Most Adorable Wedding Cake Ever

British cake designers Cherry Cake Company posted some amazing pics of a wedding cake featuring Anakin and Padmé:




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7 Responses to “Most Adorable Wedding Cake Ever”

  1. LadyJediScientist Says:

    This is just so adorable😍😍😍 One side note, I personally prefer the “truly, deeply love you” over “I know” quote. The I know quote always seemed noncommittal to me😒☺️

  2. Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:

    Great and tasty way to show (or frost) some love toward “Star Wars 2” 🙂

  3. Jacobesico Says:

    That’s really good!

  4. Kim Says:

    Love it! So adorable.

  5. jayoungr Says:

    Adorable! I wish I could see the back. Does Anakin have a robot hand??

  6. Jacobesico Says:

    There’s an interesting Dave Filoni interview on Star

    Apparently he consulted a lot with George Lucas on the development of Rebels.

  7. Hoggle Says:

    The best change from the first used shooting script sequence of events was the intercutting of Padme’s death and Darth Vader’s birth.

    Alot of the other improvised inter-cutting diluted but i like how the death & birth get’s back to the theme strongly of Padme being the living force character counter-part of Anakin.

    Anakin is a ruined character at this point, & there is little barrier to Palpatine reading Anakin’s thoughts at this moment of time. With the Jedi decimated and republic under his thumb, Palpatine’s type of clarivoyance sight has never been stronger, & he sees or senses NO Padme in the future. Thus it appears to him that Anakin killed Padme in his anger.

    This is the most significant improvement in all the post shoot changes that went on with RotS, as it hits on the deep & mystical connection between Anakin & Padme that is more prevalent in the initial shooting scripts used for AotCs & RotS.

    Their connection is then related to midi-chlorians and associated prophecy as pertains to the nature of the force and balance.

    In my fan fic wanderings, that’s a basis for yin & yang force harmony, Midi governers of fate & destiny, & a guardian order that oversees the Midi.

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