First Peek At Bail Organa in “Rogue One”

It looks like it came from celebrity gossip mag “Us” (originally posted by IndianaJedi on Twitter):


Still has the House Organa thingie on his belt buckle.  Nice job, Costume Department.  He may not be as high up the food chain anymore because Leia took his job.

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28 Responses to “First Peek At Bail Organa in “Rogue One””

  1. Jacobesico Says:

    It’s great to see Jimmy back as Bail Organa.

  2. lovelucas Says:

    He was extremely popular with the cast and crew. Pablo Hildago mentioned him as a favorite numerous times. I always wanted to see more of Bail. His final line in RotS is…golden: She will be loved.

  3. lovelucas Says:

    Whoops not his final line – that was having the protocol droid’s mind wiped.

  4. Independent Radical Says:

    I think he’s not as high up on the food chain, because by this point the Emperor was completely robbed the Senators of their power to the point where he felt he could get away with dissolving the Senate (as he does in New Hope).

  5. Independent Radical Says:

    Though the idea that Leia took his job is a more optimistic way to look at things.

  6. piccolojr1138 Says:

    It would be even greater if he mentioned Senator Amidala… but I shouldn’t dream too much. Anyway, I’m pretty excited for Rogue One

  7. Pedro Felipe Says:

    Oh my GOD… I’m very conflicted about this movie. On one hand there are certainly things going for it and they seem to have a little bit more courage with this one, thought it seems to suffer from the same problems the force awakens did as this interview clearly reveals, albeit to a lesser degree:

  8. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    Even though Bail is no longer a senator in the Imperial Senate, as Alderaan’s representative; he is still Prince Consort to Queen Breha Organa of Alderaan, head of the royal house and ruler of Alderaan at this time. So, he should still be a bit more elaborately dressed than he appears in the photo.

    • Independent Radical Says:

      I suspect the photo shows him in a militaristic context, as a rebellion leader, so I don’t think more elaborate clothes would make sense.

      I came from a lower income family so I’ve always admired the austerity of the Jedi. The fact that they can convey power and authority while being dressed in bathrobes (at least they look like that to me) is a testament to their natural strength. Still, it seems like Rogue One is copying the aesthetics of the original trilogy, which makes sense given that it’s set closer in time to it, but the whole thing still feels like an implicit denunciation of the prequels.

      Personally, I don’t care that much either way about the costumes, my biggest concern is that we’re going to get simplistic characters, because the angry (mostly white, mostly male) opponents of the prequels can’t handle complexity in their characters.

      I fear it’s just going to be the stoic, cold, aggressive main female character (Jyn) and her stoic, cold, aggressive male allies against the stoic, cold, aggressive, deprived of the inner conflict that made his character so fascinating, Vader (and the simplistically evil Empire more generally). Even in New Hope, which is the simplest of the Star Wars films, I feel like Vader (and Han Solo, though he probably will not be in Rogue One) had more complexity than the typical fan assumed. My biggest concern is that such complexity (for all the characters, not such Vader) will be left out of the film for fear of offending prequel hating fanboys.

      I will withhold judgement until I see the film though and they did include a fascinating line from the prequels in one of their trailers (“the dark side of the Force is a pathway to many ability some consider to be unnatural”), so I hope they haven’t abandoned them entirely and that they will capture some of the inner conflict that drove Anakin to become Vader and that eventually brought him back to the light. It doesn’t need to be too explicit (I feel it was a little too blunt and in your face with Kylo Ren), but I do want to be left with the impression that the film makers recognised that there’s more to him then stoic, mindless aggression.

      • Pedro Felipe Says:

        I also feel this way, thought I do feel a little bit of hope. The 20 seconds of Erso family backstory we saw in the trailer in my opinion had more depth than the entire force awakens plot.

      • Marshall Says:

        When I heard Mothma telling Jyn that she’s been on her own since she was 15 and is headstrong and reckless and Jyn replies “this is a rebellion isn’t it? I rebel.” I thought, “oh boy, Disney going to be giving us the same Strong Female Character (insert trademark here) again. Why can’t she be an average, happy girl from a loving family?

      • Independent Radical Says:

        To Marshall,

        I don’t mind if Jyn’s been on her own since 15, so long as they acknowledge that those sorts of experiences tend to result in psychological baggage. They don’t just make people more badass. But we know from how the anti-prequel crowd denounce Anakin and Padme, that angry men on the internet equate justified emotional pain with weakness, so the film makers wouldn’t dare go in that direction. hope is that Jyn will learn a lesson about the difference between rebelling for the sake of rebelling and rebelling for the sake of a cause. That would add some complexity to her character, but still leave us trapped in compulsory stoicism land. I’m not totally giving up on the possibility that I’ll like Rogue One, but at the moment I’m more excited about Episode 8 in the saga, which will hopefully go in a more interesting direction than Force Awakens did.

        I’m relieved JJ Abrams isn’t making Episode 8. He’s a talented director, but his take on Star Wars (including his contempt for the prequels as evidenced by the removal of the pod racing flags discussed below, though to be fair it might not take much sense for flags from a race most people wouldn’t know the significance of 60 years later to be there) rubs me the wrong way. He wants to force his own style onto it, instead of really understanding what it was.

      • Marshall Says:

        Actually, Independent Radical, the reason I had a problem with Jyn Erso’s “orphan/street urchin” profile is because we already had that with Rey and it seems like Disney is just sticking with a character formula whereas Lucas made his female characters different from one another: Padme’s personality was different from Leia’s, Ahsoka’s personality was different from Shaak Ti’s. Aayla’s personality was different from Oola’s. Even Jaina Solo and Tenel Ka, two characters Lucas had little involvement with, have different personalities. Just like real life.

      • Independent Radical Says:

        To Marshall

        Indeed, the lack of originality does seem to be an ongoing issue with the new Star Wars content. It stems from their desire to be safe and not offend anyone. One could say that Anakin and Leia had similar personalities and that Luke and Padme did too, which makes sense given genetics, but their stories are different enough that I don’t feel there’s a lack of originality.

        Jyn seems more aggressive and disobedient than Rey and at least her appeal isn’t based largely on mystery. This is a standalone film, so nobody’s counting on endless internet debates about parentage to sell it (though I’m sure such debates will still occur). My concern is that she may be too similar to Katniss Everdeen (I’ve even seen at comparison made online) as she was at the start of the Hunger Games series and every other “strong badass female character”.

  9. Heidi Says:

    I dunno, I think it looks rather drab. Is this more in an effort to look like the trilogy and if so, can we expect the rest of the movie’s wardrobe to be just as… colorless? I’d rather be wrong. Movie costumes are usually a big pull for me, I love how the help create characters.

    • Pedro Felipe Says:

      Indeed, one of the big problems I had with the force awakens was just how dark it felt, darker than any original trilogy movie. The haters seem to have amneasy and, like Lucas said, want Star Wars to feel like the terminator, but it never was anything like this. That’s one of the problems with all this prequel denying, by ignoring or even willingly distancing thenselves from the prequels (remember JJ telling the editor to remove podracer flags on Maz Castle) they are striping the very essense of Star Wars out of those movies. The fanboy worshiped Empire Strikes Back couldn’t be more different than the force awakens, in fact it has nothing to do with the force awakens! Cloud city always remembered me of the prequels, the first and second trilogy are complimentary historically speaking, no matter what you might read on books such as “The Secret History of Star Wars” which has really nice pieces of evidence but a hightly biased, non scholarly analysis of them. Speaking of that book, it is ridiculous how the haters spit at the prequels for not sticking with their “pure” “original” conception of an idea they got from some novelization or deleted scene or original script, when the ESB plot is as retconning as it gets, and it is aweasome, as they admit.

      • Heidi Says:

        What a shame. I adore the colors in the Prequels. I can’t stand war flicks in general because of how tiring the pallets usually are, this looks like more of the same.

        But what do I know? I’m probably not going to watch these movies, I’m just happy that Jimmy is reprising his role. 🙂
        But for the record, I thought his costume in ROTS was a much better interpretation of Pre-ANH looks that tied both the prequel era and trilogy.

        “JJ telling the editor to remove podracer flags on Maz Castle”
        What? That sounds awfully punitive. Why did he make a special case just to have them removed? They would never hurt the movie

    • Marshall Says:

      Yeah, I’ve watched both trailers and it looks boring and depressing.

    • Pedro Felipe Says:

      Hi Heidi, when the first the force awakens official trailer came out it had a shot of several of maz’s castle with a bunch of flags on it. Those flags had easter eggs including several podracing flags from the competitors we saw in the Phantom Menace, there was Anakin’s flag, Sebulba’s flag, etc.
      Those flags were not in the finished movie, andI know it’s hard and painful to believe, but JJ personally ordered those flags to be removed as this first hand accound, from before the movie was released, on Rolling Stones describes:

      The relevant part is:

      “Abrams, fresh from his speech about the importance of details, sits at the center of the editing room, at a computer set-up that allows him to draw with a stylus on images on the big screen in front of him, doodling on his own movie – at one point, he jokingly draws a Coors logo on a snowy mountain. Effects supervisor Roger Guyett and Kennedy are on a conference call from London, watching the footage, and Abrams’ scrawls, on their own screens.
      They begin by reviewing a shot shown in the trailer, where dozens of flags appear on a castle that belongs to Maz Kanata, a mysterious little goggle-wearing creature, played by Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave) via motion-capture and CGI. The flags are designed to drive superfans nuts with references to the earlier movies, but Abrams tells Guyett that too many of them allude to the first of Lucas’ prequels: “I don’t want to be too about podracers,” he says. “I’d rather come up with our stuff.””

      Disgusting, and of course Kathaleen Kennedy was there witnessing it! That’s why while I understand prequel lovers who want to like these new movies, I know they’re going down a path I cannot follow. This is just the tip of the Iceberg, in The Art of the force awakens book, there were awesome concept art that got throw away obviously to distance themselves from the prequels, resulting in what we’ve got.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Entertainment Weakly interviewed Kennedy recently concerning “Rogue One.” Apparently Lucas not only had a treatment for ST that got tossed in the can, his ideas for standalone films were ALSO discarded. The regime definitely wants to erase Lucas from his own universe, even if on a micro level Gareth Edwards apparently wanted Lucas’s input.

      • Heidi Says:

        Blech, so much ugly going on. Thanks for the info. I appreciate the knowledge, it confirms a lot of my feelings and suspicions about the new “owners” of the franchise.

      • Marshall Says:

        One day, someone is going to have to publish Lucas’ original scripts.

        Here’s another bizarre development: for reasons unknown, J.W. Rinzler’s book, “The Making of the Force Awakens” was canceled and no one, not even the author, knows why. Suspicious isn’t it?

      • lazypadawan Says:

        This is something that is very odd and suspicious to me. Rinzler said he was no longer working with Lucasfilm. It is obvious this had something to do with that book’s cancellation. Rinzler’s style with the previous books is to put everything out there and not worry about PR. My guess is the new regime wanted a PR piece and wanted Rinzler to take out a bunch of stuff, maybe including Lucas’s original ideas. Rinzler probably said no and that was that. Maybe Wikileaks will put that one out someday ;).

      • Marshall Says:

        I smell a conspiracy theory…

  10. lovelucas Says:

    Gareth Edwards requesting input from George is exactly why I will see this and probably multiple times – and as a paying customer unlike my experience with TFA. I just tried it again – It’s still bad, terrible script, performances (except Daisy, Lupita and some of John’s – Harrison and Carrie were really, really awful) – even the fx wasn’t very good, worst score by John W., and Snoke is just ridiculous – every time his name is said it’s just laughable…especially when Carrie says it. I bet she really had problems not voicing an opinion.

    • Pedro Felipe Says:

      Agree completely, if you look at the the force awakens FX Reel you can see it was pretty rushed. At least you can already see from the trailers Rogue One has much better effects.

  11. Captain Kirk Says:

    I’ll boycott this movie. It’s filled with too much PCism, and the director is an asshole and has made rude disgusting remarks about Trum and his supporters:(

    Disney already dissed the PT and EU, and that added another big reason to not see the new movie.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      You’re confusing the director (Gareth Edwards) with writer Chris Weitz and former writer Gary Whitta (and I’ve already stated what I think of that douchebag). Weitz deleted the comments and apologized because he got an earful from other fans and probably from some suits. As I tweeted to the official SW and Disney accounts, don’t bet on China making up for any box office lost if you go the partisan route. Or lost merchandise sales for that matter.

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