Petition To Include Prequel/Clone Wars Era Content In Battlefront

Are you gamers annoyed that Battlefront 2 (due for release in 2017) won’t have any prequel or Clone Wars content?  Well, someone has started a petition where you can give EA and DICE a piece of your mind.

I don’t play these kinds of games but it’s ridiculous to cut out the prequel era in two games in a row.  Wise up, EA.


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6 Responses to “Petition To Include Prequel/Clone Wars Era Content In Battlefront”

  1. senatorbinks27 Says:

    I already have Battlefront 2. It came out shortly after Revenge of the Sith and has all eras present. It’s one of my favorite video games.

    I think this is technically Battlefront 4.

    P.S. Sorry for radio silence lately. I’d like to say that will change, but with things up in the air I can’t make promises.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Well, it’s the fourth Battlefront game and the second one created by EA. Hopefully things will settle down on your end soon.

    • Cad Bane Says:

      Yes! Battlefront II was great! The modding community for the PC version is still going strong too. They have even made maps from the new saga.

  2. Andy Peachey Says:

    I don’t believe it’s been confirmed that this game won’t have Prequel era content (yet) but it’s good to let EA/DICE know that people want it.

  3. Jacobesico Says:

    I never bother with the EA stuff. I doubt they’ll even bother. The people that play EA’s Battlefront seem to be OT purists.

    But that game will NEVER be Battlefront 2

  4. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    Good news…. Darth Maul will be in Battlefront II battling Prequel-era Yoda:

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