“The Prequels Strike Back” Online Today

“The Prequels Strike Back” now available on Amazon, VHX, and YouTube.

George Shot First is running a promo where if you purchase the film digitally and submit proof, you’ll get a 15% off discount on your next order!


7 Responses to ““The Prequels Strike Back” Online Today”

  1. Keith Palmer Says:

    Do any of these three sites offer a “download-to-keep” option? I was looking at VHX, but couldn’t quite tell. As much as “the videophile paranoid streaming videos will be removed at the whim of an executive” might be a bit of a modern cliche, I suppose I’m old-fashioned enough to wonder if I should just pre-order the DVD version from the film’s site.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I’ve read that there is a rental and a purchase option for VHX and Amazon. I’m new at this myself but all I had to do was click on a link.

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        I suppose what I wonder about the “purchase” options is that they may only amount to “go back to the web site and stream the video as often you want to” (…so long as the video is still offered on the web site, that is.)

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        An update: going back to the film’s site, I gained enough confidence to make a “buy” payment on VHX, and on the web page that streams the film there’s indeed an option to download it as well. Now, I just need to make the time to watch the file saved on my own computer…

    • Kim Says:

      I’ve never had a video I’ve purchased from Amazon disappear and I have downloaded videos to my Kindle and my computer that I’ve purchased. Even things that are unavailable now (I have the 2010 Olympics gold medal game for hockey) are still available in my video library without any problem.

  2. Frida Nyberg Says:

    So, is this worth buying, or should I only rent it to watch it once or twice?

    • lazypadawan Says:

      That’s hard for me to answer because I usually don’t buy films anyway. Rent it once to see if you enjoy it enough to buy it.

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