For the generation on the go and with no time to watch a two-hour movie ;):

Update: Here are the gifs for AOTC and ROTS…


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6 Responses to “TPM In One GIF”

  1. Thorin Milliken Says:

    Thx soo much for this link LOL! That’s awesome! Easily one of if not my favorite Star Wars movies. Now I can watch it at work.

  2. Hoggle Says:

    Just finished reading the facsimile script of TPM published released by Lucas Books back in the day, & currently going through the art of The Phantom Menace Book. They are both fab.

    It makes for an awesome combination, with the script read still fresh in head diving into for all intense purposes it’s visual world. Even for a lot of stuff not in the actual movie, it feels like it is part of the same world of the script & aspects of the story. A very enjoyable experience that i would recommend to any fan.

    • Artiom Says:

      That’s awesome! The concept art of TPM (as well as the whole prequel trilogy) is very beautiful and inspiring. Have you bought this book online?

      • Hoggle Says:

        Yes Artiom, e-bayed it along with ta other two, top condition hardcopys at great value overtime, just kept checkin.
        TPM art may be most overlooked out of three but in a way it’s the most focused or consistent, all 3 are very good, in TPM am particularly drawn to Chiang’s stuff alot, but such talented artistry going on all round.

        Was first time had combined reading screenplay/shooting script then with art book, am going to do art book & then screenplay for other way around sometime! all three overtime, lol

        It’s interesting also in that i don’t think the films always captured the full tones of the concept art works.

        I have wondered about the concept art being drawn with 6 povs, so then can be directly scanned into PCs and lines, curves linked up and filled out like that, the 4 sides & top/down povs.

        Have thought for a while now, that cgi doesn’t really get explored, particularly for fantasy/sci-fi film, in rather than real world photorealism, going in the more painterly styles or art directions, to have films more closely capture the stylistic tones of the concept art stylisitics than vice versa in the processes of production. I guess it would lead into high tech fantasy/sci-fi films becoming art movements in their own rights.

    • Artiom Deyev Says:

      Thank you!

      Yes, I agree on combining art book with the reading screenplay. I was doing something the same – I have “The Art of Star Wars” book, I would fist read (or rather watch) before watching the movies.

      About your thoughts on CGI – I guess its that the art (or should I say the concept art) is overseen as a tool to serve the purpose of the movie, but if movie were more oriented on its concept art it would be beneficial on its own. I think its something that was done in the prequel trilogy (unintentionally, I guess). Its another reason why I love it so much.

  3. Independent Radical Says:

    Watching the Revenge of the Sith one still makes my heart break in the scenes when Anakin kneels before Palpatine and chokes Obi-wan.

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