Some Anakin News

First off, Star Wars The Prequel Trilogy Facebook page posted an image of SH Figuarts AOTC Anakin figure coming May 2017.

Clone Wars alum Matt Lanter has a hit with NBC’s “Timeless” and is currently featured in People magazine as part of its Sexiest Man Alive issue.  Here’s the kicker…he named his dog after his former padawan Ahsoka:


No word if she gets called Snips when she barks too much.

Finally, the Christmas comedy “Jingle All The Way” was released 20 years ago today.  I remember going to see that, “Space Jam,” and “Star Trek:  First Contact” (also released 20 years ago this week) just to see the Star Wars Special Edition trailers attached to them.   Little did any of us know that just a short time later, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son in the movie, Jake Lloyd, would be part of the saga himself.


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3 Responses to “Some Anakin News”

  1. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    I’m a big fan of “TIMELESS”. And I was surprised when I discovered that Matt Lanter was also the voice of Anakin Skywalker in “THE CLONE WARS”.

  2. Nariel Says:

    The Ahsoka thing is funny. I suppose the perfect revenge would be if Ashley Eckstein named her dog Anakin? 😉

  3. Hoggle Says:

    That Anakin AotCs is pretty cool…..think down track i’m gonna get that along with one or two geonosian battle droid figures and convert them to fun multi pen holders to enliven desk stuff.

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