Favorite Scene Series Gives Some Love To TPM

Frequent Lucasfilm/Star Wars author Jason Fry wrote this great piece on why “Qui-Gon Waits” is his favorite scene from the saga:

From a storytelling standpoint, the energy gates at the heart of Theed are a device to separate Obi-Wan from the other combatants, letting Lucas use Maul as the antagonist for two different dramatic fights.

The pause in the duel shows us the length of the energy-gate cycle, but it’s a potentially awkward bit of staging — one Lucas turns into a great, wordless character moment for all three duellists. Maul tests the energy field and then prowls around like a caged beast. Obi-Wan, powerless to intervene, bounces on his tiptoes in frustration. And Qui-Gon? He switches off his saber, regards Maul for a moment, then sinks to his knees and shuts his eyes.


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2 Responses to “Favorite Scene Series Gives Some Love To TPM”

  1. Nariel Says:

    I agree, that scene was a great moment of characterization for the three of them, particularly the contrast of Qui-Gon’s and Maul’s actions.

  2. Pedro Felipe Says:

    Indeed, such an amazing moments, one more of the great sutilties in The Phantom Menace, everything has been meticulously thoght out. Every time I see this movie with a person that hasn’t seen it before they’re perplexed by what he does.

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