Ewan On Star Wars

In spite of a huge DDoS attack that left millions without access to Twitter among other social media and commerce sites, Ewan McGregor’s chat on Twitter today went on as scheduled.  Basically, users could tweet questions with the hashtag #AskEwan and he would answer on video.  The purpose of the chat was to promote Ewan’s directorial debut “American Pastoral,” but he did answer a couple of Star Wars-related questions.

This from The Nerdist:

This from a Tangoush_Piba whose mad typing skillz left off the important “d” at the end of his question ;):


You can read the whole chat on Ewan’s Twitter timeline.





2 Responses to “Ewan On Star Wars”

  1. lovelucas Says:

    Love seeing a candid Ewan. And I would have loved to be part of the Q and A. LP – how does one gain this knowledge beforehand?

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