“Thank The Maker” Essay

Andrew Belfast at Future Of The Force posted “Thank The Maker:  A Defence Of George Lucas,” which naturally defends Lucas and of course the prequels:

As a fan of the Prequels I find it extremely frustrating to continue to see these films randomly dismissed by routine thoughtless journalism on three central grounds; namely dialogue, CGI and Jar Jar Binks. So let me outline my views on each of these points in turn in Lucas’ defence. If I don’t change any minds at least I will have made a case against casual, overly generalised and thoughtless criticism. In doing so I should add that I don’t want to be pigeon-holed into a group in making these points. I do not associate my love of Star Wars with any one era of films or film-making. I do not call myself a “Prequel lover” – my love is for the extended saga in all its forms – Prequel, Original Trilogy, Sequel Trilogy, TV shows and books.

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6 Responses to ““Thank The Maker” Essay”

  1. Jacobesico Says:

    Personally, I find the term “Prequel lover” a badge of honour.

  2. ashokatanostarwars Says:

    Yeah, I get sick of all the hate myself. I find it funny how these fans use Plunkett’s reviews of the Prequels as fact. Especially with how he released his review on The Force Awakens. His points were such bullshit.

  3. Nariel Says:

    Can everyone else access this link? I’m just getting the WordPress login screen.

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