Fan Sounds Off On Prequels

Not as scholarly or high-minded as the Bright Lights piece, but an enjoyable read nonetheless:


11 Responses to “Fan Sounds Off On Prequels”

  1. timontatooine Says:

    Someone give that man a Jawa juice!

  2. susanbowes Says:

    Great little piece about Revenge and I agree that this film is the best of the whole saga.

  3. solitaryidler Says:

    Agree with that essay sooo much and am glad that someone more eloquent than me put my feelings to words.

  4. Shak Ti Says:

    Once nostalgia is removed, it’s easy to argue the PT is better than the OT. Flaws in the OT are often considered charm due to nostalgia. All 6 films are strong but the PT covers more ground and has deeper layers.

  5. Hunk a Junk Says:

    Slightly off topic, but in the latest “Star Wars Show” over on the official site, they interview a member of the Lucasfilm story group, who seems like a nice enough person, but she makes a comment about TFA that I find, well, horrifying and sad.

    She describes the story sessions for the plot for TFA where the group came up with the idea that the story would be about the search for Luke Skywalker. She gets this delighted look on her face as she describes Michael Arnt and her fellow executives getting all excited about this revelation — and apparently so should we. But I watched it suddenly feeling sickened. Star Wars used to be a carefully thought-out vision from one man who distilled his personal experiences and life lessons into a story steeped in history and art. Now, it’s just a mish-mash of whatever “cool” ideas a bunch of twentysomething development execs spitball to each other in a conference room. I couldn’t help but think, “Why does THIS person deserve to have this much power over a story she played absolutely no role in creating?” No doubt this exec is smart and has made the right career moves to put herself in this position (and, as anyone in the business knows, the “right” moves usually boil down to knowing the right people), but it’s still hard for me to wrap my mind around why these people deserve to be the keeper of the work George Lucas created and devoted his life to nurture. Yeah, George walked away and someone has to come up with the stories now, but what he comments drove home for me is that this isn’t art. It’s committee-made product.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      This is why I would’ve put Dave Filoni as some kind of head poobah. He is not George Lucas but is probably the next best thing in terms of fully understanding Star Wars. I’m not over romanticizing the guy; I’ve sat and heard him speak volumes about Star Wars more than a few times and he really gets it. I know Leland Chee and Pablo Hidalgo are also on the story group grand jury but those guys specialize in a particular kind of Star Wars knowledge, i.e. keeping straight the parade of characters, events, locations, ships, tech, weapons, etc.. While it’s great to have that kind of brain trust so you don’t screw up details that fans will nitpick, I don’t necessarily see them as “creatives.” (Don’t get mad if you guys are lurking!) Otherwise, it’s kind of like fan fiction by committee and it might work sometimes, but sometimes it won’t. I’m also concerned that not only is it twenty-somethings spitballing what’s cool to them, it’s also focus group surveys factoring into the stories. Maybe it’s how you make people-pleasing product these days but not how you make art.

      • Hunk a Junk Says:

        They also could’ve, I dunno, asked George, “Hey, what do you think?” or not tossed his outlines out the window in their mad dash to distance themselves from the guy who created the company that now issues their paychecks. Kathleen Kennedy could’ve kept his promise to her then “friend” George by protecting his legacy instead of stabbing him in the back the moment he was done signing the sale contracts. It’s not like George didn’t leave giving them notes about what he would do. They just didn’t want to do any of that because, ugh, “Star Wars belongs to the fans.” Puke.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        That might help too, heh heh.

      • Artiom Deyev Says:

        Very good point. I also think Dave Filoni should be put in charge.

    • jayoungr Says:

      Amen. This is the thing that gets lost when a creation becomes a franchise. Not that “committee-made products” don’t sometimes turn out to be pretty good, but not everything has to be done that way. Not all popular stories have to turn into franchises with new installments being cranked out every year or two.

    • Branislav Marček Says:

      “They also could’ve, I dunno, asked George, “Hey, what do you think?” or not tossed his outlines out the window”

      “Kathleen Kennedy could’ve kept his promise to her then “friend” George by protecting his legacy instead of stabbing him in the back the moment he was done signing the sale contracts.”

      It was Bob Iger and Alan Horn who tossed out his story. Kennedy and the Story Group couldn´t really do anything about it. It´s those two men who´s to blame first and foremost.

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