Podcast Discussion on TPM Score

I don’t listen to many podcasts due to lack of time, so Adam Dimand pointed out an episode of Rebel Force Radio’s Star Wars Oxygen from early 2015 that I’d missed.  This one is about TPM’s score.  Enjoy!



4 Responses to “Podcast Discussion on TPM Score”

  1. LadyJediScientist Says:

    I’ve actually listened to the full analysis they did of TPM’s score and AOTC’s score. While I didn’t agree with all of their points on AOTC, the show does a great job of explaining how the score highlights & reinforces both character and story in the films. David Collins, one of the hosts of the show, mention with the AOTC episodes (I think that is the correct episode) that they receive more feedback for the PT shows than the OT shows. And it’s not negative feedback. Apparently there is hunger for PT score material. 😉

  2. Hoggle Says:

    That was an interesting comparision of Duel of the Fates to that well known musical composition’s structural soundscape.

    There were moments, like Duel of the Fates in the vast & cavernous generator complex, that worked really well, but for the most part to me, the most memorable moments of the music in a good way for the PTs were the lighter and more ambient moments that were like the sound effect of the story.
    In RotS last quarter, the music is used abit to bombastically to cover up other narrative issues in amping up the spectacle to my tastes.
    The PTs are a massive & significant work in John Williamns large oeuvre, & i think he had an instinctive artistic grasp for their matinee story telling musical tones

    For a good part, TPM had a lighter, ambient & mystical accompaniment, then clones had stuff like ‘across the stars’, Dooku’s star sailor ship music, RotS the opening spacebattle intro, Obi & Padme’s meet about the Republic & Anakin’s fall, Obi’s music riding the Lizard, Palpatine’s sith story at the opera etc

    One of the things could be done with a ultimate/SE/extended edition of the PTs, could be a JW’s handling of a sound track & mix of just the music and dialogue.

    I find it quite interesting to think about the issues the films have (particularly AotCs & RotS) & their shooting scripts, to what Ultimate Editions or the like, could possibly be.

    TPM is alot simplier, scene of the sub hi-jinx arrivin at palace & Qui-gon cutting probe driod in half, abit of addition & subtraction to elements already existin in final fifth action climax.

    • Kingpun Says:

      I agree there’s a lot of underrated music in TPM that gets overshadowed by Duel of the Fates. Because let’s face it, Duel of the Fates was the epic Star Wars music we never knew we needed. But something more innocent like “The Racer Roars to Life” really stands out for me. Anakin and Tattooine in general have such a variety of musical moments that they’re complex enough to fill a whole score on their own, let alone just 40 minutes or so of a movie. Also, although AotC and Rots did good use of the force theme, where the heck was John Williams hiding the variations that play as Anakin is leaving Tatooine or when he destroys the droid control ship all these years? I remember being so affected by those when I first saw the movie. Generally I rank TPM 4th movie-wise, but it’s really a toss up for me between which score I like the most between it and A New Hope.

      • Hoggle Says:

        yes always liked that too brief musical movement & agree with you generally about Tattooine TPM musical stuff.

        Generally i rank TPM 6th, as much as i like it until it’s 4 act conclusion, where there is a sig. tonal diff. to the way the drama of 2 of them are realised to rest of film, & another feels under-developed.

        Overall, TPM is still a very good film for it’s Genre though.

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