Factoids About AOTC

A South African site posted sometime last year some fun facts about AOTC.  One of them is super obvious (are there real Kaminoans they could’ve cast?) but the others I hadn’t heard before or have slipped into the memory hole.



2 Responses to “Factoids About AOTC”

  1. Hoggle Says:

    The first cut of AotCs was 3 hours….(starts drooling un-controllably) 🍴 🍔 🍵 🍺 🍝 🍓 🍉 🍧 🍦 🍺 🍺 🎉

    from AotCs Mythmaking: GL ‘….When you are writing a script, in order to make a point, you make the same point three times, hoping that it will register with the audience. But when you see the film, you realize that you don’t need to make that same point three times – you can get away with two times, or even mentioning it only once. But you can only determine that after you’ve seen the film and seen how the Impression is made in the context of the whole movie. ‘

    ‘After the shoot, we came back to the Ranch & George sat down with me and watched what I had done’ Burtt recalled. ‘At the point he began to Impose his own ideas on every shot – sometimes on every pixel of every shot…. ….. …..’George came into the editing room with the attitude that nothing was sacred’, Ben Burtt added, ‘He looked at it as an audience would, and was very critical of it. If a line of dialogue didn’t work, he threw it out, He wasn’t unduly attached to anyting. Once in the editing room he was very free in throwing out anything he thought was ‘wrong or unnecessary’. 🚧

    ‘My reaction to those first viewings is always disappointment,’ McCallum admitted. ‘All I see are the things that are wrong, the lost opportunities – why didn’t we do this or that? Before you see the entire movie for the first time, you are still in the realm of fantasy. But when you finally see it, you hit the reality wall real hard’. ⛔

    AotCs is my fav GL sw movie, but at same time i don’t rate it as best. Much like alot of narrative in RotS shooting script, the plot/mystery build up of Dooku & Clones background, along with romance 💔 & other much naunce to a awso 🎯 second trilogy act got all significantly thinned out to point of dissonance with alot of how the PTs have ended up being thought of by a more casual & impressionable sub-set of movie culture. ( I assumed after a few viewings of AotCs in movies, that the situation was the Jedi pov was that they had beaten Dooku to the punch with the Clones, as i was puzzled by it after had taken it in. As turned out, the shooting script, this was essentially the case, with the added heaviness that the Jedi explicitly suspected the Sith behind the Clones to start with. Adding the false deceased Jedi Master lead, was also a good addition as it further muddied the waters for the Jedi, in relation to the archive mystery. And they don’t find out until it’s too late, & they are commanding Clone armies, that Dooku is also a Sith! 💀 )

    The driod foundary sequence addition. It’s nice visually, & it’s got an interesting philosophical abstractness, but it doesn’t have alot of immediate dramatic jeopardy about it that registers. I see in the dvd that B. Burtt was wanting to do sometype of sound experiment with that sequence , that didn’t fly & then was partly transfered to the arena monster section. But for some unfathomable reason to me, the Jedi defeat agaisnt Droids/Geonosians in arena before rescue (a pivotal & potentially iconic sequence), while looks stunning, has next to no impetus of the story of Jedi being driven back from the bleaches to middle or rational of getting into situation first place via ctrol ship raid whilee they are slowly being wiped out & overwhelmed – all of which adds to epic & pivotal sw saga stuff. Instead it’s quick cuts where you can’t really follow much & some average R2 & 3PO high-jinx instead. I can’t fathom some of the narrative editing in last two PTs although they are, or because they are, the PTs, favs all the same.

    I don’t think the talent characteristics when in the editing dept. matched those when in the other specialist departs, & that’ s why GL’s genius 💢 of & in the PTs project is not always as widely grasped.

  2. Jacobesico Says:

    Is it strange that I knew quite a few of these already?

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