Natalie Portman Dropped By Rogue One & Ep VIII Sets

Membership has its privileges:  (From The L.A. Times via Star Wars Underworld)

She had just returned from London, where she was filming “Annihilation” at Pinewood Studios, on stages adjacent to where the next two “Star Wars” movies were in production. Portman, who many moviegoers first encountered as Padmé Amidala in the “Star Wars” prequels, said she enjoyed visiting the sets of “Rogue One” and “Episode VIII.”

“It’s fun to see that [‘Star Wars’] lives on, and now having a little boy, I see how deeply it lives in kids’ culture,” she said, noting that [her five year old son] Aleph has not seen any of the films but is familiar with the characters because of Star Wars Lego games. “He’s very Yoda-centric.”

It’s cool she was invited to check it all out. But the poor gal is going to be pestered about whether or not she cameos in either film!



4 Responses to “Natalie Portman Dropped By Rogue One & Ep VIII Sets”

  1. mes520 Says:

    Well, if there’s a tiny Padme cameo where in she’s in holo or painting, I’ll die a camper.

  2. Hoggle Says:

    Padme & Anakin were intended as a cosmic couple in GL’s mythos seems to me.

    Rogue One era, Vader is just a Sith henchman but ep. VII could be time to intro back Padme into stuff, although with the new era SWs anything could be on the cards with the character’s legacy.

    Although the character art isn’t always the best, the Darth Vader & the Lost Command dark horse series gave some closing fractured & crazy Vader dreams of Padme in his earliest Sith days.

  3. Hunk a Junk Says:

    It would’ve been cool if Nat had visited the set because Hayden was playing Vader, but they got Spencer Wilding instead (not a bad choice given Vader’s physicality at the time of Rogue One). Now that Nat has a kid, I hope she continues to be more enthusiastic about the saga and her role in it.

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