PT Graphic Novel Coming In April

It’s not apparent from this Amazon listing for a prequel trilogy graphic novel pre-order, due out in April 2017, whether this is the comics adaptations of Eps I-III collected in a single volume or if this is something totally new.  One clue that it could be the latter is that the publisher isn’t Marvel Comics, but Disney Lucasfilm Press.  Of course that could be totally wrong.  We’ll just have to see.



2 Responses to “PT Graphic Novel Coming In April”

  1. Artiom Deyev Says:

    Great! I’m looking forward to it) “Anakin/Obi-Wan” comics was successful, for which I’m glad.

  2. Hoggle Says:

    maybe it’s something pathing the way for a new PTs trilogy release with extra footage/scenes for a 3D SE cut & stuff, that would be someting & a 1/2, moi moi 😍

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