Funko Pop General Grievous Walgreens Exclusive On The Way?

It’s on Reddit, so take it with a hunk of salt but this appears to be a list of upcoming Funko Pop figures.  Among the many figures listed are a couple of Walgreens exclusives, Sabine from “Rebels” and good ol’ General Grievous.  I have no idea exactly when these will be out, but I imagine it’ll be sometime within the next couple of months if the batch includes Halloween-themed figures, NYCC exclusives, and NFL figures.

Meanwhile, Funko ran a poll on which prequel figure should be included in an upcoming Smuggler’s Box and Anakin ended up winning, narrowly beating out Grievous.  Hmm…

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One Response to “Funko Pop General Grievous Walgreens Exclusive On The Way?”

  1. LadyJediScientist Says:

    I am really hoping the next box is Prequel themed. Funko has been asking about themes for boxes and which Star Wars character they should make next. I and others have been say repeatedly that “We want the Prequels!”, but all we’ve gotten this year are Plo-Koon, Kit Fisto and a Senate Guard. I am really hoping for a Smuggler’s Box filled with PT Jedi goodness.😆😆

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