“Rogue One” Trailer Reax Open Thread

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At first,  I didn’t care at all about this movie.  Then I thought the first trailer reminded me of an ad for a video game (“You are Jyn Erso, out to steal the Death Star plans!!!”) with a neat cameo from Mon Mothma.  Then I thought the trailer last summer didn’t look too bad (finally, somebody remembers vista establishing shots!).  This trailer makes Rogue One look fantastic.  Maybe it won’t be the big crowd pleasing hit TFA was but I’m way more excited to see it than I was to see TFA a year ago.

What say you?



42 Responses to ““Rogue One” Trailer Reax Open Thread”

  1. redhood2014 Says:

    Kind of mixed. Thought some parts looked good. Laughed at most of the rest. At least this one has space battles, but I have no intention to go see it. Hope people enjoy it though.

  2. madmediaman Says:

    Agreed, this looks like the film I wish TFA was. Fresh and different, yet very familiar.

  3. Jacobesico Says:

    It was all right. I’m not that crazy about the movie, either.

    It didn’t feel Star Warsy to me. It felt just like any other movie.

    It was nice to see Mon Mothma, again but other then that, I’m not excited about this movie.

  4. Artiom Deyev Says:

    I’m glad you enjoy it!
    In no way I want to spoil the joy, I hope the movie is going to be great, but in my opinion it looses the Star Wars feel (although some say this is why it is a standalone movie to go some other direction).
    I love Star Wars because they have a myth or fairy tale appeal (as if old legends made to movie). In Rogue One trailers I see it’s been approached like a blockbuster movie.
    For me its first of all because of music, its very much done in a way all late sci-fi/action movies are done. And although some of them have great scores, it’s not very unique.
    The main characters overall look (not everyone, though) and some settings look dull for me as well.
    However, I hope for the best. I appreciate this movie is going to explore other approaches to Star Wars (although I don’t think its good).
    Also, I’m glad they included some prequel characters (and actors) in the movie makes it more intriguing (another sign of more appreciation to prequels from Disney, we should keep it up any way we can).

  5. Christian Says:

    I feel the same. Disney has nothing but disappointed me ever since they cancelled Clone Wars. I’m not in least bit excite for this movie. I’m not even sure if I’m going to see it. Hell they even got Vader wrong, he looks nothing like he’s surpose to like from Star Wars, yeah I still call it that. ANH. That is a huge disappointment to me. After last year’s horrible fake Star Wars movie. I really don’t know if I want to waist my money on their so called “films”

  6. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    At first, I was not that excited about the movie. Then the more I heard about it, the more I became excited. A part of me felt that it might be a much needed improvement on “TFA”. But I also heard from my sister that the Disney suits thought the movie was a little too “dark” or “gritty”, based on the trailer they had seen and demanded extensive reshoots. Now . . . I don’t know. I’m wondering what changes had been made.

    • Rogue 47 Says:

      Some of the reshoots involved …. Saw Gerera’s hair … (compare the original teaser with the current one 🙂 )

      • Mike Jones Says:

        Well, if I may help try to alleviate your worries, Forest Whitaker said to Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican that we’ll see Saw with both looks (shaved and with re-grown hair) at this link: http://www.ew.com/article/2016/08/11/rogue-one-forest-whitaker-saw-gerrera And, Pablo Hidalgo reaffirmed Forest’s words at a SW panel in August that we’ll see Saw with both looks in the movie at the 32:40-32:52 mark in this video here: https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=OxuQQWIDBv8 I mean I guess we can trust Pablo since he’s a story group man at Lucasfilm who’s worked closely with George Lucas like Dave Filoni has. So, maybe it’s a flashback or Saw loses his hair as he barely escapes from the explosion of the city on Jedha.

  7. fundhund Says:

    It basically looks like the same crowd pleasing “play it safe on nostalgia” approach that gave us TFA, except this time it makes kinda sense (with the story set right before A New Hope).
    That being said, I do like the characters, and I am looking forward to seing it in theater .. but I don´t expect much more than being well entertained for two hours.
    Star Wars as it used to be died when George Lucas left the ship, I am afraid.
    But I would love to be proven wrong on this..

  8. piccolojr1138 Says:

    It looks great. It takes the esthetic of the original trilogy and makes it far more stunning.

  9. Rogue 47 Says:

    I completely agree! I wrote in a post on CC a few months ago after the first real trailer: this feels to me like a Prequel Sequel … On Star Wars Celebrations it was great to see Gareth Edwards show pictures of him & George Lucas on set and on location.

  10. Rogue 47 Says:

    Oh … and the shots going back to Jyn’s childhood … that must be just before Revenge of the Sith, just after Attack of the Clones. So this film will flashback to the Prequel era!

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I wonder how this will fit with what was in AOTC and ROTS. The Geonosians designed the Death Star and gave/sold the design to Count Dooku who I guess passed it along to Sidious. The Death Star was already under construction by the end of ROTS. But now here’s this other dude who also had something to do with the Death Star. Maybe his job was overseeing construction? Vader killed off a whole mess of Geonosians in the Marvel comics so maybe they needed this guy to help finish the project. I don’t know, I just hope they don’t contradict or spackle over what’s in Lucas’s movies.

      • Rogue 47 Says:

        In Star Wars Rebels in season 2, Ezra & his friends find out that the Empire has committed genocide on the Geonossians. I think the Empire needed the Geonossians for part of the design, needed Jyn’s father for other parts. The place where they take him in the Rogue One trailer looks a lot like Stygeon Prime, the prison where they held Luminara (Rebels) and Darth Maul (Clone Wars).

        I am quite confident they will keep things in line with the Prequels. Also … not only Lucas was on set with Edwards. So was Filoni. It seems to me this is much more a collaborative ‘Lucasfilm’ film than TFA was.

      • Michael Says:

        This was my question as well, LP. Otherwise, looks very promising.

    • piccolojr1138 Says:

      It seems the novel Catalyst will explain all that

  11. Keith Palmer Says:

    I seem to remember hearing complaints here that some of the people associated with Rogue One were openly anti-Lucas and anti-prequel (instead of just implying it), and that dampened whatever enthusiasm I might have had starting off. I also have the vague impression there have been a number of people rotating through the project, though…

    Certainly, if the first trailer just left me thinking TFA was being immediately recycled with “one more tough loner young woman heroine,” the trailers that followed have provided a bit more “spectacle,” so my interest seems to have ticked up at least a bit. I suppose the trailers have also just left me that much more convinced of how essentially unimaginative TFA was, though… I also remember some things may yet hinge on the general mood of the movie itself, of course.

    • ashokatanostarwars Says:

      Anti-Lucas? What do you mean? Also I do hope the Geonossians get a mention though since they are the ones to originally come up with the plans for the Death Star.

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        I think it had something to do with Twitter posts, and maybe they were more just “anti-prequel,” but it’s possible I’m misremembering the whole thing or have it confused with something else. Lacking enthusiasm more or less from the start could have had something to do with that…

        I’m perfectly willing to suppose the “Geonosian Death Star plans” were redrawn somewhat, even if just on the “interior decor” scale, between when Count Dooku was handed them and construction began. Even an allusion to them would be nice for me, though.

  12. Eduardo Vargas Says:


    Cried on my first viewing-

  13. lovelucas Says:

    I will actually see this one in the theater and I won’t wait nearly a year to do so. JJ and his storyline and the bashing of George is why I refused to see TFA until it was free. I actually have great hopes for this Rogue and will definitely support it. I like Gareth Edwards and really appreciate him acknowledging that George is the true and only maker. I also like Felicia Jones a lot and am a huge fan of Mads Mikkeleson but it looks like he might buy the farm and I don’t mean the farms of Lars. I really, really like this second trailer and am now even more impressed with Felicia.

  14. Marshall Says:

    It has a lot of potential but the cinematography is too dark. Previews for Lucas’ works always left me saying “wow!” Here it just leaves me empty. It only makes me wish we had gotten that live action show we heard rumors about back when Lucas was in charge.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      That, and the premature cancellation of Clone Wars will always get to me. I hope Wikileaks gets those live action show scripts!

  15. lovelucas Says:

    Did you guys see the Fallen Jedi shot?????? Plus the conversation between Jyn and her father and what it will all lead to…..

  16. Shaman McLamie Says:

    I’ve definitely had the same attitude toward Rogue One that you’ve had. Was kind of meh last year, but new trailers have gotten me more excited. It’s kind of the opposite experience I had with TFA where every knew trailer had me more worried and less excited. Personally I think they should have released this first so they could spend more time working on Episode VII. They definitely needed more time to work on it’s script.

    What would be cool is if Jyn’s dad was a Separatist during the Clone Wars. Would make sense it was the Separatist who first came up with the plans for the Death Star and he appears to be crucial for it’s completion. Would be nice and interesting to see former Republicans and Confederates now working together as Rebels.

    • Kingpun Says:


      I heard Jyn’s dad actually recruited because the Empire “steals” the Death Star plans from the separatists between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. He’s brought on to take over the project instead of having the Geonosians see it through to the end. I have a little bit of hope that we’ll see some Clone Wars action in the movie, because I heard on another forum Revell will be rereleasing their Venator Class Star Destroyer model in the Rogue One packaging. We’ve seen in the past that doesn’t mean a thing though.

  17. Jonathan vd Sluis (@Natusaurus) Says:

    Okay, I expect this film will not have the feel of other Star Wars films and that it will be the worst I’ve ever seen…but relatively speaking that does not mean much. To be commercially viable, which is what the franchise depends on, Disney obviously feels that the stories have to diversify and that they need to experiment a bit. I can only admire that. Maybe it will produce the occasional stinker, so what. As much as commercial considerations allow, they’re being creative. Hurray for that, I’d say.

    The only thing I’m probably going to miss is the opportunity to see a film that really attempts to talk to me at many different levels, and that is going to stay with me for decades to come. That is what the prequels did and what the original trilogy did. It’s not what Disney films tend to do. They’re made with a lot of skill, but if TFA is something to go by, the ‘passion of the artist’ is not really seeping through.

  18. jayoungr Says:

    Not planning on going to see it unless dragged by friends, TBH.

  19. ashokatanostarwars Says:

    My thoughts on the trailer:

    I was actually really surprised. I’m now sold on the movie. I remember watching The Force Awakens, and being happy with the movie at all. This movie looks more original, and interesting than The Force Awakens so far. Keeping an open mind and going to watch this. My favorite shot of the trailer is when it shows them on Scarif and show that Imperial building.

  20. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    kay, I expect this film will not have the feel of other Star Wars films and that it will be the worst I’ve ever seen…but relatively speaking that does not mean much. To be commercially viable, which is what the franchise depends on, Disney obviously feels that the stories have to diversify and that they need to experiment a bit. I can only admire that. Maybe it will produce the occasional stinker, so what. As much as commercial considerations allow, they’re being creative. Hurray for that, I’d say.

    I have to be honest. If “ROGUE ONE” proves to be something unusual and different from the past movies, then I feel it is something to look forward to. One of the reasons why I enjoyed the Prequel Trilogy so much is that it wasn’t a retread of the Original Trilogy. Lucas went into a new direction, creating a trilogy of films that were quite different and more ambiguous than the first three films.

  21. Pedro Felipe Says:

    I’ve been pretty vocal about how bad The Force Awakens was, and surely this movie won’t even compare to I throught VI, but having said that, I am positive this is gonna be infinitely better than that JJ Abrams abomination. The special effects look awesome, worthy of ILM, not that rushed Bad Robot TFA horrible stuff. ILM did some amazing concept art for TFA, and JJ just threw it all away, maybe that aweasome Luke outfit reminded you too much of young Obi Wan? And Rey fixing the poderacer’s JJ?!!! And the prequel references in Maz Castles flags!!! He dared to say “I don’t want this to be too much about podracers”. They were being disrespectiful, they were ruining Star wars, there is no dening it. Rogue One, thankfully, looks to be different: The space battles look aweasome, the CG really emulates that miniature look, and behold!!!! Real X-Wings, not those split engine, split wings “X-Wing” they came up with for TFA. And sure, the new designs don’t look as good as the original movies (I-VI), but hell, we’ve got the new Tie-Striker and we’ve got Krennic’s Shuttle, which are great designs worthy of Ralph Macquarie, not that copy and paste uninspired designs they did for the TFA (BB-8 anyone?). George Lucas visited the set, Being set between III and VI, so close to A New Hope, makes it that it has some of that authentic Star Wars DNA that was so terribly stripped from the Force Awakens. And the cinematography, finally decent cinematography. Am I the only one who noticed how crappy the camera placement was on TFA, the shots were all so close to the subjects it was difficult to get a sense of location and immersion. We can already see this movie has much better cinematography. And speaking of cameras, yes it is shot in 6K Digital on that Arris Alexa, no more 35mm in a world of 4K HDR.
    And no more whining problematic Kylo Ren, we have real villains, Doctor Krennic and, of course, Lord Vader.

    All this makes it seem like I think this movie is going to be great, but actually I think it will be medium at best. The new death troppers and other variants seem excessivly video game inspired. Also, the classic stormtropper actually looks different. If you look at the Star Wars Archeology panel at Star Wars Celebration 2016 you’ll see they’ve changed the stormtropper helmet, the whole costume clearly looks weird. The painted plastic of the original trilogy gave them a unique look that carried on the the prequels, but this ones have a very different look.They’ve also deepened the blue vents on the helmets side which changes their look significantly. On top of that, I do realise a lot of the good stuff is not its merit but that of the original movies. I think it will be a pretty forgettable movie, which is really bad for Star Wars, but unfortunaly people will only begin to realize the hole Disney in digging in a few years. In the meantime they’ll keep milking the franchise as much as they can, and I will keep an eye on the news while watching the real Star Wars movies.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Sounds like you had to get a lot off of your chest. Just to let you know, I approved the comment this time but SWPAS is not the anti-Disney page.

      I’m not hoping for something on par with George Lucas’s movies but this looks better than what I’d been expecting. If it feels like a live action episode of “Rebels” or the average episode of “Clone Wars,” I’ll be happy.

    • lovelucas Says:

      Really appreciate what you have to say here and LP – I, too, am vocal about how I think Disney is messing things up. I didn’t know this was on the level of bashing George and the prequels. I still feel quite strongly about it, too.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Really, it’s not. But I’ve already had to deal with someone who wanted to use this site as a personal soapbox to complain and it was a real bummer for everyone. As it is, I’m in a precarious position. I’ve lost readers because of complaints about TFA and how Disney is doing things. Others think I’m not anti-Disney enough. I’m just trying to run a SW fan site.

      • lovelucas Says:

        Dudette aka LP – YOU are the one I respect the most. It is YOU who is our flag carrier. I will abide with whatever standard, and whatever Disney pro/con dictate you set. You’re the reason we haven’t become certifiable – We are NOT alone! Not only is this a safe haven it is a refuge of affirmation. Forgive the caps but sometimes …it has to happen.

  22. Kathryn “LadyJediScientist” S. Says:

    I will be honest- I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE!

    I was very reluctant to see TFA, but I saw it anyway in the hopes it would be something more than a nostalgia fest. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

    I had every intention of skipping Rogue One, but this trailer plus the inclusion of Saw I’ve changed my mind. This film may not be as good as Lucas’s work, but I am hopeful that this one will actual expand the Star Wars universe rather than make it feel smaller.

    Rogue One looks different & I am hopeful that it will be different.

  23. Hunk a Junk Says:

    Rogue One is the movie Disney should’ve done first, not TFA. Disney wanted a ‘palate cleanser’ for all the fans who hated the PT — to bring all those fans back onto the Star Wars wagon — and this would’ve provided the nostalgia fix those fans were looking for. Then Episode VII could’ve actually been original and continued the saga storyline instead of basically erasing all the accomplishments of the rebellion and rebooting OT.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Rogue One, but the fact that Gary “f— George Lucas” Witta was involved and will still have his name on it (and will collect paychecks on the back of George Lucas’ ideas for the rest of his life) will forever be galling.

    Hey Gary, how about a public apology, you coward.

    • Branislav Marček Says:

      „Then Episode VII could’ve actually been original and continued the saga storyline instead of basically erasing all the accomplishments of the rebellion and rebooting OT.“

      Or having the Republic and the Jedi Order being once again destroyed and basically getting written out of the story, making the major story threads set up in Episodes I, II and III irevelant to the saga going forward. This is why I´ll never accept those so called Episodes VII, VIII and IX or any of the Disney Star Wars stuff as Canon.

      • lovelucas Says:

        You know….this is exactly what happened but I don’t believe it was George’s intention that the prequel story line made so many of things I love about the prequels become the end of the line: numerous Jedi, the Temple, Yoda – jeez – the glory years. I had hopes that all of this would return once the Rebels succeeded and they did, right? In order to have tension, suspense Disney (etc) dictates battles. The good guys have to be always on the brink of losing. I love the prequels because it’s the history of the Jedi and the time of sort of a Jedi Pax Romana. But that’s contrary to the formula required for $uce$$. It’s the video game syndrome.

  24. andywylde77 Says:

    I still have absolutely no desire to see this film. The reason being is that it is all one big OT circle jerk. I mean how much OT imagery can they throw on screen and expect it to carry the movie? I have a feeling that this film will be low on story and high on nostalgia. I mean TFA really did well because of the OT connections. To me none of the new characters really stood out or held any weight. The OT imagery is what TFA main selling point was. X-wings, Tie’s, storm troopers, rebels..etc. This new film is going for the same thing. Does Lucasfilm have any faith in something new? It appears as if they don’t to me. How long are they intending to let the OT carry these new films?

    I know they will keep going with this because its target audience is a bunch of shmucks. They are the target audience because they fear new and different. They feel comfortable in their “safe zone”. Which is just the same thing over and over again. Reason why we are getting the OT 2.0. I mean I love the OT, but c’mon? enough is enough already.

  25. Stefan Kraft Says:

    I finally watched the trailer. Actually, I liked it quite a lot. I was reminded of a good TCW/Rebels episode.
    One reason I also enjoyed the trailer is… Well, I don’t know why, but I do not get the any anti-PT feel from this movie. Maybe because I have not followed the normal media coverage of it (with the usual jabs)?

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