“Prequels Strike Back” Trailer

Ministry of Cinema has dropped its trailer for the documentary “The Prequels Strike Back: A Fan’s Journey.”

The movie will be released on September 24.


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7 Responses to ““Prequels Strike Back” Trailer”

  1. Jacobesico Says:

    God those hateboys at the beggining are so obnoxious. I refuse to acknowledge them as fans.

    I’m glad that this is being made and the message is going out there. I only hope that the don’t fall back on the backhanded compliments.

    I also hope that those whiney blowhards don’t have much screentime.

  2. jayoungr Says:

    Hear, hear. I also hope they don’t beat the “people who grew up with the prequels love them” drum too hard, because while that is true, I feel like it implies that they only have appeal to children who are too young to be critical. I hope they talk to some OT-era fans who *didn’t* backlash against the PT when it came out.

  3. ~AuroraRS~ Says:

    Yeah, that’s very true. I hope this is more about debunking myths about the prequels, such as “it’s all CGI,” and it’s not so much about backhanded compliments.

    I got all distracted because of the Barber of Seville overture playing in the background. XD My orchestra played that once.

  4. Hoggle Says:

    what are the PTs strikin back against, some Loud non-sensical anti PT randomness?
    A small (all be it loudly amped) pop culture obssessed with hating something irrationally, rather than ( or due to lack there of) finding something else to like equally instead?

    Part of truncated shooting script scene RotS:

    Anakin: The Council is upset I’m the youngest to ever serve.
    Obi-Wan: No, it is not Anakin…


  5. jayoungr Says:

    Side note: Do NOT make the mistake of reading the comments on this video. They show that despite efforts to clean up its act, YouTube still deserves its reputation as a cesspit of nastiness.

    • Jacobesico Says:

      I listen to a lot of Star Wars music on Youtube and I have stopped reading the comments altogether.

      I’m a lot happier now I’ve stopped doing that.

  6. senatorbinks27 Says:

    I wish I had been able to get in on the ground floor of this, but I’m happy it’s being made. Do I think it’ll be a huge thing? No, but for all the forgettable hateboy “documentaries” out there, at least we’ll have one of our own.

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