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I honestly don’t know when this person on Tumblr posted thoughts on Padmé but I thought it had a lot of great points about her character.  YMMV of course:

That can be seen as sweet, in a way—that she’s her true, “just Padmé” self with her family. But for me, it’s a little unsettling. She has no home of her own. Padmé’s room is a corner of her family’s estate with depressing political pictures of herself. Her private residence is just another piece of her Amidala persona.

And it’s not that she couldn’t have anything else. She’s a wealthy twenty-four-year-old woman. Rather, it seems like she doesn’t quite know how to exist outside the roles she serves for others—queen, senator, relative, wife. By ROTS, I think it exhausts her. She loves the Republic, she’s devoted to the Republic, but it’s tearing her apart.

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  1. Hoggle Says:

    When Anakin is first back from rescuing the Chancellor, he’s a hero of the Republic and they have been seperated involved in their respective republic duties, also Padme has been worried about Anakin and doesn’t want to get him into immediate trouble because of her – so she is being prudent about keeping things secret in public for a few different reasons.

    But after they have been together in privacy for not long, their love now comes first & as she points out not much later, they are on a ticking clock with the Queen not letting her serve due to Baby & the inevitability the Jedi finding out when Anakin becomes a father, which is in a way Padme saying that it is time for the deception to stop. Anakin doesn’t disagree with Padme when she is first changing tack, but then he has his first Sith powered vision or communed telepathy happen, which was proceeded by Palpatine bragging to Grevious he will have a new Sith apprentice, & followed by in the graphic novel which seems to be based on original shoot script, Mace Windu having an enclave tellin Yodo & Obi he senses the Dark Side surrounding Palpatine, which has followed his meeting the rescued Chancellor.

    Before Padme meet Anakin again AotCs, her whole life had revolved around public duty to the ideals of the galactic republic & i don’t think she was intended to be your typical everyday character in that sense, in her own way she was just as destined and an important cog in the galatic duel of the fates at that time as her partner, Anakin was.

  2. Nariel Says:

    Very interesting, I have never thought of this darker interpretation of the scenes in Padmé’s family home. I agree about all the factors contributing to Padmé’s exhaustion and eventual death.

  3. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    I’m a little confused here about the whole matter regarding their deception about Padme and Anakin’s marriage. Are we supposed to blame Anakin for the continuation of this deception? Padme? Or both?

    Sith empowered vision? Anakin’s visions about Padme in the middle of childbirth were Sith empowered?

    • Anthony Says:

      I think they were. The key piece of evidence is that Palpatine knew about the visions. If the visions are truly about the future and generated by Anakin’s mind, they should be for Anakin’s eyes only. How would Palpatine know about the visions, unless he were the one sending them himself? It’s a little trick that George plays on the audience and Anakin, and both the audience and Anakin miss it until the end. 🙂 I suppose you could say that Palpatine was riding the wave of Anakin’s visions all along, but if he was already there, why not take the opportunity to plant something for a moment? 😉 If Anakin had stopped to think for a moment, he would have realized the train of thought and promptly cut off Palpatine’s head. 😉 I don’t believe that Anakin was fated to turn all along, because if that were the case, that would mean the Force is a ruthless, vicious deity that doesn’t care that Vader will slaughter millions because of what happens, in order to restore balance. :-/ I’d rather not believe the holy power that the Jedi worship is the real enemy of the series, since George makes it seem like such a nice thing in the commentaries. 🙂

      I blame Anakin, more than anything. Yes, he wanted to be a Jedi Knight, but he had already accomplished what he set out to do. What Anakin wanted to do as a child was become a Jedi Knight, not become a Jedi Master, sit on the Council for 12 years, pass new regulations, etc… From a practical standpoint, he had accomplished that. He had become a hero in the whole galaxy, and saved millions of lives from many different threats. There was nothing more to do. I used to blame Padme, more than anything, but in retrospect, I think hers would have been the easier position to walk away from. :-/ Yes, Anakin was partly right about the Order…but that should have been someone else’s problem. He didn’t have to reform it himself. Anakin wanted to be married to Padme, he knew the Jedi Council wouldn’t allow that, he knew he had already accomplished almost everything he possibly could as a Jedi…and yet he still couldn’t bring himself to give up the Order, because of a want for power. Anakin knew the Order was bad for him, and yet he couldn’t bring himself to give away his position in it. It was almost like a drug. :-/ Anakin was hooked, and he just wanted that seat on the Council no matter what. That cost him severely in the end.

      The problem is that Anakin thought he had nowhere else to go. When in truth, he had a variety of career options in front of him. He could have been a mechanic, he could have been a racer, he could have gone to Corellia and joined CorSec, taking Padme with him, he could have been a bodyguard for Bail, etc. Had Anakin stopped to think about it for a minute, he could have realized there was a multitude of career options for a Force sensitive agent such as himself. He just didn’t want to give up that position as a Jedi. He could have gone to Naboo and formed another wing of the Royal Guard – a Naboo military, in order to further protect Padme and her people.

      Or else, if you want another option, heck, why not just become a regular Republic Navy officer? Not a Jedi serving an Admiral or General, but an actual Admiral or General in the fleet. I’m sure they would have appreciated his Force sensitivity. 🙂 Anakin thought the future was closed to him; but in truth, he had an endless multitude of possibilities: he could have gone anywhere and done anything. Maintaining secrecy wouldn’t have been a problem, because there were plenty of career options where he could have had a wife and it wouldn’t have been an issue; there wouldn’t have been a scandal. He just chose not to take it, because of his own selfish desires.

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        My own personal theory as to “how Palpatine knew” was that he could sense bits and pieces of Anakin’s thoughts without Anakin knowing, although perhaps he “gave himself away” reading the full truth that “Anakin wanted to save his wife from certain death” in the very moment he was declaring it out loud. I know there’s not much “proof” for this, just my strong personal conviction that I’d rather believe Palpatine is “able to think fast on his feet” rather than have the diabolical ability to steer everyone else in exactly the direction he wants up until Return of the Jedi or so, because one of the things that adds to my acceptance of the story is imagining how things could have been done differently and it’s hard to imagine that supposing him to be the supreme mastermind…

        However, I do get the point about how Anakin could have left the Jedi. It’s easy enough to point to Dooku himself; Mace Windu still seems to speak of him with warmth at the beginning of Attack of the Clones. One thing I’ve thought, though, is that Anakin might not have wanted to be seen as “the Jedi who quit because he couldn’t repress his desires…”

  4. Hoggle Says:

    re Anakin’s visions i’d say yes LadyL.

    Executing in cold blood via giving into the passion of a powerful Sith Master’s command to do so, opens a door in the sub-conscious that the Sith Lord can pour fear into. Abit like establashing a connection to the darkside with the Sith Lord as an intermediary.

    So i see it as Palp started pouring the darkside into Anakin’s sub-conscious, & it manifested into the Padme death in childbirth dream(s) due to Anakin being able to sense the future, in a sense his power’s trying to warn him what was happening which he didn’t know about. Because Anakin trusted Palpatine, he was unawares and Palpatine could read Anakin’s feelings and fears following this, in understanding where it was leading.

    I don’t think Dooku knew about this Sith power & thus didn’t really understand the full plan of what Palps was up to for him & Anakin to fight, he wasn’t that type of Sith and hadn’t been converted in that way, which is why Dooku was more a restrained type of Sith and appeared to have more depth to his motivations about the dark side, he wasn’t completely overthrown by it. I also like it because it makes the rest of RotS more sympathetic to what happens to Anakin as it’s more a case of him simply not being well trained enough as a Jedi to understand or control what was happening as he becomes more and more effected by, if you like, a powerful type of Sith spell & nobody else really understands the full extent of what is happening either until it is too late. That type of arc is even more apparent in the final shoot script & Graphic novel if one wants to approach it that way.

    I also like the type of camaraderie that the Emperor has for Vader as a Sith, that only a true Sith can understand as they are both treacherous and slaves to absolute power, but the Emperor can still have a real empathy towards Vader, sharing the same type of dooomed understanding from that same shared process that lead both of them to where they are & their relationship to one another

    But that could be alot more rambling than you were asking for, & may or may not shed anymore light on what you asked LadyL.

  5. lovelucas Says:

    Perhaps ..maybe an answer to all those who hated the idea of dying of a broken heart. I always felt the Republic played a part but IMO Padmé felt the loss of everything, the Republic, the Jedi, Anakin, goodness – and she recognized how much of a participant she was, herself. Guilt, even if misplaced, is a damn powerful force in itself.

  6. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    The problem I have with the fans’ perception of Palpatine’s role in the downfall of the Senate, the Jedi and especially Anakin is that they have painted him as this all powerful being who used “the Force” to coerce everyone else – including Anakin – into making bad choices. They’re using Palpatine as the “boogey man” or scapegoat for both the Republic and the Jedi’s downfall, allowing both organizations and various characters to be abstain from any blame for their choices. I do not buy this. I cannot view Palpatine as this all powerful being who used the Force to easily manipulate others. Members of the Galactic Senate, the Jedi Council and the Order’s members and characters like Anakin are just as responsible for their bad choices. Probably even more so. Palpatine merely took advantage of their emotional and moral weaknesses for his gain.

    • Nariel Says:

      I agree with this, but do many fans think otherwise? My impression is that most don’t absolve Anakin, the other Jedi, Senators etc. from the responsibility for their choices.

      • Pedro Felipe Says:

        That’s it, Palpatine was really sneaky and could use the already existing weakness to his advantage. Lucas structures the whole story beautifully to convey this, remenber in Attack of The Clones the dicussion betwen Anakin and Obi Wan:

        “Anakin Skywalker: … and besides, you’re generalizing. The Chancellor doesn’t appear to be corrupt.
        Obi-Wan: Palpatine’s a politician. I’ve observed that he is very clever at following the passions and prejudices of the Senators.”

        Many members of the Jedi Order also seem to have lost sigh of virtues such as compassion and kindness, when Anakin tells Mace Windu about Palpatine’s Sith identity, he rather rufly teels him not to come along, even insinuating he doesn’t trust him: “If what you say is true, you would have gained my trust. But for now remain here.”

        Palpatine becomes close to Anakin in no small part by playing the nice and congratulating person Anakin wante the menbers of the Order to be:

        “Padme: That must be frustrating.
        Anakin: It’s worse, he’s overly critical. He never listens. He doesn’t understand. It’s not fair!”

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