Movie Pilot Post: Star Wars More Than Just A Saga

Prequel Positive posted on Movie Pilot an essay on why Star Wars is more than just a bunch of movies (with quite a bit of discussion about the prequels):

The Star Wars saga gives us heroes we can relate to, that we can look at and say “That’s who I am,” “That’s what I would do.” We see this in Luke with his never-wavering faith in his father’s goodness, and Leia’s amazing ability to take control of any situation and never uphold the virtues of her mother, Padme, who was not only a very capable leader able to keep her cool during the invasion of her home planet, but who has always stood up for what was right, and Finn, who turned his back against the First Order and had the courage to fight for the good of the galaxy.


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2 Responses to “Movie Pilot Post: Star Wars More Than Just A Saga”

  1. susanbowes Says:

    i agree 100%. 🙂

  2. susanbowes Says:

    Looking forward to seeing Rogue One. Sure hope Disney keeps Lucas’ ideals too!

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