Clone Quotes & “The Professional”‘s Contribution to the Saga recently posted a couple of things of interest.  First is Amy Ratcliffe’s Six Great Clone Trooper Quotes, her list of memorable clone trooper quotes from The Clone Wars and Rebels.

Then there is Bryan Young’s latest installment of The Cinema Behind Star Wars, a look at Luc Besson’s 1994 film “The Professional,” which of course gave the world Natalie Portman.

Read away!


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3 Responses to “Clone Quotes & “The Professional”‘s Contribution to the Saga”

  1. Hoggle Says:

    Nice to see NatP getting her, what looks like, a well made Euro foreign film vibe flick out there (she was in a very interesting mix of narrative & cinema styles short flim i saw recently online that havn’t really come across before 2).

    Also, shows why she was such a good choice for Padme (as all GL’s significant casting choices were for the individual characters in the PTs & their overall ensemble) :

    The by far first of all PC type general issues to me, that i personally think should be, & needs to be, legislated whenever & whereever appropriate as a legitimate method of equality in the force, for any long lasting & sustainable republic. Is symbolically equivalent to the ‘living force’ in GL sw 1-6.

  2. senatorbinks27 Says:

    There was a poll up here last night that was almost immediately taken down (possibly because it wasn’t working? I was trying to take it at the time it disappeared, but it wouldn’t register my choice).

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Yeah. It wouldn’t come up on the page. If you head over to the SWPAS Facebook page, there’s a link to it there. I’ll put up the link later.

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