Sports Media Gang Up On Ball Player For Saying TPM Is His Favorite SW Film

Cleveland Indians starter Trevor Bauer revealed in an interview with NBC Sports’s Joe Posnanski that not only he is a Star Wars fan, but The Phantom Menace is his favorite of the series.  Posnanski felt it necessary to snark about it on Twitter, beginning a 2016-style media beatdown of anyone who fails to conform to their “correct opinions.”  Next was a jock site called Larry Brown Sports that felt it was a headline worthy story to mock Bauer.  Then back over at NBC Sports, Craig Cacacrappa or whatever his name is, also felt it worth several pixels beating up on Bauer.  And Jason Lukehart at Let’s Go Tribe, an Indians fan site, decided to proclaim Bauer’s choice as “questionable.”

Gee, and they wonder why I despise the media so much.  It’s full of despicable excuses for human beings.

Bryan Young called this bullying and gatekeeping.  There’s no reason at all for anyone to pile on a young man for his taste in movies.  I mean, WHO CARES?  But we have a media today that feels it is appropriate to shame, harass, and destroy anyone for any reason.  Just a few days ago, some outlets thought it was appropriate to dig into some Reddit posts by a guy who asked a question at a presidential/townhall debate and “expose” them.  It was totally not newsworthy and meant to do nothing more than to humiliate the man.  Unfortunately, the Gawker/Mic/Buzzfeed/etc. mentality is to do just that, humiliate and ruin anyone who doesn’t conform to what they think you should believe, act, say, etc..  And not only is that wrong, it’s frightening.  It isn’t just the posts themselves that are problematic, they invite a bunch of mean-spirited comments and people take them as license to go after the target directly.  On one site, a commenter said Bauer must have autism.  I have to wonder how many trolls and bashers went after Bauer on social media.

In response, Young asked people on Twitter to send him their TPM memories, fan art, cosplay, etc..  If you’re so inclined, he’s at @swankmotron.  He also tweeted to Bauer that he’s welcome on the Full of Sith podcast.  Bauer might be a little busy right now but if you’re on Twitter, you can send some support to @BauerOutage.

Now what would be great is if Bauer is invited to appear on The Star Wars Show, Lucasfilm’s official YouTube program, to talk about his love for the saga.  If Lucasfilm wants to put its money where its mouth is with being all anti-bullying and maybe show that they care about prequel fans too, this would be a great way to do it.  And of course, we’ve got his back here!

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19 Responses to “Sports Media Gang Up On Ball Player For Saying TPM Is His Favorite SW Film”

  1. Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:

    I’m in-between shocked and not-so-shocked. Because well, I’m baffled by WHY is all of this so important, I mean, praising a “film” is more of a fuss than I don’t know… terrorism, how terrorism may be taught to children in the homeland of the free, abortion issues, being harmful to women or racist, any dirt on candidates for office, ACTUAL newsworthy stuff about celebrities. ahahaha… heeeeh… Aah no, it’s about aaaaaaaaaall about THIS!

    But that’s where I’m not shocked, since that’s how everything works to day. To quote Ahmed Best, “It’s a very American thing to put one down’. And as you said “the Gawker/Mic/Buzzfeed/etc. mentality is to do just that, humiliate and ruin anyone who doesn’t conform to what they think you should believe, act, [and] say”. It’s not just the media, but the rabid beast known as “fandom” they have helped feed. And media/fandom is no different than social-justice, if no one submits to their ideals (guilty for unproven privilege, a victim of historical hate, ect), even if it is respectfully nice disagreement, AND if one ever dare defend themselves against the plagued/conformed person…. (conformed mostly meaning fandom, and “TRW STA WORZ) …then that’s when the creature goes on a rampage and assails itself against the non-conformant like he or she is some convicted criminal responsible for the disasters and tragedies of the world!

    Anyway, about the “humiliate & ruin” part… yeah, I have been there (haven’t most of us on the internet been through it? No, just me?) I mean, I didn’t handle things well back then, (if not interested in my drama, scroll down. If are, tissues and cats are to your left) but most of the harshness I got were for liking things (Jar Jar/Star Wars Prequels, The Cat in the Hat movie, Bibleman), spreading God’s word, having different political views, not liking stuff or pointing out unfreshness, and defending myself against trolls (one being a woman… I’m sure you can see where that went }; ( )

    Anyway, I don’t have a twitter to help out, but if anyone wishes to share any of my Phantom Menace/Jar Jar related artwork, feel free to do so. 🙂

  2. Jacobesico Says:

    What a lousy bunch of Scumbags!

  3. Professional Baseball Player Bullied For His Tastes In Star Wars Movies | The Midi-Chlorian Center Says:

    […] don’t follow baseball news so I had no idea about what as going on until I saw The Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society reporting about […]

  4. Professional Baseball Player Bullied For His Taste In Star Wars Movies | The Midi-Chlorian Center Says:

    […] don’t follow baseball news so I had no idea about what as going on until I saw The Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society reporting about […]

  5. fundhund Says:

    I wish many people would speak out like this. Then the whole script of the prequels being self-evidently bad would eventually crumble.
    Or so I hope.. 😉
    But anyway, in the meantime I will simply enjoy what I enjoy! 🙂

  6. Keith Palmer Says:

    Speaking for myself, Bauer’s preference provides just a bit of balm to Cleveland defeating Toronto in the league championship series. The rest of the news, though, isn’t anywhere near as pleasant. I can wonder if some of it might have been intended as “joshing jibes,” although I know that if I was looking at it myself I’d probably just be getting angry, as happened last year when a sports writer in my local newspaper tried to put a negative spin on Chicago hockey player Patrick Kane appearing to prefer the new Star Wars movies over the old ones… I suppose I can get to thinking we’re getting to the point where professional athletes might well have watched the “prequel trilogy” when they were young.

  7. andywylde77 Says:

    Just when one thinks all this garbage is behind us, BAM! This nonsense is still lingering on. It really pisses me off to no end how when someone declares their love of SW and state that the PT is their favorite of the bunch, that time and time again these people need to “defend” their love of it. This crap is beyond old. Well from what I see is how Disney keeps on shoving the OT down everyone’s throats with promotions of any of their SW related products. That is all I see regarding SW these days.

    I really don’t see any light at the end of the PT bashing tunnel.

  8. cousinbasil Says:

    Many people want to declare themselves “free thinking” individuals who don’t need to conform to one line of thinking then they go with the same mouth and badmouth anyone who doesn’t conform to herd mentality. Just truly disgusting to think this man’s worth with called into question based on something so trivial..

  9. Pedro Felipe Says:

    Indeed, The Phantom Menace is such a great movie. The story, the effects, the dialog, the music, the cinematography, everything. I mean, Darth Maul is aweameness in person. He is so aweasome even prequel haters can’t hate on him (thought many try), which I find to be a massive contradiction.

  10. jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

    Jar Jar has moved to Miami for the nude beaches, hard drugs (that’s how Gungans roll) and the relaxed atmosphere (cheap seats) of Marlins Park.

  11. jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

    Jar Jar’s cousin is named Cosmo. When not drunk and frequenting area brothels, he works as the mascot for the Triple A Las Vegas 51s Baseball Club. This is not a hoax! Disney must be totally unaware that a rogue Gungan has wandered off the backlot and is working at a non-Disney property! Oh snap!

  12. Heidi Says:

    This political season sure has forced the media to reveal it’s ugly head for what it is. Now I’m not so surprised when unpopular opinions get a beat-down, the controlled media is trying to enforce only one way of thinking and Disney is a major player in that game. 90% (a rough estimate) of the media is owned by six companies. Six! And they get to decided whats on the air, what passes for entertainment and what agendas to push. Not surprisingly, Disney is one of them. Blegh.

    Keep on truckin’ Prequel Fans. Maybe our stamina can last longer than the haters.

  13. Stefan Kraft Says:

    The media should have used a more neutral term (and “questionable” is not neutral, sorry). Or why report this story at all on other sites? Easy clickbait, IMHO.

  14. Sarah Says:

    Screw whoever it is throwing around “he must have autism” as if it’s an insult.

  15. Cad Bane Says:

    Nothing new really with these types of people in the media sadly, Ahmed Best received a large amount of similar feelings when he did a Reddit Q&A a few years back, but his responses to them were great.

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