?

    • Nariel Says:

      Perhaps it’s because this is usually discussed in the context of Anakin’s fall, and Mace Windu is the Council member who is most often seen expressing disapproval and distrust of Anakin?

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